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Big Angel Huggs... Big Bob

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Good Lands!

June 1st 2010 8:57 am
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Meowdy moo, My PurrFriends and FurrFriends! (Just threw a Texas cow howdy in there)

I am the last to know we were LOST! Platelicker knew, but he was'nt tellin'. My furr wads are gone thanks to Platelicker biting them out! Hope he chokes on 'em. I may have to push him off the balcony :|

Since we were LOST for over a week, I want to thank you all for my Gifts. I did not know they were there until today. So many thanks to each of you.

Better get back to monitoring. Somepurrbody has to while Mama is at work.

headbutts, Big Bob


Rackata Frashata Camera!!!

August 16th 2010 2:29 pm
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Oh my Cats!

Any spare time Mama has she just flits around and takes pics of us with her new camera. Like, we are napping, Mama. Do you recognize a nap when you see one?

Do we take pictures of you when you are napping? Huh? Well do we Mama? No. Cause we respect your nap time.

I am a bit purrrturbed at Mama as you can read.

This camera flashie thing has got to go over the balcony!

I need my "handsome" sleep,
Big Bob


Couple New Coolest Cat Contest Pics!

October 27th 2010 6:07 am
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Notice all PurrCats!

I got two new pics in the contest. I think it be two.

Shore appreciate you takin a look see.

Big Bob


Well slap my knee and call me "mo"!

November 1st 2010 11:13 am
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I am furry happy about being The Catster's Daily Diary Pick Of The Day Today November Furrst Two PurrThousand And Ten This Year...
notice how I strung that out there to be more meaningful... I can do that, I am Big Bob.

Don't know what was so special 'bout my Diary entry over any other purrs’?
I musta been an eenie, meenie, minee, mo! Haha!!

Anyways, I furry happy all up in my place about this Diary of the Day winnings.

Wonder if them Catster CatManagement folks will spot me with a bunch 'o extra Treats on my page!! Or Zealies!! Them’s ok too.

Sounds reasonable to me! Are ya' listening Catster? Well are ya!

Where ya’ at Catster purrples where ya’ at!!
Whatd' cha' say?
Way over there with Treats to spare!!
Hay, my Lucky Day!

The Big Bob of Texas aka "mo"


My blood test results are the worst news...

July 31st 2012 8:30 am
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Howdy Dear Friends,

Guess I will write my Diary although it is not a happy one... so many of you have pawmailed, sent POP, and visited I thought I should make this entry for everyone to read.

MamaCat got a call from the vet while driving to to work this morning and the blood work shows it is not my thyroid...
it is FIV : (

Although I have a huge appetite, in just the past couple of months, I have lost half my body weight. My fur is still shiny and I purr a lot when MC holds me in her lap.

She is too sad about it and can't reply to each pawmail and Gift and Group at this time because she will start crying.

I am feeling ok. In fact, this morning after she fed me my special K&D can food, I ran along in front of her and did my usual fall down curled up on my side so she would stop and give me tummy rubs.
Gets her every time! : )

I guess it is a matter of time now... when I get further along and can't enjoy my days... she will let me go to the Bridge... oh gosh here she goes crying...

Been too soon since we lost our little Raincloud and fluffy Cartman. MamaCats can only take so much sadness at a time, so I am gonna stick around as long as I can. Besides she seems to have a never ending supply of tummy rubs... just for me!

better close now I need to dry MamaCat's tears...

Thank you for your Love...

Love you all too,
Big Bob


MamaCat kissed me goodbye...

November 12th 2012 7:47 am
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This morning MamaCat picked me up and wrapped me in a towel. I was very weak and still. She talked to me telling me she loved me but would let me go so I could feel better.

The sun was bright on my face as we walked to the car. MC said I would be flying in that sky soon with Raincloud and Cartman. I just looked at her with my big eyes. The wind was cold. She covered my head with the towel and cradled me tighter.

In the car, MC had tears but I did not want her to cry so I gently purred. I could feel her heart beat... she could feel my purrs...

The vet lady gave MC tissues. MamaCat held me closer and kissed my head. She said 'Big Bob you smell sweet like frosting. Raincloud must be here to take you home'. That made us both feel better.

Thank you my friends for all the love you have given me since I was diagnosed with FIV. Thank you for helping my MamaCat too.

Big HUGGS... Big Bob


My First Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge

June 13th 2013 9:52 am
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My Catster Friends and Angels...

Many thanks Dear Friends for the fun Birthday gifts on my page, your pawmails, and the nice pictures you made for my First Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge.

Only 3 days after Cartman's Rainbow Bridge Day, so it sure got to my MamaCat as her eyes filled with tears reading each gift and comment. She misses me every day. She wishes she could hold me just one more time...

Thank you all so much for sharing your love for me.

sending you Big Angel Huggs... Big Bob


Butterfly... Fluttering by...

October 9th 2013 9:09 am
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Yesterday as my MamaCat drove home from work, the heavy traffic stopped at a red light and a big black and white butterfly flew down and fluttered slowly across the front of her car's windshield...

MC blew him 2 kisses and told him to fly to a safe place...

She knows that butterfly was from me because she was really missing me yesterday...

Big Angel Huggs... Big Bob


Tears in my MC's eyes...

November 13th 2013 9:42 am
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She is thinking... How has it been one year. She thinks it seems like my Big Bob was here yesterday yet seems like years ago.

Her heart is in pieces today thinking of me as she is still reeling from almost losing Platelicker about three weeks ago. She knows how fragile each day becomes.

I will send her a butterfly today... maybe a black and white butterfly to ease her heart a bit.

I watched as she read the comments in each gift and the pawmails... thank you all so very much.

Kitties give your MCs and DCs lots of purrs and face rubs while you are here. Angels lets spread some angel glitter dust on them all...

Big Angel Huggs... Big Bob


Lonely Angel...

January 19th 2014 3:38 pm
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Can't begin to tell ya'll how sad I am... don't seem real. Our family is here meaning every one of you. *heavy sigh... tears...*

This is where my Momma kept me in her life since I became an angel. She felt I was still with her.... now she is losing me again...

*flies away to a fluffy cloud with other angels...*

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