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Simone's say MRAT!

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diet diet diet that's all I ever do anymore

December 28th 2009 8:13 am
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sigh... this dieting stuff will be the death of me.

Mommy and the vet have now put me on a low calorie diet, which is difficult to do since brother needs special foods too. She feeds me my low calorie and River his food in separate rooms, then leaves a little of his food out over night for us, then at breakfast we eat our special foods again and then the food vanishes. I try screaming at her to give me more but she won't pay attention to me. She thinks I cry too much. I hope I'm losing weight now so that this torture can end soon. Is there anything worse to a kitty? Empty food bowls are a sign of the end of the world no food bowls are even worse!!!!

In good news, we got so many presents for Catmus, it was great. Mommy dressed River up like santy claws and he helped hand out presents. All our old toys have been replaced and our toy basket is over flowing with presents. It's so great. We can destroy a toy a day for the next three months before we run out! So excited!


Christmas Diet... that's horrible...

December 22nd 2009 11:55 am
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STILL on my diet. It's terrible. Mommy talked to the vet, I've slowed down with the weight gain but I'm not losing any yet. Mommy and the vet still think I should take off 1 pound and then maintain that healthy weight. I still think I'm just fine, it's not like I do anything other than sleep on mommy's lap and sleep in the sun! The medical food River has to be on for his condition is very high calorie. They now feed us separately. River gets a full pack of his special wet food to keep up his calories because he's so active and healthy weight and they don't want him to lose any. They give me dry food and limit it very carefully. I'm so cranky. I am always crying and mommy just gives me a hug and says I'm fine. I don't like dieting. I'm a screamer when I don't get what I want, and I want LOTS of nom noms! They also ordered me a special ball where they put food in it and in order to eat the food I have to hit the ball and chase it to burn some calories. I think it is very mean of them to do this to me. If I didn't love them so much.... I'd really hate them.... but I do really love them.... I KNOW they are just trying to make me healthy because mommy says she wants me to live forever but still... I like eating.


Sleeping in MY sunny spot in MY home

December 2nd 2009 11:45 am
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Monday morning bright and early mommy showed up to get me. I screamed and screamed, I was so mad at her, until we got home. I'm so happy to be back with her. I slept in her arms all night, I sit on her all day, I follow her around. River and I are both very happy to be home. I don't plan on letting her leave me again. I got stressed while being bored and over groomed myself, I have a little bald spot now. Mommy says it will go away. That's good. She's going to get me a sweater to keep me warm in winter and protect my fuzzies. This will be good, even though I hate sweaters.


Lonely Simone

November 20th 2009 6:41 pm
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Mommy and Daddy are flying across the country for Thanksgiving, she left me and River at the vets. We have medical issues so this is the best place for us. Mommy and Daddy got us the biggest room and we are sharing, we have two beds, lots of toys, all our food, our snacks, all that good stuff. Still not happy. Mommy better show up quickly to take us back. She promised bright and early first Monday after Thanksgiving, how soon is that? I want to go home. Where is my brother, I need to snuggle....


mrat mrat mrat mrat.... cold simone.... MRAT!!!

November 9th 2009 1:36 pm
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MRAT..... It suddenly got cold here. I'm so upset. I'm a warm kitty, I need it to be warm. I have started to sleep all night under the blankets with mommy to keep me warm. Our new house has a fireplace now and mommy made a fire last night, I slept in front of it and showed off my belly. I really think mommy should get me one of those heated beds she sees at the pet stores. She got River a new cat tree, I like it, but I want a warm bed still. I think that would be better for me. Because of my rough life before I came to live with mommy and daddy my tummy doesn't have very good fuzzies. I have thin fur down there, I get really cold when the temperature drops. I'm hoping mommy will surprise me with it soon, I know she worries about me being too cold, and she is always spoiling me. I hope, I hope, I hope. Keep your paws crossed for me!


How goes the diet?

October 25th 2009 10:55 pm
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Not so well actually... Mommy won't let me have any good food. No more treats and no people food and we only get wet food every other day now. My tummy still needs it because I'm a sensitive girl so I still get it, but not as often. All of this makes me cranky. I wake mommy up and yell at her until she follows me out to the kitchen where I sit at my bowl and scream at her to fill it. She usually doesn't. She usually picks me up and carries me around like a baby telling me I'm being silly and I don't need food. What does she know? I need nom noms!!! Mommy says 12lbs is about the top average weight for a kitty like me and I have to slim down till I'm not 12.something and just plain old 12 at the most. She says the idea is to stop the weight before it becomes a problem. I like the problem. I like being fat! Keeps me warm!!! If only Mommy didn't love me so much as to protect me from becoming overweight.... why does Mommy love me so much?


Mommy says I'm fat, I say I'm fluffy

October 12th 2009 10:13 am
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After I got my rabies shot the day before we moved mommy and the vet decided I could stand to go on a little diet. I'm not happy about this. Mommy says I'm a little pudgy. Since they fixed my teeth I eat everything I can, I've been known to steal peas off the dinner plate if not watched, apparently this is making me fat. I think I'm perfect just the way I am. Mommy shouldn't have listened to the vet. They've cut off any people food I steal and my dinner is now a little less. I'm sure it's for the best but I'm not happy about it right now and have let mommy and daddy know through my unhappy Siamese screams that this isn't working for me. Hopefully I drop a little weight fast so I can go back to being a piggy! Of course, if that happens, the vet will just make her put me back on one. It's not fair, I can't help that I really like eating, and sleeping, and eating, and sleeping....


We just moved

October 7th 2009 1:47 pm
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River and I just moved with Mommy and Daddy to a new bigger home. River freaked out, I slept through most of it. When we got there mommy tried to introduce us slowly to the new place, that's not for me. I demanded to see the whole place. I ran around exploring for about 10 minutes and then found my big comfy chair and fell asleep right in the middle. No one is going to disrupt my routine!

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