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A Place Called O'Casey's-a Tribute to Gumpy Sweet Boy McGee

September 14th 2012 1:47 pm
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It's been a lovely few days,
Though bittersweet,
Words out on the town and out on the street
That Gumpy Sweet Boy left for Rainbow this week
Checking out of this plane in mystic cat speak

Now I feel sorta sad, but I know what I know
We cats are born knowing where we will go
When we leave our old bodies that don't work any more
We simply open a window instead of a door
And leap free of stress and sorrow and pain
We learn to be young and kittens again

And after we cross, we collide at the bar
A place called O'Casey's just south the North Star
A salute awaits you, you'll find warmth love and cheer
Not to mention they have the best Guiness and beer

Gumpy Sweet Boy, you're a legend you know,
They'll meet you at O'Caseys and put on quite a show
I hear tell Tigger does tricks, Alfie's got pirate tails
Squeaker sings songs, Boxie's got racing snails

The girl cats galore will flock over to you,
A handsome boycat, you won't know what to do
I can see them quay up, try to catch your attention,
Circles, Queen T...beauties too many to mention

And O'Caseys will be packed and you'll have a great time,
As they celebrate your life, you know you'll be fine
I know as I lay back and purr now tonight
A right bunch of cat kind will see you alright

Ah, but I know you're thinking, what about Mom,
Is she ok, can she go on
But you know the answer, it's there in your heart
You and your mom will never part
You'll fly different paths, above her you'll glide
Just above clouds, carried in by the tide
To rub at her leg, and purr in your place
She'll know youre there though she won't see your face
You'll send her blessings with what you both know
Oh Gumpy my friend, there's strength in Rainbow

And O'Caseys will sing, all one perfect rhyme
Singing you home, back to your time
To soft winter coats, and warm summer kisses
To adventures on leashes and heaped favorite food dishes
Dreamtime is realtime, walkabout for real
We're born in between worlds to a love that we feel
Finding our pawrents, entwining our souls
Lush whisker kisses, eyes dark as coal
Leaping into the air, streaking back home
To the person who loves you-you see, they aren't alone

And how will you come-as a kitten or cat?
Well, I'm not for the tellling of the mystery of that
We're creatures, fey mystics, we don't kiss and tell
I smile at it all for it's all for the well
As I watch the new profile, the new spangled fur
You see it's why I trust Miracles Occur

So back here my friends, this third rock from the sun
I salute you at O'Casey's and hope you're having fun
As I send out a low purr to Gumpy Sweet Boy McGee
Who's found his freedom and is flying far and free

Gumpy-I have yet to meet a a more Gentleman Cat who could dress so well, and so loved by the ladycats. I saltue you with divine intent, and send you on your way with the most heartfelt and wonderous wishes. Xeper and Remanifest my dear friend, my hero, one of the Greatest of the Greats.

We love you Gumpy. We love you.
Trust that Miracles Do Occur.
Love is Forever.

love and light,


Faith, hope and love and persistance

September 3rd 2012 5:04 am
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Dear Furs,
Mom belongs to a list for cats with FIV+.
This week, one of the 'members' who had lost a cat last year to the complications that can come with FIV adopted a kitten from a shelter.

In two days, the kitten became ill and she took the kitten to her vet. The kitten had some of the symtoms of URI, as well as a possible calici virus.

She had an account for the kitty here.

Mommy got the post yesterday that she returned the kitty to the shelter.

Mommy is upset-because the girl could not even tell her if it was a kill shelter or not. How could anyone do this? The girl had a form of insurance that covered the animal for some time, but when she called there was no one there, as it was a holiday weekend.

This has upset Mommy, because if a kitty is returned to a shelter that does euthanize, that's it. They don't get 'another chance'.

I spent the night in the bedroom last night, and Natalie was in a state...mommy emailed her vet because the medicaiton is obviously making her act worse...Natalie attacked daddy Sat night and Mommy this morning.

Mommy just scooped her up and said 'Oh Nat, I am so sorry. So sorry'. They had taken her to the vet yesterday to have her re-examined, but her glands are fine. Mommy wrote the vet and said Natalie needs to come off the medicaiton-this is not good. Now Natalie is sleeping quietly beside Daddy. It's the only time Natalie is happy....and Mommy doesn't want that...she wants Natalie to be ok, because she loves her. Natalie, my odd orangie sister may be odd, indeed, but what does it matter? She's part of our Tribe, an opinionated, intelligent, funny, and much loved member. She is my sister, and I sleep as close as she will allow so as to bestow healing and light.

I count myself a very lucky cat. I see around me wonderful furs, and their folks....someone asked in a forum 'are pet parwrents 'mommies'? My answer is they are Mommies and Daddies and Sissies and Brofurs and...they are our family. We are not 'lesser than'. If anything, we are 'more than' because we are loved and cherished. We look at our people as our Folks, part of our Tribe, our Guardians upon whom we bestow our magick and love and light.

And as I purr and lay here, after a good breakfast, my heart goes out to this kitty...who was returned. Not because she was naughty....for kittens are supposed to be that....but because she was ill. She wasn't given a chance. You don't give up on someone when things are not 'perfect'. You work with your vet to make the kitty well, and you communicate and let the shelter know that the kitty is ill as well....they may have suggestions.

Mommy doesn't understand...and I am sad. For to me, perhaps knowing how lucky and blessed I am...and as you, my furs are, to have families that have faith, and hope and love us enough to say 'this is my life.....the good times, the times when we aren't well....we will be loved and cared for. It doesn't matter the circumstance, for we are here for good or bad, in sickness and health...until...well...we stand at the foot of the Bridge, glance back with a tender look, and say 'I love you, and love is forever. Thank you for never giving up....'

Mommys eyes are leaking for an ill and frightened kitten today....

love and light...with big rumbling purrs...

I send you healing and love little one....

and purr with all my heart you are given another chance to find someone who will never give up on you.

love and light,


Each one, teach one....on a Blue Moon Night

August 30th 2012 2:20 pm
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I am a comfortable, mango cat guy
A cat who will always know where best to lie
A soft warm couch back, or a pillow I'll find
A filled up food dish, and a daddy who's mine
And I wish the same, for all of the furrs
Out on the lam, and fresh out of purrs

I once roamed the streets, I once shivered with cold
No more a kitten, but not very old
I wound up outside, without a home
All of a sudden left all alone
I found a place to sleep, people fed me
But I was nobody's cat, and it sucks if thats 'free'.

I tried so hard, I was a good boy
I never scratched or bit, I didn't annoy
I would meow to folks, who'd pass me right by
I didn't under stand, I wondered why
As I watched folks sit by their tv
I wondered why sometimes they didn't want me.

And then I found people, who loved all cats
They were special folks, imagine that
I found my way to their place, and into their hearts
I wasn't perfect, but I know I was smart
I came to trust, they forgave me my ways
When the few times I scratched like when I was a stray

And I know they are special, they are, yes, kind
More folks like them are what we need to find
To rescue a fur from a euth list cage
For does it so matter, what breed or what age
We are all cats, divine with magick souls
Miracles in fur, fairytales to be told

So as I look over mom's shoulder tonight
Tears on her cheeks, it doesn't seem right
As the 'list' shows those cats that won't see tomorrow night
I'm grateful for her, for dad for the light
That springs up in the sky, a blue moon thats rare
As miracles unfold, and folks learn how to care

And each one, teach one, find a cat to save
for we deserve to be swept out, we face all so brave
Each one teach one, tell your neighbor and friend
They can stop the darkness, they can stop 'the end'
For as Cats we are Familars, we bring luck and cheer
A myrid of colors of furs, tails and ears
Each one teach one, reach for your feline
Save a life, free a soul, and know the divine
for surely as you reach out and touch that little paw
What's Divine touches back, you'll know what it's all for

And I lick mommys hand and she pats my head
As she scoops me up and says 'Boog, it's time for bed'.
And turns off the puter, and closes her eyes,
As I leap to the sill-the moon lights up the sky
I purr and I reach out to the cat face
For, yes, my Blue Moon, I know your style and your grace
As I purr for the cats out there tonight,
I stand up on my hinds, in the last of the light
and whisper to Alex, and Tigger, Harry and all
Look after them all furrs, use your magick to call
Those folks who are empty and need the magick of furr
Let them find their way, weave the spell with your purrs

Each one teach one, tie the cord with silk
Lighter than sunbeams and purer than milk
Each one teach one, pad cross their dreams
Into their hearts so they know what 'Cat' means
Each one teach one, angels all tonight
Find our furrs homes and all the good things

and with a small purr as my eyes close
I touch my heart to you cross the distance
and feel your warm nose
I understand, and I know, I do
The fate of forever that awaits you
Yet theres that moon, magick surrounds you
I whisper it all to the orb of blue

Each one teach one,
I purr with intent
I love you all, and the magicik is sent
Across the world, purring with faith
All love and light and miracles made
As I whisper to Alex and see her leap far
Just past the follow that star....

Dedicated to all the Cats who face Eternity with rumbling purrs and
for who I must believe....miracles do occur...

this night of the Blue Moon.....

love and light,
Orange Ruffy


We are worried about the New Orleans Kitties and our Mobile- friends.

August 28th 2012 5:24 am
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Hi Everyone

In 2005 Mommy remembers watching a very similar hurricane make it's way up the coast.
While Issac isn't taking the same route exactly, and is much weaker, we are concerned about our furrends and their pawrents on the Coast.

Would everyone please purr for them?

We know what this is to them, and we are concerned.

Purrs and loving energy to you guys,



Power of the Paw needed for my Sisfur, Bella

August 25th 2012 2:47 pm
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She's written about it in her diary, but my elder sisfur has lost a half a pound, is down to 5 and a half pounds and her anemia is getting into the bad range.

Bella is my mom's 'Kitty Girl'. She's our eldest here, and perhaps, really, the reason Mom works for us all so much.

Mommy said that little vet looked at her and said 'you are doing all you can do....getting old is not for sissies.'

Could I ask some power of the paw for Bella?

thank you all,
love and light,


A very special request for purrs

August 23rd 2012 4:46 pm
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Dear Furs and Folks,

Mommy got a call from Miss Kaci Sunshine's mom. Miss Kaci hasn't been well and is not eating.

Could we all purr and pray for her and her mom? Her mom has been quite sad and very worried. Miss Kaci is an only cat after her sister Miss Mittens went to the Bridge. Miss Mittens Rainbow Bridge day is fast approaching.
Miss Kaci's mom is missing her, and is so worried about Kaci.
She hasn't had the heart to come here, but mommy said she and I wanted to ask for purrs and she said that would be ok....

Would you all purr up a storm for our little friend, Miss Sunshine?

love and light,


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August 20th 2012 7:44 pm
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1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.
Well, 2 years ago the 'gran'baby' and her mother came for a visit. They are from 'down South' where Daddy is from. The 'gran'baby' that mom thouht would be a sweet little girl she could dress up was a wild beast. Mom said we were so much better behaved than she was. She woke up in the morning and would stomp around all day, thowing balls, breaking stuff, etc. She had two and off. And she was fascinated by us cats. But she didn't want to pull tails or anything. No...she would follow us around...if Smokie went up the cat tree...she would want to go up, too. Then one day Smokie was eating some dry food..and she came over and knelt beside him and put a piece of it in her mouth to try. And Smokie...who was very very tolerant of the 'gran'baby' finally had it. He looked at her and hissed, like 'this is just toooo much...I don't eat your mushy jar of food'. We liked her...her nickname was 'Alliecat' but we were sure glad when she left.

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek? Me? I only hide when Daddy's trying to give me medicine, and I don't want him knowing where I go...but psst...usually under the end table by the window.

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit? Orange Ruffy, one of Samoa's Dreamboats, with my face on CQ Magazine.

4) What's your favorite hobby? Eating chicken, beef, ham, or chicken.

5) What’s your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates? Stealing food from whoever hasnt' finished it...but don't think mom hates it unless it's Bella's food.

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? I would go to work with Daddy and eat all the steaks he cooked.

7) What is your guilty pleasure? Guilt? I never beleive in guilt! But my pleasure is a nice meal.

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? Hmmmm.....the big one on Bugs Bunny. He sort of looks like the BUB.

9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Share my Chicken!

10) We are going to have coed ships this year so which ship do you want to be on mine, or Zoe’ don't know...can I ship hop?

tagging Zeus and Patches and little J


Mommy is home!

August 20th 2012 11:02 am
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Hi everyone,
Mommy is off t his week from her 'job'. She says this is her other job-us. We like that job.
We are glad she is here, even though she told us she wishes we could all travel. Daddy can't get time off, so mommy is home by herself with us...we wish they were both here...more attention, but this will do.
Today Mommy is here this afternoon and she told us she is doing 'cleaning'. So far she's on the puter, dictating for us, but she has that determined look in her eye. uh oh.
We don't much like it when she 'cleans'. Ususally it means that she gets out the vacum monster..and thats not good.
Mommy also was talking of doing laundry, but the laundry mat where she takes it is not air conditioned and she says right now it's too sticky.

Mommy is a little sad-she loves to travel, and this is the first year she has not been able to in awhile. We're glad she's here, though. Mommy also said that if she and daddy could, they would probably have to take us all with least Bella, because she gets 100mg of subq a day now, and 3 medicines. And she said that she's sitll puzzled over what to do about Natalie's tail stuff. During the day she is fine...but at starts.
Big Vet is on vacation too this week, so a message has been left.

enjoying the couch back here...



Something from Mango's mom...

August 14th 2012 3:00 pm
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Mangos mom said it would be ok if I posted her pmail to us...we hope that some furs will go over and say hello:

From Mangos Mom:

thank you so much. i'm really sorry that i haven't been on, life has been a little hard. new limiting diagnosis and acquisition of a wheelchair hasn't helped :(

we're okay. Mango is actually one year old now (!!!) she has a cataract developing in her good eye, though, which is the bad news. the really bad news is that she's gone into heat once already and is starting to again this week. she's considered a really high risk spay but right now it seems like every other week would be yowling and miserable for everyone involved.
don't really know what to do :( we might have to take a chance and spay her because it's not good for her either.

how are you and your family? how's all the kitties? i'm really sorry for disappearing, i kept wanting to come back and i kept thinking "it's too late now" and i'm forcing myself now before it's any more MONTHS.

_____________________________________________ __________________

We worry about my little niece, and her mom. We have a special place in our hearts for kitties who are 'special' and special folks who adopt them.



Radiant Band of Light-For Squeaker.

August 14th 2012 9:03 am
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Radient band of light....

There is a rainbow breaking through morning haze
A muggy August morning with showers today
Or so TV says as I stretch out on the floor
After my breakfast I'm hoping for more
But after pawrents leave it's quiet for awhile
I'm enjoying the morning in Mango cat style

And I sense there's a change in the atmosphere
Wait just a minutes, whats happening here?
And then I see him, with Angel Alex, a guide
And she says 'Wait, Ruffy, don't slink off and hide-
I bought your friend Squeaker from over the Bridge
To say hello and hail and maybe raid your fridge

And Squeaker stretched out and touched noses to me
Said 'Hi there Ruffy, you're resting, I see,
I wanted you to let Bliz know that i'm doing ok
I'm loving feeling well and I'm learning to play
with whiskers and wings, and oh I'm alright
Gliding along a Radient band of light

And Squeaker he sighed, and said I miss Daddy, too,
I always loved him, you know, Ruffy, thats true
He knows, understands, the magick of Cat
He's one of us, Ruffy, he's got it down pat
He's just without fur, but he's our Guardian here
Tell him I'm fine Ruffy, he's not to fear

Oh, Ruffy my friend, what can I say?
The Bridge isn't far, I'll be back to play
I've come back to Bliz, I told him it's so
That I'm not far away, never, and no
He put out a paw and pulled his brother tight
As we gazed up at that radient band of light

We can run, we can frisk, we careen all around
I've showed him magick, the energy I've found
But he's still missing me in my earthly form
I told him it won't be long til I'm reborn
But I'd rather wait til we can be together
Sliding down the rainbow across forever

And Alex closed the fridge door, munching a piece of steak
Said with her mouth full 'well, we can't wait-
We're meeting Big Harry and Tigger, Hazel Lucy and all
Buddie, and Simba, and Calvin have called
We're going to fly across stars tonight
So look up to see a Radiant band of light!

And with a leap and a great rolling purr
Squeaker touched noses and said 'Miracles Occur-
I'm watching over you all and my family
Tell Daddy I'm fine and all I could be
Tell Bliz we're brothers, forever and all
I'll send a message, he'll know my call.

And I watched them leave, Smokie did too
For magick surrounds all Russian Blues
And Alex's wings were colors in the haze
A magickal cat with important ways
And oh, Squeaker, yes, we'll connect tonight
As you fly across a Radiant band of light.

For Squeaker, Blizzard his brother, his Daddy and the Taneytown, Md cats. We send love and light, and it's true-magick is alive and afoot!

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