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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Gotcha! Looking over my shoulder and stretching out - ahead...the day I came in 'from the cold'.

July 4th 2012 6:40 am
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Hi Furs-
Happy 4th of July! Great day to relax, stay inside or in fenced in places, on a harness, or in a protected space.

A few years ago, I showed up outside the house Mommy and Daddy were living in. Rather, across the street. I was found sleeping in a guy's old truck..he would leave the back window open and I would go in to take shelter. When it got too hot, I slept under it.

Mommy and Daddy will aways wonder where I came from. Those days I looked pretty a couple early pictures of me on my page you get an idea. Anyway, I had coarse, greasy fur, a big head, and I was skinny. I wasn't neutered then, but I never bothered the girl cats-even then I was pretty well mannered and a gentle soul.

Mommy's sister-my aunt Kathy was the one who found me, along with a nice girl who at the time was pet sitting Bella. I was just hanging around, and they both got me to the vet,and the nice girl and my aunt found a rescue that would take me. Mommy and Daddy were away at that point, and came back to meet me. Daddy said when he first saw me, he knew he would be 'my' person and that we weren't going to be parted, but they were living in Mom's mom's house, and there were already 5 cats there and her mom said that was too many.

I was put out on a screened porch, and was supposed to go to the rescue the next day when the vet called and said my test came back positive for FIV+. The rescue said they couldn't take me, but Mom told them that since they had taken money as a donation for my upkeep, that they needed to help.

Reluctantly, they allowed me to come on the weekends and stay the day. So every Saturday and Sunday I would be there, in a cage. I hated it. I didn't want to be there at all. Mom said I would look so sad when they would bring me, and so happy when I came home.

Well, after awhile my dad got a job down south. He told my Aunt that was IT, I was getting busted out of there. He packed up all he and moms stuff and me...and I rode down to Alabama with him! He had an apartment, but no furniture, cause he was waiting for Mommy got move down-and Mom wasn't goign to move for another 3 months.

Well, it's a good thing she didn't. It turned out the man who owned the restaurant was not a nice person. He didn't pay anyone, including daddy his last month's salary and then the man dissapeared. Turned out he owed the State of Alabama alot of money for another place he had done that with, and this one too.

Daddy came back to NY with's a long story as to why, but we shortly after moved here.

I've changed alot in the 2 years I have been here. I have become the resident Mellow Fellow, the chilled out easy going second in charge...Bella is the first, and I don't forget that. Smokie wants to be dominant cat, and is taking on young CK for that role....but hey, thats too much work. I'm a lover, not a fighter. I'd much rather chill on the bed, or in a sunspot and have some chicken....

anybody got any chicken?

So glad to be here and that I have gotten to know you all....

love and light,


I can see you just ahead....a happy holiday story, and- welcome home, wide eyed wonders

July 3rd 2012 7:22 am
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Good morning Furs...

Firstly, I want to say to the folks who have seen their furs off to the bridge, we are thinking of you here. This has been a hard few weeks around these parts, and I believe that many are in shell shock.

A week or so ago mommy had something odd happen. She was walking in our nearby park. I myself have not been there, though a stroller is being contemplated for us...but Mommy was. It was near twilight, and Mommy said all of a sudden she saw an orange and white tiger tabby. It looked sort of like me.

It wasn't though-I don't have white in my coat like that, and the patterns on the cat were different.

Now Mommy had rescued a kitty from the park before, many years ago. She had found it sleeping on a bench, and she immediately worried this might be an abandoned cat. As the cat was by a busy road, she also worried about that.

She walked faster, and the cat didnt' seem to, but she didn't gain on him. She then, as she finally approached a little closer saw the cat seem to fade into the bushes.

She went up to the spot, looked around, no cat. She went into the bushes. No cat. She looked in the grass and under bushes-no cat.

She spent the better part of an hour looking everywhere.

And when she got home, she got a chill.

We believe it was either one of two 'shadow' kitties...Ollie, from Catster....or my cousin, Pat the Buttercat. As some of you may or may not know, Pat the Buttercat (there's a picture of him on my page) flew very suddenly to the bridge last year.).

Mommy doesn't know why this kitty did that...but she felt a feeling of 'mischief' coming from him. His tail was in the air, also very unusual for a cat outside it's space. It was as if he was saying 'I'm just ahead up here...'

And so, our fur friends are. We stare out into the area between this world and the next. We see them. We know.

Dearest people, please know as well.

Dearest furs who grieve, missing a companion, a sib, a friend, a love...
they are never gone. Where they go, we follow, and we can gaze between that space.

Now, for the holiday 4th of July story...mommy told us this.

A couple years ago, when Mommy and Daddy went to visit the area Daddy came from, which is the Gulf Coast, they were driving near a small town. They stopped in an area known for shrimping. (wish I had been there-I love shrimp, don't you furs?). Anyway, it was late afternoon, and this was Mommy's first trip there.

They had asked someone a good place to eat, and were directed to what looked like what looked like a small falling apart place near one of the rickety docks. They went in and it was one of Mommy's first impressions of there-a a bunch of small formica tables, a big rebel flag on the wall, and a blackboard with some stuff on it.

A big guy came over, and he had a towel around his waist. He asked them what they would have and daddy ordered them both fried shrimp. The guy said 'well that comes with pups.'

and mommys eyes got real wide and she said, sort of scared, because daddy had told her months before that folks down there ate just about anything that didnt' get away; "pups?"

And the big guy said 'Yeah, pups....we fry em with the 'em flavor'.

Daddy immediately said to Mommy 'hushpuppies...' And mommy knew what they were and said 'oh!' in relief and daddy turned to the guy and said 'she's from NY." and the guy looked at mommy like she had 2 heads.

So then the food came and it looked real good. And about 2 minutes after the guy came out and put the food down, out from behind where the guy had been came this big tiger striped cat. And he jumps right up to a chair at their table and is staring at mommy and daddy. And of course, these are my pawrents we are talking about, and so of course mommy feeds the cat a shrimp which he eats. And she and daddy wind up sharing their lunch with this cat.

and about halfway through the big guy comes out and sees the cat there and then comes over and smiles and says 'that there is Roscoe B. Fishin and he likes folks to feel welcome. Then the guy says to Mommy with a smile 'well, you ain't such a Yankee after all."

And Mommy said she felt that she'd been given the stamp of approval.

I wish I had some of that shrimp. Lucky Roscoe.

And so our new kittens, who have come to join their families, I stretch forth a paw and purr 'welcome. Welcome in from the cold, and the heat. We are so glad you are here, your eyes filled with wonder and wisdom and what is that version of a feline smile. We welcome you as you join your families, and with your antics and acrobatics, make them smile and remember, always the wonder of cat.

Happy 4th you all. Stay inside and cool, hydrated and happy.

love and light to all,


My Big Harry the Greatest

June 30th 2012 5:02 am
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The Kangaroo Kitty- for Big Harry

Last night as I spruced and put on my tie
I found out we we had lost a really Big Guy
Big Harry, the Mau, a Kangaroo Cat
Had crossed over to Rainbow, taking his hats
He stopped halfway over, across the Bridge
To look in on the Kits parying over the Ridge
And he gave a smile, and he gave a sigh
and he crossed over-but he didn't die

I watch my sis Natalie as she stretches out
Her wallaby legs long, without a doubt
She misses her Kangaroo Mau cat friend
But I know'll she'll see him-it's not 'the end'
And as for me, well, I know what I know
Big Harry's our man wherever we go!

And Harry, we love you, you're our hero you see
A long lanky cat you were all you could be
A Guide cross forever, you came for awhile,
Making mom cry and making her smile
You are so loved, Harry you see
You're a survivor
A big part of me.

Big Harry I salute you, with rumbling purrs
As together here, with all of us furs
We send love to your family,
For you left big pawprints to fill
But you have Jamison and a boycat named Lucy who might fit the bill
Yet, you our Harry, have a special place here
You tell me when you're coming and I'll bring the beer
I know Poppy will miss you, sis Natalie too,
But I know you, Big Harry, you won't leave 'em blue

As Cats, we're Familiars, we carry magick within
Its' who we are, it's where we've been
We pass through our people, we careen through their hearts
We are a part of their souls, we are knowing and smart
We teach them our magick, we don't need words
a Mah here and there is more easily heard.

Harry I sit up, raise my paw in the air
I feel your return touch, I feel your wonder and care
I sense you're presence, know you'll be back
For your Big Harry, and thats just a face
Larger than life, it could no longer contain
The Kangaroo Kitty, with the Magickal Name.

Harry, I don't believe in Goodbyes. As we touch noses at the fire escape window, I reach up with my paw and Salute you! Xeper and Remanifest our dearest, dearest friend!

With love and Light,


A quick hello-sigh-Mom's working on a 'paper' for school. A- cute thing I did....

June 25th 2012 4:27 pm
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Just a dash in to say hello, furs!
Theres a pic daddy took this morning on my page of me and Bella together. It's rare, but thats why daddy liked it! He said that me and my 'elder sister' look so sweet together. I'm very kind to her, and never bother her. But today I did something funny..
Now, I'm a chunky solid guy. Because I like to sleep on the back of the loveseat, it's begun to sink. So this evening after supper I get on the back of the loveseat....and I see Bella has left some of her wellness turkey and salmon on her plate and it's making me hungry. And it's right underneath the spot I'm in. So I start kneading...and each time I step a little closer, and the back sinks a little more. Bella goes off to drink some water...and, well, I couldn't resist the opportunity. Mommy turns around and there I am, sitting on the couch that has sunk, eating Bellas food.

Mommy lifted me up and said 'Oh Ruffy! you're such a rolly polly boog boy!'

And then she picked up the food and told me I had quite enough.

But it was good. Maybe I'll get to do it again!

talk with you all soon,
love and light,


A unique honor for a unique Best Friends Dog-til we touch- noses Ellen-we know you'll romp and be loved at Rainbow- Bridge

June 21st 2012 9:08 pm
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My dear furs,

I don't often comment on dogs. I don't live with them, and they do make me, as a feline, somewhat nervous. But I know many felines do live with dogs, and they are good friends to many.

I wanted to take this time to share with you Ellen's Story. She recently trotted along to the Bridge, after living at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Ellen was lucky. She was rescued from a rather infamous human football player who had been found with dogs he was using for fighting, or baiting others to fight.

Because of a strange ruling by the court, Ellen was not allowed for a long time to interact with anyone other than 'staff' at the shelter. But this loving and gentle dog was eventually able to welcome her adoring public.

Recently, Ellen had to go to the Bridge. She was ill, and the cause could not be found. Because she couldn't be helped, and because they did not want to see her quality of life decreased, they made the decision to release her spirit.

Dear canine girl, I stand up on my hind legs and salute you with power of the paw. You took a situation that was not fair, and made it yours. You were saved, you knew love, and you were, dear girl, adored by many.

Hail and fare ye well, dear kind dog with the most loving eyes.

Thank you for teaching about the power of love.
Thank you for forgiving humans what was done to you.

Now I know why the saying goes Dog is God spelled backward.

with love and light, Ellen
and to all who love her,

and here is a video tribute to Ellen Best Friends did.


Happy Summer Solistice, Furs...and do Trust that Miracles- Occur

June 20th 2012 12:19 pm
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Its been a time of it, hasn't it?

I watch our newest angelkat frolic and play...Ollie, you are much loved and missed. I increase my purr for Tilly Mint, who's a Magickal Cornwall Cat.

I reach out with my paw, and roll over onto my box in the sun...and say 'Stay, Summer. We need you. We need your warm, and your Magick. We need you to warm us and bring us the Sun and keep us all well and strong.

We need you to bring your wonder to us, to shine down upon us with all your splendor.

I ask your Magick for my sisters, my family here, and my extended family.

And as the warm of the Sun lights my coat to it's own color, I purr for all.


Happy Solistice!


Thief of Hearts

June 17th 2012 11:13 am
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He's a sure charmer
Sure born to steal
To dance upon magick
To show us what's real
A feline named Ollie
With tangerine coat
A lively little fellow
Who'd sure get my vote

He's a thief of heart
You know it's so true
Ollie's the man
He's orange true blue
He's got a stout heart
That will never give out
Just beats somewhere else now
I know without doubt

Ollie's mom sure loves him,
She needs our purrs
And lots of kitty kisses
From all us furs
For Ollie in midleap
Left his body behind
He leaped light fanstastic
Onwward to find
Perhaps another miracle for a kitty friend here
Ollie knew what he was doing-though for us it isnt' clear
And his mom needs love, for she's missing him so,
Hurting as she wasn't ready, no, for him to go

But Ollie, surely you know, my bright orange friend
That you will be back soon, for it's not 'the end'
Can you give a shout out, wait a minute there
Come on now little man, you know it's not fair!

And I watched as my Alex, Guardian at Rainbow Bridge
Came carrying our Ollie, by scruff cross the Ridge
and deposited him just outside the window sill
Said 'here he is Ruffy, say what you will!'

So I said 'Hey, now Ollie, whats this about?
Why'd you dash off without a shout out?
Your mom is so sad, she's grieving for you
It's not fair now Ollie, what you're putting her through.

And Ollie sat up and glanced at Alex there
'I dodn't mean to hurt her, I love her-I care!
I love my Mom, we are soul mates you know-
But you know Ruffy-when we're called-we go!
I am a little guy-not too soul wise
But I know Mom loves me, and my heart can't lie
I heard the call-of the Source to me
And my heart just took wing, Ruffy...I'm Free!'

Then he stood up on his hinds and he touched noses to me
'Tell my mom Ruffy, it's with her I'll be...
I'll return before she knows it-with a ticker that's good
I promise you Ruffy-it's understood.

I purred a deep rumble, he shimmered and leapt
Straight up in the air to where the stars still slept
As the sun rose on the horizon he came back to stand
A small orange tabby with many a plan

Tell Mom I love her-I'll tell her too
For here now I'm whole now, I don't want her blue
She's my best buddy, a Mom still to me
Forever my soul mate, forever to be
A Mom, who understands we have more than nine lives
Tell her I'm not far, but I know she'll realize

And Alex swatted me with her soft angel wing
It's time we get back, I'll take care of things
Just tell me, Ruffy, this before we go...
Can I let him send magick, for his mom, you know?

And I looked up at the sky, turning indigo to blue
Said 'Ollie you're magick and it's up to you.'
And he backed up and tensed mucles, leapt straight up again
Called back "I'm on it, Ruffy-thanks for being a friend'

Ollies Mom, be comforted-I understand your grief
It's hard when you have been touched and chosen by a Thief
But I have this feeling, I sense it with my all
That sooner than'll recognize that call.

Ollie my friend, I purr for your mom
Sending her kindess, telling her 'be strong'
We know shes a miracle, and chosen still by you
That Thief of Hearts will return anew.

Dedicated to Ollie:

And his Mom....

Dear lady, lean on us, for we are all part of each other. Ollie is alive, and magick is afoot!


Happy Fathers Day to our Dads-a Tribute from the Baboo Kitty

June 17th 2012 9:53 am
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Dear, and Dads,
This year to date sure has been interesting, huh?

I wanted to take this time to say 'thank you' to all of you.

Firstly, to Mr. T, and 'Say' Media, which I am going to call from now Say Hay Media.

I want to thank him because he has cats, and loves cats, thats why he started this place, right?

Mr. T, if you are reading this, the Ruffy Puppy says hello.

Happy Fathers day.

Now, to all of you dads out there....

Thank you for bringing us in from the cold.
Thank you for loving us, playing with us, devising games for us so we don't drive each other crazy.
Thank you for putting food on the table, in our bowls, plates, dishes. Thank you for treats, noms, and chicken and fish and all in between.
Thank you for that special hello and hug or pat at the end of the day when you come in, even when you are so tired you can barely stand.
Thank you for saving us from the cold, the heat, the mean streets, the steel cages, the needle.
Thank you for holding our paws, our hearts, and our purring bodies close, even when our times have come and we must cross that bridge, following the elusive tail of Angel Alex. We know your tears, and promise you that one day we will make you smile again.
Thank you for being a friend, a protector, an advocate. Thank you for never giving up or giving in when it comes to us.
Thank you for your sharing of your life with us, and welcoming us in, even when to do so meant hardship for you.
Thank you for always putting us first, even when those who have never known our wonder or magick looked at you in puzzlement.
Thank you for the magick of your self, dear dad, for the kind heart and kind smile, the gentle hand that gives scritches.
Thank you for the midnight runs for cat food, litter, the vet. Thank you for holding mom close when her eyes leak because she is so worried about us.
Thank you for all you are, a man who may have flaws, but they become insignificant to us, for we are your friend, your familar. We see through to your heart and soul and leap into them with ease-

and on this day, dad, remember that the magick you send forth...always, always comes back to you, with a rumbling purr and half closed eyes in contentment, or perhaps wondering eyes that gaze up at you and say 'hi there again-remember me?' when the heartache seems just too real.
For Dad, we love you, and no matter this place or beyond the bridge, we don't forget or relinquish...we are but a purr away...and that gossimer strong thread that connects us, our lives, our destinies, our souls...well, we are forever linked....

and in you this lesson....
there is gentleness in strength
there is strength in gentleness

with love from Ruffy
and your Furs, the Kew Gardens cats,

and a tribute to the wonderful dads here.


Diary! Thank you! My friends make me what i am-a- personal tribute to my cat friends.

June 13th 2012 8:29 am
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There was a time, when I was a skinny stray who didn't k now where his next meal was coming from. I was lucky, my Angels watching over me, in the words of the Tabbies of Trouttown 'may the blessings of St. Francis find you.'
And they did.
I'm very lucky to have found this place. Is it perfect? Well, for me, in many ways, it's very close to it.
I have cats here I've been blessed and happy to know. I have friends who we've been lucky enough to be purred for by, and who we have purred for. We watch a new and blessed cat with a lovely and other worldly face find his way home, guided by Simba and Ollie, in the mists of Cornwall...but then we always knew Cornwall was a magickal place, filled with truly magickal felines.
We watch a lovely little Siberian Tiger cat with wide eyes gaze at the world around her and at a large and protective Alexander, the little one asking in catspeak 'hello, world, and who are you?' And we know that Natasha is walking at her side, invisible to the material, but close enough that we can wink, and say 'thanks, sweetheart'.
We are lucky enough to know others care, when we go through the most frustrating of times, when yes, my eye gets to me again, and I'm carted back to the vet, again, and have to endure more medicine! Sigh.
Through it all, through the partings as we stand l ightly on our hinds, and salute those with the Catster magickal salute and see them off to the Bridge, as we welcome another friend here, celebrate a Gotcha Date, a Birthday, a Rainbow Bridge Date, a show honor, a good vet visit, a new victory over illness, we are One. We are a part of one anther, for we all have ancient blood that runs through us, we are Feline. We are Magicik.
Thats what friends are-they walk with you through the light and the shadow, they fly beside you on gossimar wings, they celebrate with you, they wrap their wings around you when they have crossed that Bridge and you need the sparkly stuff they can send. Those here purr when they know you need a friend.
I lean my head against the windowsill and put my paws on the glass. there is a kitty there who sits and gazes back and me...but who is it? Who is this good looking fellow with bright wide eyes, and what does he tell me?
He tells me, in my heart, how blessed I am, no matter the circumstances, to have friends such as you.

love and light-for you are the magick and beauty of what Catster is-Ruffy.


our lettet to Catster: re: The Tabbies of Trout Town

June 9th 2012 6:29 am
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Dear Catster,
I wanted to thank you firstly, for this site. I love it and love the people and cats we have met here. It's great.
But this week, we got some very distressing news. We heard our wonderful friends, that Tabbie's of Trout-town were leaving.

Now, you need to know, the Tabbies aren't just any cats to us. They are our friends. They have gotten us through some pretty rough stuff here, with the humans. And they have helped us and cheered us on via many cat illnesses, crisis, etc.

And you know why they are leaving? Well, for something that has been botherering me too, but I simply haven't had the energy to approach it with so many other things going on.

It's that your article focus has become pretty gross and sensational. The article that upset them was firstly, the one of the woman who composted her cat and kept his skull, and then, the video of that guy sending his cats body to heaven.

Guys, you need to know, this is distressing to many of us who really love and cherish our cats.

And that did it for them.

I would like the Tabbies to return, and maybe with them, other members who feel the site has changed, and not so much for the better.

As stated, I don't know the 'good old days' but would like to see articles written by catster moms and dads on food choices, traveling with cats, cat health care, rescue (a big thing with us!). I want to thank you for putting Ruffy's story in Confessionals...anything to shed light on FIV+ is a great thing. But please, no more gross stories that are pretty upsetting to us who love cats, k?

and though we know it's not in the nature of any publication/site to do this, I'd like to ask if you would please do something to bring the Tabbies back....they are such an important part of the Catster many ways, they espouse just what it is.

Thnk you so much,
love and light,
Deb, Jim, and the Kew Gardens Cats,
Specially Ruffy

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