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Age Is in the Mind

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Remembering, on Easter

April 7th 2012 2:20 pm
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In a rare spurt of energy, the pink monkey decided to send Easter eggs to ALL of our friends. It took her way longer than she thought it would, because she kept pausing to click on pages to remember exactly how a certain kitty became our friend.

Sometimes she chuckled and sometimes she got teary-eyed. She did the presents-for-everybody thing a couple of years ago, and since then it seems that so many of our friends have journeyed to the Bridge. She thinks that Alfie may have been the first friend to make the journey after we joined Catster, and she still remembers how much her heart hurt for Alfie's mother, to have her furry friend taken away from her so suddenly. The most recent were BooBoo and Merlin, where the journey was not so unexpected, but no less sad for those left behind.

But this is a holiday of life and hope. It seems that every cat, shortly after arriving at the Bridge, scouts out an earthly replacement for his or her pawrents in a continuous renewal of love.

So my fursibs and I are sending a special greeting to all our friends at the Bridge. We know we will be with you one day, and that some lucky cat will replace us in our forever Earth home. Thanks for all the angel dust you sprinkled to make sure we got our homes. We promise to do the same when it's our turn.


Post-holiday gratitude

December 27th 2011 6:37 pm
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My goodness, we were offline for what seemed like only a few days, and we missed so much. Apparently Catster had a special on mistletoe, and we have lots of it! As the official spokescat for my furmily, I want to thank all of our friends for their holiday wishes.

Stoney, Nadia & Gump, our great friend Big Harry and his big and wonderful furmily, Adam Dylan and Eve Layla and kin and their very loving mom Christy, Kaci Sunshine and Onyx's special angel friend Miss Mittens, Samoa, Griswold, the triumvirate of Leo, Charlie and Lucy (and angels Sally and Sophie), the inimitable pirate Zach Frost, Finnegan and the very sweet Angel Alex, Natasha and family, and oh my, I've probably forgotten someone.

Thank you all for your Christmas wishes. We hope you all had a warm and wonderful holiday, and we send our very best wishes for a spectacular New Year!

Jasper, Bear, Vicki, Severian, Angel Onyx and Angel Patch.


Say WHAT???

November 13th 2011 2:01 pm
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Mom has suspected for some time, and now Dad agrees. I don't hear anymore.

It's kind of hard to tell for sure with a cat, because you know we're pretty good at selective hearing. Can't hear the peeps yelling at us to stop scratching the sofa, but the sound of a cat food lid popping in the kitchen is clear as a bell in the master bedroom two flights up. But for a while I haven't been waking up when they approach me while I'm napping. The final proof was yesterday, when I slept right through the vacuuming of the family room.

They suspect it's a result of a persistent yeast infection in my ears that they've been doctoring for more than a year to no avail. The vet is perplexed, too. But it doesn't itch and it doesn't hurt. Maybe you all have some ideas?

Anyway, the rest of the senses are good. And we cats have keen enough senses to make up for the loss of one.


What's next?

November 1st 2011 7:13 am
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First an earthquake, then a hurricane, and now a Halloween nor'easter. The humans keep looking up, expecting it to rain frogs. I hope it rains shrimp instead. Those party shrimp were exceedingly tasty.

The good thing about cold weather is that the steam pipes are active again, and there's a place on the floor in the corner of the dining room that always is nice and warm. Mom moved one of my beds there for me, and that's where you'll find me curled up these days unless there's a good sun puddle in the family room. It's almost time to bring out my heated bed.

Thanks to everybody for the DDP congrats and good wishes. There are lots better diaries than mine on Catster, but I do like the attention and the extra treats I always get. (And since my fursibs get extra treats, too, so as not to feel left out, they encourage me to write.)


White Halloween!

October 29th 2011 1:52 pm
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Oh, noooooo! What is all this snow doing in October???!!! The pink monkeys had to cancel their Halloween party. The tree branches are leaning down to the ground, and Mom has rounded up all the lanterns and candles in case the power goes out, which it often does in big snowstorms.

On the bright side, I see a lot of excellent food treats in my future. Shrimps and ribs and bedeviled eggs. She surely can't freeze it all!

Hope all you other Northeast cats are snug in your houses, with plenty of kibble to see it out.


Party prepping

October 23rd 2011 2:12 pm
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It would appear that the humans are preparing for a party. Mom has draped fake spider webs from the chandelier, with jiggly rubber spiders in them. There is a spooky-looking wreath of black crepe on our door, and outside are leering pumpkins with lights in them.

She is making a Lady Gaga costume, a dress of bubbles. They aren't really bubbles, though. They are clear plastic Christmas ornaments in several sizes. She is sewing them onto a skin-colored leotard, or at least trying to. Bear and Vicki think the bubbles are great fun to play with, and Mom has to keep chasing down her bubbles.

We're not sure what Dad is planning to be. He has a Zoot suit, and a skinny striped tie, and black hair spray and a lot of makeup. I think he's going to be a zombie something. Or maybe a Rockabilly singer.

This should be a hoot. I wish I could take pictures of these silly humans. Well, at least we know there will be lots of food and people to pet us and pick us up. Except for Severian, who will no doubt disappear into the upstairs closet. Vicki, too, probably.

Bear and I love parties, though. He's going as a cat. I don't need a costume, since I'm already Halloween orange.


A pirate's life!

September 20th 2011 5:15 am
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Thanks to Captain Zach and Captain Zoe for a grand pirate's adventure. We loved swashing our buckles and climbing the rigging and tipping grog with our mateys.

Severian confessed to being a little bit seasick, despite his pirate name of Sly Sev the Seaworthy, and Vicki is swanning around draped in some of those jewels the ladies pillaged from our ship. I think Bear is a little hung over from too much yo-ho-hoing. He is in his favorite bed with his paws covering his eyes.

By the time Mom got home from work, it was too late to send pirate flags to our friends, but on behalf of my sibs, I want to thank all those who decorated our pages with the Jolly Roger -- Cap'n Zach and Cap'n Zoe, Griswold, Sleeper, Charlie Chocolate Paws, Lucy and Leo, Wallie, Alfie and Teddy Bearz, Big Harry & family, Monida and of course the Tabbies of Trout Town (great grub!)

Until we meet again on the high seas!


Old friends

September 19th 2011 5:38 am
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Mom was away this weekend, visiting friends in Pennsylvania. When she got home, Vicki and Bear ran to the door to greet her, as they always do. She gave them some hugs and treats and then came looking for Sev and me. We were dozing in the family room, as usual. She gave us some pets and scritches and said, "Well, I guess you didn't miss me so much."

But later that night, it was Sev and I who snuggled next to her on the couch and purred, while Vicki and Bear were off batting balls and getting into mischief.

Old friends are the best!


Old cats are the best

September 18th 2011 7:49 pm
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Mom was gone for a couple of days, visiting friends in Pennsylvania. When she got home, Bear and Vicki were right at the front door to greet her and escort her back to the food plates.

But after a couple of hours, when she went in to relax on the family room sofa, I was the one who crept up to sit on her lap and stretch my paws up on her chest and purr. And then Severian came in to sit behind her and groom her ear.

It was a long time before the young'ns came in.

Old friends are the best.


My humble diary

September 5th 2011 2:35 pm
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... was singled out again by the Diary Lady, or Diary Algorithm. Whatever, I'm very happy because it means I get extra treats from the pink monkeys and another super-swell pic for my page, thanks to my friend Big Harry. Big Harry looks a lot like me, only younger and bigger and handsomer.

Today is Labor Day, and I don't know why they call it that, because the p.m.'s have done precious little labor all day. Just the essentials -- feed us (not often enough, if you ask me), clean our litter boxes, empty the dehumidifier that is drying out the basement and make sandwiches for themselves. And read. With their feet up. And sometimes with their eyes closed.

This will be followed by Work Tuesday, I think, but I hope all my Catster friends and their people are enjoying a relaxing day as well.

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