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Meowings of My Life...Or..How This Butterscotch See's It

A Few Little Things About Special Me

March 27th 2014 8:38 am
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It's been too long since i wrote in mai diary. Meowmy has been busy taking pictures of me. And thought got me finking ~ I don't believe Meowmy has ever let anyone know just how special I really am.

So I am going to do it, MOL!!

I was born six months after Grandpaw Buddy went to the Bridge. The night before he went, Meowmy was talking to him, rminding him that in all probability he was the last of his litter mates left. Buddy had a smudge of dark gray on the bridge of his nose and Meowmy pointed that out to him and wondered if his Meowmie had been a calico. The next day Buddy was gone, to be with the angels.

I was born the day Meowmy moved into her new house, the first one since Buddy went.

I was born on the 11th of a month, Buddy was Gotched on the 11th of a month. I went to live with Meowmy on the 21st of a month, Bijou was born on the 21st of a month and also that was the date of Fridays given birthday too, long before any of us were thought of.

My birth father was orange and white and my mother was a calico.

I have a dark gray smudge mark running a good length on mai tail ~ to show Meowmy is was right, Buddy's birth mother was calico!!

If you look very closely, I have a perfect heart shape on my nose

I am as soft as a Bunny and that was almost my name, but it was too close to Buddy.

I am a real snuggle bug, and I come straight away to bed every night and snuggle right tight beside Meowmy.

Although I don't like to be picked up, I do love to be talked to and l love to talk.

Oh and I love to smackypaw, it feels sooo good, MOL!!

I have a lazy eye and sometimes Meowmy wonders how well I really see. No worries, though, I am a very happy girl!!

I have my very own chair in the living room, this is my chair!! no one else sits on it, just like Archie Bunker, MOL!!

I love toys that spin and I chase the balls around in them. I am now up to three toys like that, although I would love to have the Turbo, not sure if I will get it.

I love my family, but the one i am closest to besides meowmy is mai sisfur, Neiko!! She needs me to love her and play wif her and starighten her out sometimes, MOL!!

I love to box wif Neiko while waiting for meowmy to get our food ready for us.

Well, that's it for now, if and when I think of more i will post, as I am truly a very special girl and quite amazing, MOL!!

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March 29th 2014 at 8:54 am

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April 3rd 2014 at 6:08 pm

hehehe! I love that you're special and you know it!!!! Also a girl after my own heart--love me, talk to me, but don't pick me up please--and smackypaw does indeed feel so good! MOL!!!!




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