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I`ve reclaimed my spot!

November 12th 2009 1:25 pm
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I normally have a spot on the bad with mom and dad but the kittens have been making it near impossible to sleep especially Jewel who thinks it`s fun to walk all over everyone all hours of the night. But the past few nights I have decided that I`m not going to budge I want my sleeping spot back and I`m not letting them push me out! So I made sure they knew they are not going to push me out anymore!


We`re going in the moving house again...

November 13th 2009 1:34 pm
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Mom said That her girl made reservations for us in Virginia for Turkey day
for a whole week at a campground. This time we won`t have a big house to play in so I`m going to have to set some rules for our moving house. Mom said this is a good test to see how we all get along in a smaller space before we go to the warm sunny place. The kittens will be easy to boss around but Simon better not think he`s going to get my prime spots and Mom better make sure she brings some leftover turkey back for us on Turkey Day!! I`m glad they will be taking Sterling with them so he can visit Lily and mom and her girl are going to take Sterling and Lily to a place called a beach so they can play.


I`m a DDP Today!

November 14th 2009 6:03 am
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Mom showed me a pawmail from Hazel Lucy saying I was a DDP and sure enough mom went to the main page and showed me my picture. I was so surprised and happy to be a daily pick.

I want to thank Samoa for the idea of printing out the page so I had mom do that for me and for inviting me to join the group Cookie & Candy Cats.

I hope everyone reading this has a pawsome day too, I know I will even if the kittens try to bug me:)

Kit Kat


Thank You..

November 15th 2009 5:43 pm
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I had a wonderful day being the DDP Saturday and wanted to say thank you to all that helped me celebrate.

A special thank you to.

Luke & Tully, my fellow RVing Cats for the Drumstck

Ivan WLC for the Forever Crown

Karma Kitty,Charlie Clarence,Punkin Pooh Bobbi Boi & Shelly Sue for the Acorn

Tate, Tonka,Bumble,Wilma, Goya Bean & Marble for the Pie.

Samoa for the invite to the Cookies & Candy Cats group

And to all who left treats:)

Love & Purrs,
Kit Kat


Getting ready to go

November 22nd 2009 5:16 pm
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I was outside watching mom and dad load stuff in the moving house for our trip so I went over and went inside to make sure that they had all my food in there too and yep, it was all in the cupboard so I jumped up on the couch and watched just in case they forgot anything but they seem to have the packing thing down pretty good. Mom put 2 blankets on the couch and one hung down to the floor I like to curl up there so now I have more of the blanket to hide under.


Took another trip

November 24th 2009 3:21 pm
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We left really early this morning and I had a tough time with the first part of the trip because it was so bumpy and winding it made me sick and I never get sick! Poor mom it`s a good thing she put a lot of towels on the rugs because all us cats had a tough time even Simon was drooling a lot until mom picked him up and held him then he felt better. I went to sleep on the couch with Cassie. Now that we are parked I feel much better and even ate. Cassie ate too but threw up by the big window so now mom has 3 loads of laundry to do and it`s a good thing there`s a thing in here that washes and dries stuff!


We`re Back!

December 1st 2009 9:51 am
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It was a fun trip and not too hard keeping the other kits in their place! I got to sit by the window and watch birds and squirrels I wanted to go catch them but mom wouldn`t let me so I had to be happy just watching. That big dog friend of Sterling`s named Lily came over to visit boy she sure loves to steal food! mom locked us cats in the bedroom with our food so she couldn`t get it so she ate all of Sterling's instead! She came with 2 human kids and they kept petting me and bothering me even though mom`s girl told them to leave me alone because I`m not used to people kids but she wouldn`t stop petting me even though I growled at her so finally I used my claws on her and I think she got the point because she didn`t bother me after that! I think my first trip being in charge of everyone went well:)



December 4th 2009 5:06 pm
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Well, mom told me and Simon we better enjoy the last dry days because we are supposed to get that white stuff on the ground called snow. I really don`t like that stuff it`s cold and wait and doesn`t feel good on my feet. Yesterday I spent all day outside it was sunny and warm. I watched mom clean the moving house and wanted to help but she made me stay outside so I went and hunted moles. Today I went out for half the day but it wasn`t as warm but was still nice. I went out to the barn and checked on Tuffy I feel bad for him because he has to stay outside all the time but he doesn`t seem to mind.
I hope I get some time out tomorrow before the white stuff comes. Mom said we are supposed to get some big white storms next week too so I guess I`ll be stuck inside with the kittens.


Mom wasn`t kidding!

December 11th 2009 8:01 am
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She said I didn`t want to go outside but I did anyway and it was sure cold! I tried to go to the barn and visit Tuffy but the snow was deep and it made my belly cold so I headed to the house and sat by the door and watched dad plow the white stuff into big piles. Mom shoveled the porch off and placed my outside house in the sun and left a blanket inside for me to lay on if I want to stay out. It`s going to be a long time before I get to play in the pasture again.


I got a new tunnel!!

December 13th 2009 9:05 am
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Mom bought the kittens a little tunnel for traveling and saw that I was laying in it too but I stuck out so she bought me a new big one today that I have lots of room in. Cassie and Jewel were playing in it too and we were having fun chasing each other but Cassie is such a chicken she won`t go in it. I have been running through it at full speed and making it slide all over and Jewel even chases me through it(she`s braver than Cassie) Tunnels are so much fun!!

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