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Meowings of My Life...Or..How This Butterscotch See's It

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OMC!!! Catsterland How Mawvelous YOU Looks, MOL

April 28th 2014 1:32 pm
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I sure has been missing dis here magikal purrlace, and alla mai wonnerfur furiends too.

Papa Friday kept telling us last night and dis morning, "you have to keep the faith" and he was right!! We prayed and prayed and when we felt faint at heart, Friday got busy and made pictures, he always feels better when he is being creative. He was busy getting everyone to keep the faith, stay positive, positive outweights the negative any day!1

Whooo now hopefully I can have mai burfday pawty here on the 11th of May?? Hope it is working ok then too. Poor Bijou, she didn't get to hage much of a biurfday here, but furiends came by and helped to make her day feel spawcial

What is sad is alla the special days we have missed and the new Angels who went on high to Rainbow bridge, hope we will know and help to decorate their memorial pages, now, as that is what their pages will become and their furmilies needs alla us to send love and purrs and gifties too

and den there are the Gotcha Days and the happy Burfdays and all kinds of days ~ oh dem bad hackers they spoiled so much fur us kibbies, they are mean thats all and I not talk about dem no more!! not giving dem da time of day!!


A Few Little Things About Special Me

March 27th 2014 8:38 am
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It's been too long since i wrote in mai diary. Meowmy has been busy taking pictures of me. And thought got me finking ~ I don't believe Meowmy has ever let anyone know just how special I really am.

So I am going to do it, MOL!!

I was born six months after Grandpaw Buddy went to the Bridge. The night before he went, Meowmy was talking to him, rminding him that in all probability he was the last of his litter mates left. Buddy had a smudge of dark gray on the bridge of his nose and Meowmy pointed that out to him and wondered if his Meowmie had been a calico. The next day Buddy was gone, to be with the angels.

I was born the day Meowmy moved into her new house, the first one since Buddy went.

I was born on the 11th of a month, Buddy was Gotched on the 11th of a month. I went to live with Meowmy on the 21st of a month, Bijou was born on the 21st of a month and also that was the date of Fridays given birthday too, long before any of us were thought of.

My birth father was orange and white and my mother was a calico.

I have a dark gray smudge mark running a good length on mai tail ~ to show Meowmy is was right, Buddy's birth mother was calico!!

If you look very closely, I have a perfect heart shape on my nose

I am as soft as a Bunny and that was almost my name, but it was too close to Buddy.

I am a real snuggle bug, and I come straight away to bed every night and snuggle right tight beside Meowmy.

Although I don't like to be picked up, I do love to be talked to and l love to talk.

Oh and I love to smackypaw, it feels sooo good, MOL!!

I have a lazy eye and sometimes Meowmy wonders how well I really see. No worries, though, I am a very happy girl!!

I have my very own chair in the living room, this is my chair!! no one else sits on it, just like Archie Bunker, MOL!!

I love toys that spin and I chase the balls around in them. I am now up to three toys like that, although I would love to have the Turbo, not sure if I will get it.

I love my family, but the one i am closest to besides meowmy is mai sisfur, Neiko!! She needs me to love her and play wif her and starighten her out sometimes, MOL!!

I love to box wif Neiko while waiting for meowmy to get our food ready for us.

Well, that's it for now, if and when I think of more i will post, as I am truly a very special girl and quite amazing, MOL!!


Many Many Thanks Fur Mai Daily Diary Pick and Cat of The- Day!!!

November 3rd 2013 8:56 am
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Oh my catness!!~Catsterland has been so very kind to me the last couple of days. I have been a Daily Diary Pick for Friday, Nov. 1/13 and then Cat of The Day for Saturday, Nov. 2/13!! Wow!! Thank YOU so very much, I sure was surprised *wipes tears of joy with her paw*

I sure do have lots of furiends to thank for coming over, visitng wif little ol’ me, helping to caterbrate, sending pawligrams of concatulaitons, gifts of pictures, Rosies and furever crowns and hearts, jewels too!!

Oh, mai goodness I am so very blessed indeed!!
First and foremost I want to thank Catsterland for being here. For tthis amazing site. For allowing each and everyone of us to have a page, to being able to have furiends, and groups. To being able to give stuff in kindness, remembrance and in love. For listening and caring. For helping when things are not working right. For protecting our stuff and our privacy. For putting up guards against hackers. Without the kibbie guards continually working behind the scenes we wouldn’t have this beautiful place to hang out in. Catsterland is a true blessing in my life!!

Now to put down in remembrance for future days when mai Meowmy will need this one day to look back upon I hereby commit to mai diary the following many many thanks:

For My Daily Diary Pick Nov. 1/13:

Personal Pawligrams sent by Angel Buddie and Smiley Cassanova

Auntie Dana made a lovely keepsake picture

Mac, Ivy, Legolas and furmily sent me an Acorn Rosie

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me a Witches Hat

For My Cat of The Day, Nov.3/13:

Personal Pawligram of beeg Concatulations sent to my by Angel Buddie and furmily

Tundra and furmily made a most lovely keepsake picture

Kibbles, Francis and the Rest of Grammy’s Crew made me a most lovely keepsake picture

Auntie Dana fur my lovely keepsake picture

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me a furever Beating Gold Heart

Muppet, Nakita, Sampson and furmily sent me a furever beautifur Diamond

Platelicker, Fishsix, GaGa, Colors and furmily sent me a furever Crown

Lily, Boingo, Poo, Tigger and furmily sent me a fureverf Emerald

Kibbles, Francis and the Rest of Grammy’s Crew sent me a furever Beating Gold Heart


Smiley Cassanova ~ Canadian Flag

Casey ~ Red Rose

Mac, Ivy, Legolas and furmily ~ Red Heart

Newman ~ pumpkin

Patches, Spice Phantom ~ Red Rose

Milo Blue Eyes, Mallee, Smokey Joe and furmily ~ Red Rose

Harley ~ a beautifur Canadian Acorn

Thank you all for helping us to Caterbrate!! You are all so very kind!!

Meowmy said I can have a pawty and invite alla my furiends over, so come on over and lets pawty some more. There’s dancing, music, food, laughter, smiles, hugs, cares ~ so come on over!! Everyone’s invited!!


Hey!! What Happend to Mai Background???

October 24th 2013 8:28 am
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I had a real purrty pink background and now its not showing!! I went into my funstuff and look to view and it shows and x and myspace and that's it. Can't even see the preview of it.

Is anyone else having this problem or any problem?? Is myspace having difficulting?? This is all new to me. I remember when mai PaPa Friday had a most wonnerfur orange kitties one on his page and then it was gone and someone told him the site that made it no longer was working. I guess I have to go and find anfur one??

*runs out and slams door as tears of sadness runs down her pretty face*


Mai 4th Gotcha Day Already!!~Wow Time Pawese Stand Still

July 22nd 2013 9:17 am
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I had a very special day yesterday and it kind of sneaked up on us!! Well Meowmy has been working lots more lately and then trying to keep up on everything, my Gotcha Day was here in no time!!

Meowmy told me what day it was and I got lots of extra love and treats and another toy mousie ~ going to get something extra special when Meomwy can get away to Winnipeg in a couple of weeks.

With it being summer and all and so many of mai furiends being away and busy I sure was happy and catcited to see the messages and gifts furiends left for me yesterday!! Thank you so much for not furgetting about little o' me!!

Our wonnerfur Auntie Dana made me a furry bewtifur picshur!I luv it!

I got a bewtifur Golden Heart from an anonymous friend!!

Smiley Cassanova sent me a Pink Ribbon

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me a bewtifur Red Rose

Platelicker, Raincloud and Furmily sent me some Watermelon

Big Harry, Patches and Furmily sent me some Ice Cream

Smokey, Gizmo, Blue, Zoom and Furmily sent me a Red Adoption Ribbon

Mia, Queen Tallulah, Princess Tu Two and Furmily sent me a Red Rose

Mac,Ivy,Legolas,zander and furmily sent me a fun Beach Ball

I just want to thank you all for remembering me!!

We can't believe its been four years already!!

I will always and forever remember the day I brought Bailey home!! After she was placed into the house I had to go outside and have a good cry, you see it wasn't quite six months since I had lost my Buddy. I was feeling quite quilty, bringing another kibbie into the house so soon after Buddy had to leave for the Bridge. But in no time at all I snapped out of that feeling and knew I did the right thing.

Bailey has always been a joy~that should have been her name!! She is very smart and clever~and the most loveable lovebug you'll ever meet!!

Bailey and Buddy have a lot of the same physical charactoristics~they are of the same breed~more shaped like the British short hair than the American short hair~both in the shape of their head, bridge of the nose and especially the hind legs.

Bailey is as soft as a bunny and that almost became her name, but it sounded way too close to Buddy and I just couldn't have that!

I love Bailey so very much!!she isn't big at all and actually very compact~but a real little fire cracker and filled with nothing but goodness,love and affection for all!


I'm Gonna Shopping!!

June 27th 2013 7:44 am
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YUP!!~that's fur sure, MOL!! ~ Petsmart here I come, MOL!!

Dis Sunday we're going to have lots of fun

What should I buy fur Neiko's Birfday present?~Her going to be three years old in August!!

It sure is getting hot outside ~ our pool is all set up so if you want, come on over and we'll splash and have tons of fun keeping cool this summer

we can even have wienie roasts and cold drinks, it's gonna be lotza fun!!


PawShucks, A Daily Diary Pick!!~Go On!!

June 11th 2013 11:52 am
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Wow weee was I evfur surprised yesterday when Meowmy came and told me I was a Daily Diary Pick!!

Aww~go on I says to Meomw and she just smiled and said, It's true Bailey!!~well I never!!

I haven't even pawed in mai journal lately!!~My Granpaw Buddy and Friday and even Neiko has, though~MOL!!! ~see I really am a sweet little piece o'l butterscotch, MOL!!

Mai Auntie Dana made me anfur bewtitfur keepsake picture for a momento of the day!!

Angel Buddie and Smiley Cassanove sent me personal Paw-o-grams concatulating me!!

Mallee and Jezebel each sent me personal messages in mai diary~thank you for taking the time to do that Jezebel, it's been a sad time for you and your furmily and we have all been thinking and purring for you since our wonnerfur beloved friend, Charlie, had to go to Rainbow Bridge..*bows head and wipes a tear*

Milo, Mallee, Angel Smokey Joe and Crew sent me a Tulip
Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me TWO Ladybugs
Sonny Bono, Paris and Presley sent me a big Red Heart

aww wowzies does mai page efur look pawsome!!~so nicely decorated and all thank you for halping to decorate it!!

Have a pawtastic day!!


Thank YOU Soo Musch ~ Anfur DDP On May 30/13

June 1st 2013 5:34 am
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Wow WEEE!~I had anfur Daily Diary Pick on Thursday, May 30/13~Tank you soo musch Catster Diary Gurl and tank YOU to alla mai wonnerfur furineds who helped me make more precious memories!!

Special Keepsake Picture was made by mai talented Auntie Dana

Angel Buddie and Smiley Cassanova both sent me personal paw-mails of concatulations

Smiley also gave me a huge compliment on mai latest keepsake picture

Mai wonnerfur girlie gurl, Mallee, left a wonnerfur comment on mai diary


Jasper ~ gave ma a pawsome orange Whirlygig

Mac, Ivy, Legolis and Crew ~ gave me a bewtifur big Red Heart

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and Crew ~ gave me a wonnerfur Pink Ribbon

Muffy ~ gave me a neat and purrty singing blue bird

Mia, Xena, Princess Tallulah and Crew ~ gave me a bewtifur Red Rose

Sonny Bono, Paris and Presley ~ gave me a bewtifur Red Rose

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty ~ gave me a bewtifur Red Rose

Thank you all once again fur helping me to caterbrate and make memories!!

Have a pawsome day!!


Oh My Goodness!!~Mai Wonnerfur Furiends TANK YOU!!

May 28th 2013 7:56 am
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I'm taking dis time to write down and record for memorial sake (Meowmy will be able to look back and read this day and rememeber it wif the help of alla of you)

I was a Daily Diary Pick yesturday along wif mai PaPa Friday and furiend Angel Aggie!!


Thank you soo musch Auntie Dana fur making me a bewtifur keepsake picshur~it's lovely!!

Jax and his Meowmhy tank you soo much for taking and sending us the picshur of all the kibbies who were DDp's fur yesturday!!


Angel Buddie
Smiley Cassanova


Mac, Ivy, Legolis and Crew sent me a bewtifur Red Heart

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and Crew sent me a bewtifur Red Rose

Sonny Bono, Presley, Paris sent me a bewtifur Pink Ribbon

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me a bewtifur Lady Bug

Samoa sent me mai furst American Flag

Jasper sent me a bewtifur Yellow Daffadil


Malle, Gleek and Charlie thank you fur reading and commenting and sending me a personal message and concatulations!!


Daily Diary Pick?? OH Oh OH!! Lookie at This!!

May 27th 2013 12:29 pm
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Mai oh mai, what a bewtifur day it is indeed!!~I am sharing the Daily Diary Pick wif mai Pap Friday and our good furiend, Angel Aggie along with our Catster furiends~just pawsome!!

Thank you to the wonnerfur Diary gurl fur picking our diaries to be the picks today!!~On Memorial Day, no less!!~now how pawsome is this?

Friday and I will be thanking our wonnerfur furinds for the telegrams, rosettes and well wishes in a bit and will be posting it in our diaries so we can look back later and its also memories in the making fur our Meowmy!!

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