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Look Out Birdies!

January 13th 2010 4:04 pm
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Mom took out my bungie birdie toy today. I had not seen it in almost a month. Boy did I ever play with it. It is very hard work to jump that high so I had to take lots of breaks between rounds. But, let me tell you, that I am very good at it. If I ever get a chance to hunt real birds, I will easily be able to snatch them right out of the air. Mom took video of me playing but it isn't ready to go on Youtube yet.
Squirrel was sleeping through all of this. She isn't a bird hunter, she is a mouser. Plus, she is too fat to jump that high. Ha, ha!


I Played a Trick on Mom.

January 4th 2010 8:48 pm
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Mom was busy this morning giving Lobo his morning walk, then shoveling snow, then getting the garbage ready. Just before it was time for her to head to work, she couldn't find me! She looked to see if I was sleeping on the bed, or in my secret place. No. She started to wonder if I had snuck outside. Then, she called out to me. And, I jumped out of a cloth grocery bag like a jack- in- the- box! And I said, "Mew!" She jumped a foot in the air as this bag was right beside her feet and she had no idea I was in it. She was very happy to find me and that I actually came when called!


I was on TV!

December 18th 2009 1:29 pm
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Yesterday, our local news put me on TV playing my guitar! Mom has posted this on my page. It was so cool!
They just played it again during their noon show.
It will be tough to come up with something better than that.
Oh well, I am outside in the cat run playing in the slushy snow.
This is the Youtube link to my television debut:


I really am a Snow Leopard!

December 17th 2009 11:40 am
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Today was the day. It snowed over the last few days but it was too cold, Mom said, for me to go out in the cat run. Well, today, it got real warm so our window was opened up. Squirrel sniffed the air but didn't go out. I didn't either until I saw Mom go out the door. So I went out and then I walked all over the cat run in the snow! It was really weird at first and I tried not to step in it. But there was no way to go and play in the cat run without stepping in it. So I did. Mom took video but it isn't ready to show yet. I was out there for over an hour. Mom had to make me come in because she said her heating bill would be too high if she left our window open any longer. She said that she knew I would like snow and wouldn't mind walking in it because I am probably really a snow leopard. Squirrel went for her leash walk in front of the house. She can walk along the house where there isn't any snow. I'm tougher than she is.

P.S.: Lobo and I won the photo contest for best "Scaredy Cat" photo!


We have SNOW!!!

December 15th 2009 4:19 pm
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But Mom won't allow me to go out in the cat run! Because it is 20 below, whatever that is. She says it may warm up enough tomorrow to let me go out and WALK IN THE SNOW! Squirrel isn't interested in doing that but I want to! Mom and Lobo went walking in the snow today and Mom came back with frost on her whiskers! Okay, okay, she doesn't have whiskers, but she came back with white stuff on the edges of her hoodie. And Lobo looked like he had cold toes.
Oh please be warm tomorrow so I can check out the snow for myself.


My fur isn't all grown in yet ...

November 26th 2009 10:16 am
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...But I am feeling 100%. It has been over 3 weeks since my operation. I am now allowed to do whatever I want. The cat tree has been back up for a week and just now I got to play bungee birdie. And, I get to bug Lobo again. Lately, I've been biting him! Ha, ha.
Today, for the first time, Mom put on the video she took of me the day I got back from the vet clinic and stuff she took since then. I watched the whole thing! Mom thinks that I am pretty smart to watch TV like I do and recognize what I am seeing. On that video is Squirrel and I playing in the fall leaves in our cat run. Also, you can see us watching birds and me chattering at them for the first time. There is a bit of me in the tub when there is still some water in it. I like watching myself on TV. I should have my own reality TV show! What should we call it ... "Little Sister"!


It has been a week!

November 10th 2009 11:03 am
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It is a week ago today that I had my surgery. We are having a gorgeous fall day so Mom decided to let Squirrel and I go out and play in the cat run. What fun it was to scamper through the leaves! We had a blast. In fact, I am still out there!
Mom says she will wait several more days before she puts our cat tree back up. Just because I go very crazy on it and figures my stitches could use a few more days to heal up.
Someone told Mom that getting a kitty spayed calms them down. Well, maybe for the first few days, but not after that! I am as wild and crazy as ever!


Lots Happened Today!!!

November 5th 2009 8:45 pm
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First, I had a good night with Squirrel and Mommy. Then, Mom decided to open up the basement and the spare bedroom. Squirrel and I were very happy about that. She also figured I was well enough to go back to using the big kitty litter box and put away my baby one. Then, I watched birdies with Squirrel. Then, I felt real bad and jumped off the couch and went into the bathroom hallway and puked three times!!! Mom was very worried about me because after that I was, what she called, "lethargic". She watched my every move from then on. So, I figured that if she was going to watch me that closely I may as well park my butt on her lap. So I did. (This is when she discovered the most horrible thing that I will mention later.) After an hour she gave Squirrel and I some fresh Fancy Feast. I ate with a good appetite and felt better. So, Mom dared to take Lobo for his walk and leave Squirrel and I home alone. When she got back, I wasn't right there at the door. Soooo... she started to freak out again. I came out of my newest hiding place with sleepy eyes and said: "Whuss Up?" (She doesn't know my latest secret place.) Then, Squirrel & I ate some more. Squirrel had some lap time with Mom after that while I snoozed on the computer chair.
Some time during these last few days Mom has noticed that I'm not scratching her like I normally do. So, she looked closer and found out the reason that I growled non stop at those people at the clinic!!! They trimmed ALL of my claws while I was sleeping! And they trim way more off than Mom does. They even did my back claws!!! Mom and I were not asked about that and did not give our purrmission for that. Now Mom knows why I am missing some of my jumps. I don't have my tools! I have half a mind to take a few weeks to grow and sharpen up my claws, then pretend to be sick so that Mom takes me back to the clinic. Then I could shred the hands of the people that did this to me. Hrumph. I heard Mom say that she is glad they did that. What? I thought she loved me!
Anyhow, other than my pukes, I am feeling much better now.
I am most certainly learning the art of bird watching. And, today, I learned how to chatter at the birds! My first time. I watched and learned from Squirrel as to how to do that.
And! I got my purr back. I am sitting on Mom's lap right now and purring.
I feel very loved by my family and all of my Catster friends.


The Morning After ...

November 4th 2009 9:54 am
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Well, yesterday, Mom let me out of the bathroom because I was jumping onto and off of the sink. I wasn't resting. She figured I couldn't do much worse in most of the rest of the house. So, she blocked off the basement and the spare room so I wouldn't jump off super high things and let me loose. I ate lots and played a little. Squirrel kept hissing at me. I got to see Lobo just briefly. Then, around 7pm, I settled on Mom's lap for a power snooze. After, I ate some more, used the upstairs litter box and then just waited for bed time. Squirrel and I both slept all night with Mom. I slept soundly except for a midnight snack. Ha, ha!
In the morning, I fell out of bed. Mom had put a step for me but I tried to jump over it and missed. Then, I ate some more and Squirrel kept hissing at me. I played a bit, had a nap on Mom's lap, watched birdies and then tried to go down the stairs to see what was going on down there. That hurt a bit so I didn't go all the way down. Also, I could see the door at the bottom of the stairs was closed anyway. Now I know why Mom gave me a litter box upstairs because it did hurt to use the stairs.
I'm feeling pretty good all in all. When Lobo came in for his breakfast, he didn't bother me and I didn't bug him like I usually do. I just kept playing with my paper bag and he just ate his breakfast.
Mom has to go to work tonight and is hoping Squirrel and I don't fight or play too rough. I think I will probably sleep. I'm sure anxious to feel all better and grow my fur back.
Mom told me tomorrow, she has a day off work so she can play hockey. So she will only be away for a few hours instead of 9 hours.
I don't mind the cat tree laying on its side. Mom says she will leave it like for about ten days.
One more thing, I lost my purr! I didn't purr at all for the first while. Then, when it came back, it was quiet. Mom is hoping it comes back to normal. Normal is super loud and any time she touches me.


A trip to the vet ...

November 3rd 2009 11:08 am
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The day Mom has been worrying about ever since she met me, finally came. I was scheduled to be spayed.
I was a trooper. I didn't complain about having no food since last night. I just kept playing! Mom had to lock me up while she let Squirrel eat a bit. Twice! (Once was in the middle of the night.) Another strange thing Mom did is take down our cat tree. She said she doesn't want me jumping off of that for a while. She left it laying on its side so we can still sort of play with it.
Then, Mom had a bit of trouble tricking me into the cat carrier. She tried with the laser pointer, but that didn't work. Then she tried a string, that worked. Once she got me in there, she brought out our food and water bowls for Squirrel. I couldn't get at them. I wasn't hungry or thirsty anyhow. She also didn't feed Lobo this morning. She was afraid I would get into his food and water. As if.
Once I was in the carrier there was not a peep out of me the whole way there. Lobo came with us. Mom said she would take him for his walk after she dropped me off. She said it would help her relax.
There was a bit of a wait at the clinic while they dealt with a little dog, a weiner dog, that had tooth problems. That dog complained the whole time. I tried to tell her to just chill but she wouldn't. She was scared. I was starting to think that maybe I should be scared too, but I wasn't scared. Then the lady at the desk wanted to see my teeth. She was wondering if I still had some baby ones that might need to get pulled. Like maybe they are in the way of my big girl teeth. So, she opened the door to my carrier and I slowly came out. My tail was puffy so Mom knew I was a bit scared, but not too bad. She looked at my teeth and they are purfect. I went back in the carrier. She had a hard time closing the door because of my gorgeous, super long tail. She told my Mom how much it was going to cost and I saw tears in Mom's eyes. But, I think those tears were there for most of the morning. So maybe it isn't the money that is worrying her. Anyhow, the clinic lady took me to another room (I heard Mom say: "Take good care of her!") and it is here that many strange things were about to happen...

To be continued ....

Okay, I don't know what happened. People grabbed me and the next thing I knew I awoke in a different cage and felt real crappy. Strangers looked at me. I slept some more until another stranger shoved me back in my cat carrier. I growled at her! I growled at everybody. I was still growling when Mom came to pick me up. Mom was upset that I was so upset and pacing in the carrier. She expected me to be sleepy. No way. She took me home and I settled down a bit on the drive. She had planned on just letting me loose in the house but decided to keep me in the bathroom overnight. So, she put my carrier down on the livingroom floor while she rushed to prepare my room for the night. Squirrel came and looked at me. We didn't growl or hiss at each other. Mom brought me in the bathroom and opened my carrier. I came out and looked around. I suddenly was super hungry and gobbled the food Mom had put out for me. Just a small amount as the vet had told her not to give me too much. Then, I went for a pee in the litter box. Then, I played with my water and spilled it all over. Mom laughed because I was starting to look like my normal self. She left me to rest while she tended to Squirrel and Lobo. Well, rest? are you kidding? That is all I have been doing all day! I was making so much noise she came back to check on me and had a hard time keeping me from escaping. She brought me a toy, a scratching pad and some more water which I promptly played with and spilled all over. Ha, ha! No way you will ever spay me again after you see the mess I make!
A confused, upset, but glad to be home ...

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