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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Squeaker needs purrs , big time ....Blizzards- brother-diagnosed with Wet FIP

July 30th 2012 5:05 pm
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Hi everyone,
Blizzards dad who's having trouble posting here for Bliz has sad news....Blizzards brother-the cat he's closest to in the world, was diagnosed with the wet form of FIP. They are going to fight it, and do what they can, which means draining and medicine. His daddy is dropping Squeaker off tomorrow before work and picking him up afterward.

As mommy and Blizzards dad were speaking, Blizzard and Squeaker were curled up together.

Lets all rally together...and send out some good strong purrs....for a very special cat and his family.

Power of the Paw, Squeaker. Power of the Paw.

love and light,


our new car is 21 years old and it has lots of space for us- in it!

July 25th 2012 8:36 am
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Hi everyone,
Mommy and Daddy finally bought a new 'old' car. Mommy was the one that saw it. She liked it cause it was very 'reasonable'. Well, Daddy said it should be-it's 21 years old.
However, the man who had it loved it. He is moving to Fl with his other old car, also a Jeep.
Mommy liked all the room in the back, which is good for us. The air conditioner needs to be fixed for us, mainly. But this now will allow Daddy and Mommy to get us to the (gulp) vet faster and easier and pick up food for us more easily.
Its not a fancy car at all, and I think Daddy's a little ashamed because it's old and worn. But I think that since it was loved and cared for it will be fine, and Mommy said that right now they are driving what they can afford, and she's a strong workhorse with no nonsense about her...the car, that is.
I'm doing ok though my eye is still being may be a chronic thing throughout my life. Mommy said they can now get Smokie out to the vet on Long Island for him to be seen about his mouth.

Furs....for all of you out there who can, will you spread the word that shelters out there are in great great need of foster homes for us? Many rescues will pay for food and medical care if your folks can foster a fur. It saves really does.

And for those of us out there who's families can...please, please adopt. There are even little Siamese kittens for adoption at our local city shelter. These cats have only a short while before they are euthanized. We don't want to depress anyone, but we do want those who might not know that there are all sorts of cats for adoption at their local shelters...til there are none, adopt one...

love, light and mak blessings abound,


Tilly Mint the Fairie Cat

July 23rd 2012 6:35 pm
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There's a magikal place where gardens grow wild
and amoung the flowers a fairie cat child
A young fey little kitty with a rumbling purr
with kits Tommy and Timmy of softest cat fur
And the sweet little momcat who danced in the ferms
By the name of Tilly Mint she had no concerns

For Fairie cats wander between here and there
They purr and they leap and they haven't a care
They roll in the clover, leap the garden stones
Frisking and weaving they are never alone
They chase round the butterflies, leaping in the air
And our Tilly Mint well was both lovely and fair

And she found her family, she picked them you see
For Tilly Mint's a fairie cat that loved to fly free
She found a magick Mommy and a Wise daddy too
For Tilly Mint's a Soul Guardian of the softest hue
She pulled down Cat Magick, she sent out her purrs
Our little Tilly Mint is the best of the Furs!

But Fairie Cats are fey creatures, they live in between
Of so many sparkling worlds in many shades of green
'I've just come for awhile' she whispered in Cat
As with a soft purr she said 'Imagine that-my mommy found her path, up that hill we call life, and you know now Mommy,
I'll always be all right...
For I led you where you would not perhaps go
I taught you to laugh and to cry and to Know
I wandered your heart, and I'm part of your Soul
You, yes you're Fairie born and you were my goal
We're a part of each other, this plane won't change that
For you see, My dear Mommy, I'm all the Magick of Cat

And Tilly touched noses to me here tonight,
She purred and she frisked and she played with Delight
She refreshed my heart, she renewed my spark
For Cornwall Cat Fairies are full of spunk and heart

So My Tilly Mint, I watch as you run,
then spread out rainbow wings as you enjoy your fun
Learning to fly with your glossimar wings
Sprinkling your fairie dust and magickal things
And say 'Ruffy tell Mommy, I'm not far from her call...
You see, my dear Mommy-I never left you at all.'

For our Tilly Mint. I salute you, my dear, fey and magickal friend with all that I, another Familar, am. We love you Tilly Mint. We love you magickal Emmisary from our Place.

love and light,


Requim: Her name was Babydoll. Her number was A0939648.

July 23rd 2012 12:54 pm
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Mommy saw her on the 'to be destroyed' list last night at CACC. Mommy emailed the rescue she worked with, then called them this morning. Janet spent 3 hours trying to pull Babydoll. She had a 'New Hope' rating-she had just come in but was deemed 'unadoptable' to all but rescue because she had been growling and striking out.
You might ask why? Well, she was turned into CACC because after 11 years her 'owner' had bought new furniture.
Babydoll was 13 years old. Her 'family' had her 11 years.


Oh, there are times I must question the wisdom of the universe. As I sit here and I touch my paw to the window and I send up a prayer, a purr and breathe in deeply....for I must, simply Be.

I am Cat.

So is Babydoll.

Mommy is in tears. She feels terrible, and guilty. She said that she should have called more than her rescue, emailed more of them. And because she didn't, Babydoll didn't make it out of that place alive.

and Mommy thinks of our Natalie, at the vets now, who was in a case, though in no danger of being killed when she was found by mommy and daddy, but who would probably have died in a cage, for her breast cancer was not being treated.

And Natalie made it out.

So what is the Wisdom of the Universe? That one very frightened and needy and 'aggressive' cat did not make it out alive...

And another cat, fortunate in her own way to be given more time, though not care, in a place where she did not die, as in a concentration camp, for the next group....for the space.

And as Mommy cries into the back of my neck...I do all a cat can in this situation.

I purr. For Mommy. For Babydoll. For all of us.

And I ask Angel Alex to wait at that place, and welcome this new Cat, and tell me, Alex, in your wisdom, in your love....



Can we all help out Boxie and his mom? Help needed to- checking up on names on the HL Purr list!

July 19th 2012 8:37 pm
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Hello all,
We recently pmailed Boxie on an update of our guys. His typist has another job and is simply being swamped.

We are wondering if something Boxie bought up might work if others are willing to help?

If each who had the time could take say, 5 names of cats on the list, and reach out to them to get updates, it would sure help. If we, all who wanted to participate, took say 5 furs each to check up on, then no one would be overwhelmed.

Would anyone be willing to do this? If you would please post under this diary...and post who you will check up on, so the next fur and person will know.

Mommy knows it's summer, and folks and furs are very busy, so we understand that it's a tough time. But we know how much Boxie is loved here, and how everyone here wants to help others..

we send many purrs, and power of the paw to those out there tonight without a home or struggling with health.

love and light,


Elderwise sweetheart in need of special home and purrs near- San Diego, Ca

July 19th 2012 8:28 pm
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Dear furs and folks,
Everyonce in awhile there comes a 2 legged folk with the soul of a cat. Such a man is John Harrington, who does special needs rescue.
John recently pulled a lovely and very sweet as sugar senior kitty from the Devore shelter. There are so many there that simply don't make it out.
Thanks to John, she did.
She is safe, living with John is like living with the Dalai Lhama. But John lost his home and resides in a small studio apartment with, like us, 6 cats.

We would ask any of you who can to go to the picture and post to friends in Cali, or consider this little girl who's incredibly sweet. She's going to need subq fluids and meds, but if you would like to consider her, or know someone who would, please have a look.

Mommy fell in love, but we're simply not in a position to do much right at the moment.

She's a lovely, lovely cat. Send some purrs her way and Johns, would you? He rescues and takes in the most needy of the needy.

love and light,


My tribute to the Tabbies

July 15th 2012 4:30 pm
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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

A quiet summer evening,
Provokes feline recall
A million miles of small pawprints
Lay between us all
And I still miss you truly,
I don't think I can understand
Why you went and left us here
Was it some thought out plan

And do you know there is a gap
One that I don't like
Too many loses here these days
For us all to hiss and fight
Gazing wistfully at pawprints
From a friend who's crossed before
Puts it all in cool perspective
Can we really shut the door

And if I had just one more wish
If I could ask you back
A million moments captured in eternity
Of funny speaking snacks
And if I could ever ask you?
What would be your wish?
Would you just say 'it's ok-thanks for all the fish?"

There's just no one like you,
No, no one at all,
You take away my blues for sure
There is no recall
of all those colorful memories
I wish I had in a book
To look back and read on doldrumy days
Ah for one more look!

And if I asked you to return
Can you understand
Of a heart so rubbed raw
love lost in the sand
For you are ever special
A spicy exotic dish
But no you left without goodbyes
'Thanks for all the fish'

And I'm a simple Tabby
With something beyond I know
For I sense you in the dark
Of a full moon glow
I reach out with Power of the Paw
I touch you with my heart
For you are friends who call me home
To where we all must start

And cats, well, we don't make mistakes,
Those humans with us do
I know you must miss me sometimes,
Are you ever blue?
And as I watch the sun set here,
Beyond a summer haze
I miss you with a yearning pain
Written beyond days.

And I wonder where you are right now
What you're doing out there
Are you lazing in summer sun
Purring without a care
And if I could just ask you why?
Would it be your wish
To return to us just now,
Or say 'thanks for all the fish'

A day is almost over,
That twilight where wild ones roam
I touch noses to my Forever Muse
That someday will call me home
But for now I see them look over shoulder
with purrs of comfort and faith
for all this sunny coated cat can do
Is heave a sigh and wait

And is the sun setting on an island
Where some tabbies roam
Hanging about in little shacks
That they all call home
They left a gap in my existance
They are missed by all
I wish they would just come back here
I wonder if we called?
So my unlikely Py-rates,
Is there ever a way
For us to frisk and laze once more
For us all to play?
I know that I'm not alone in this,
What does everyone say?
It sometimes feel's that lifes amiss
We're far from that tranquil bay...
Could you find your way to this?
Or just say thanks for all the fish?

So my eyes are closing,
In the hum of an air cooled room
But I smile sadly within,
Stretch a paw out to the moon
And whisper and make a tiny wish
May those Tabbies return with all their fish....

From Ruffy: A Tribute to the Tabbies of Troutown


Ashamed to be Irish-I'm sorry tribute to a very- special dog.

July 14th 2012 5:25 pm
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Wiser beings than me have said that our destiny is written in the stars. Some believe that we choose the experiences we have before we choose this life, and that we do this to grow and have experiences, be they painful or sad, tragic, or happy and wonderful.

This week the Belfast City Council killed Lennox. They decided that he was a 'dangerous dog' based on his appearance. Below is an excerpt from the letter his family wrote:

'Lennox is a loveable 5 year old family member. He's an American Bull dog cross that we have owned since he was a little pup. On Wednesday the 19th May 2010 he was taken from our family home by Belfast City Council as they believe he falls under the dangerous dogs act for Northern Ireland. The Council, without seeking any proper professional guidance declared Lennox to be a breed of "Pitbull Type" and so they wish to kill him simply because he has the appearance of said breed. Lennox has never attacked anyone or anything yet the council have removed him from his home where he lives with my wife, myself, our 12 year old Daughter and his soul mate Juicy, a 2 year old female boxer. Belfast City Council are pressuring our family to sign him over to them to be destroyed however we feel the need to fight his case, he cannot speak but we will be his voice! If this was a human we would declare this racism. We ask every kind hearted person for your support, don't let them murder him."

Yet, despite a few million pleas, including from several very well known and distinguished rescues here in the States, Lennox was euthanized this week.

It makes no sense. Lennox did nothing wrong. His reason for being killed was that he was a 'dangerous' dog. He looked a certain way.

Many years ago, in Germany, those who were a certain religion, or a certain nationality, or considered to be 'different' in ways that weren't approved of were rounded up, and some were killed. Many spent time in concentration camps, and they had done nothing wrong. Their crime was in being who they were.

Lennox is blameless. He is an innocent, killed by an arrogant Government in the name of 'safety'. And so people in Germany were killed, in the same name.

Does ignorance ever die? Yes. With knowledge. With love, and with compassion.

In a sanctuary in Utah, a group of dogs learns that not all humans are cruel. They have come, little by little, these survivors of brutality, some by a so called 'athlete' who has stated he's 'reformed' to those of nameless beings who abused them.

Yet, dogs are amazing beings, aren't they? Forgiving, kind creatures.

They have come, these dogs, through the seventh circle of hell, to stand in the light of the morning sun, frisking, playing and socializing. Many have won the ultimate prize-they have been adopted. And others stand with their human caregivers, learning to love and to trust, and finding that yes, there is goodness in the world.

Mommy remembers a picture in the New York Times of one of the 'Vick' dogs,
'Squeaker' resting, shyly, her her small body leaning into her caregiver, who had his arms around her. Squeaker's pose showed vulnurablity and trust, a smallish dog reaching out with her soul. Under the picture, the caption:

'All Animals Dream. Only Dogs Dream of Us'.

Oh, that all dogs should be able to run and play and frisk, to know love and care and compassion. To not be 'judged' by a look. For dogs by nature are not mean. Humans do that harm, and dogs are forced into the role that such want from them.

Yet, dogs are blameless.

And I reach out across the distance, and blink a slow, careful and wise cat kiss to Lennox. Dear dog, may the heavens embrace you. May your next life open before you with every blessing. May those that love you find you again in time, a more enlightend and loving time, May you know every kindness and may joy find you, for I believe with all my feline intuition that 'the other side' is a place for us to gain perspective, and be joyful.

Dear Lennox, may the whilwind you have started, the revolution against breed discrimination make this row of dominoes fall and bring down those that have no heart, and have no compassion. Bless all those who fought so hard, and so strongly. Bless those who fight still, in the face of foolish and cruel legislation that demands killing or ostrisizing of those who protect and call 'dangerous' dogs companions.

For if now it's about dangerous dogs, it could be about 'dangerous' cats next, and perhaps next, again humans.

For what effects one of us, effects all of us.

Run free Lennox. I rise on my hind legs, and salute you with the power of the paw, and with all my small heart and soul.

We love you, and always will.

Love and light,


Milo-Don't Leave! We need you here!

July 7th 2012 5:59 am
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Dear Furs,
Last night Mommy got an email from Milo's Mom....Milo is :

Today is his birthday.

Milo's Mom told Mommy that she is leaving Catster.

Now Furs, Milo is a lovely cat. His mom has had her share of bad things happen. She needs support, and we aren't sure why they are leaving, but we can't let them.

I've seen an erosion of cats and their folks defecting to FB. Mom has a FB account, we have catbook accounts, but the truth is, FB is not really something we enjoy a great deal. This is our place. If there is something we don't like, we need to fix it, and make it better, not abandon it.

Furs, please don't let Milo go!

Stand up on your hinds and let your feelings be known!

This is our Site!

love and light,


Where have I been? Well, Ma was doing a 'paper' all day!

July 6th 2012 6:44 pm
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She was grumpy, too. She has this 'professor' thing, whatever it is, and it makes her write and write about BORING stuff. It's not even like it's about me, or chicken. It's about junk about human behavior. And then, she doesn't even put the paper where I can sit and scratch at it.


So anyway, she is done and I'm back.

Look, I'm worried. My little sisfur Prinny is keeping company with Blizzards brother, Kringle.

They went out on the 4th of July and she refuses to tell me what she meant by 'they made their own fireworks.'

I don't like the sound of that!

Er, Bliz, what's Kringle getting up to?

Our 4th was pretty ok. We were safe, at home with Mom, who went out to do some food shopping and then had dinner with her friend and watched some fireworks. Our dad was working.

Well, we're all relaxing here....

purrs and yawns,

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