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A nice day to explore

November 2nd 2009 11:11 am
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It`s a nice sunny day today so I`ve been checking the pasture out there`s lots of leaves on the ground to roll in and my sand pile by the barn was nice and warm so I played and rolled around in it and it felt great! I haven`t caught up with Simon yet he`s somewhere around and even Tuffy the horse spent most of the day out in his pasture instead of inside. I wish it would stay like this.


Back to normal

November 1st 2009 6:06 am
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I only have today and tomorrow left for my meds. but am feeling like my old self and m om weighed me and I gained my weight back. I even felt good enough to attack dads feet this morning while he slept and woke him up, he wasn`t too happy about that! Today it`s sunny so I am going to go explore and maybe run through the leaves and scare Tuffy, he`s such a goofy horse he thinks I`m a giant cougar! Mom doesn`t like when I attack him when she`s on his back though.


Feeling better

October 25th 2009 6:20 pm
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I started my meds Friday and am feeling much better and eating good. I`m back to acting like my old self again and am sleeping in the bed with mom and dad I just wish they didn`t take up so much room! I hate taking the icky tasting stuff and have to have it twice a day so I can`t wait until I`m done!


A vet visit for me

October 23rd 2009 2:04 pm
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I hadn`t been feeling well when we went away and was still not back to normal and was starting to feel worse the past 2 days. Today I couldn`t keep any food down so mom and dad took me to the vet. It turns out I have giardia so I was given medicine to take for the next 10 days and since Simon goes outside too he has to take it as well even though he is feeling fine. I feel a little better so hopefully I will be back to normal soon. Cassie and Jewel have to go Monday to be spayed so they`ll have to be checked too.


Home Again!

October 21st 2009 10:38 am
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We arrived home last night, it was a long drive for dad 16 hrs! I made the mistake of eating before we left and the rough roads made me motion sick yuck that`s the first time that happend to me! Simon did good on his first trip but he had to be put in the crate whenever we stopped because he wanted to go out the door! I know to stay in my spot under the blanket. I decided to lay on the couch and was quite comfortable but then Cassie and Jewel decided that they wanted to sleep by me so I had to share. I did have to smack Cassie once because she kept stretching and trying to bite me so I had to teach her that she can`t do that. I`m glad to be home and that crazy puppy isn`t chasing me anymore. I snuck out last night with Simon and we both went to the barn but we came back for breakfast but Simon lost his collar and tags, I kept mine on and mom took it off this morning but now Simon needs to get a new one and new tags. All in All we are glad to be back home:)


Ready to get moving

October 18th 2009 8:59 am
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I`m getting stressed out here in the house it`s a strange place and I`m used to being in the motor home or our big house. Mom wants to put me in the motor home but dad says it`s too cold and he doesn`t want me to be alone. We`re supposed to head back Tuesday morning so I guess I can wait until then. Simon and Speckles chase each other, he`s brave and not bothered by anything just like the kittens. I don`t like change ever since I was dumped on the side of the highway but I do well as long as I`m in the motor home with my family.


Our trip with everyone

October 14th 2009 4:32 pm
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Well, we did our first long distance trip with the kittens ans Simon. It was ok with Simon but I didn`t care for having the kittens along. It was nicer with Duchess and Salem they just layed around like me, these kittens are way too energetic and into everything! I found a nice hiding spot and I think I`ll just stay here until we head for home again!


I`m not fond of company visiting

October 6th 2009 4:32 pm
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It`s bad enough with the kittens Cassie and Jewel running around and making noise but now we have a dog that always wants to chase me and a cat that likes to hiss at me. I have to hide upstairs on mom`s compter desk at night but at least I go out during the day with Simon and we play in the pasture and hunt mice. I`m told we are all going on a trip next week and I will be in charge of Simon and the kittens Figures I would get stuck with that job! I`ll show Simon where the good hiding places are but I guess the kittens already found there`s so we`ll see how it goes

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