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"Matata" a male kitten of "Matahari" added to- Rudolph.a.Furtado's "Cat Family".


June 20th 2012 3:31 am
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"NUTRITIOUS AUTHENTIC CAT FOOD FORMULA":- Accidentally and bizarrely i realized that akin to its larger cousins the "Big Cats" our domesticated cats love rotting food.
I always fed my cats "Matahari" and "Matata" a combination of boiled rice/cooked mince meat and sometimes mixed fish along with their food which they relished.I have never fed any of my pets ready-made dry "Canin Food pet food ", both dogs and cats which i have owned since 1976.
Recently had purchased some fish little realizing that it was badly putrefied, cheated by the fisher-woman.On arriving home my house-keeper Sabina was horrified as also myself by the stench of the boiling fish.I decided to not throw away the fish, making it into a fine paste and mixing it with the " Boiled Mince meat/Boiled rice" normal diet of the cats.Matahari was also undergoing treatment for severe mauling by "matata" having to be fed two half tablets of Byrocin and Chymoral Forte each every day.She was very reluctant in consuming the food mixed with medicines which was a time consuming affair in my daily house-hold routine.
On mixing the "Putrefied fish paste" with its strange odour into their normal 'Mince meat/Rice these two cats became extreme gluttons , wolfing the food without any pampering or coaxing.The food was given cold, directly from the fridge, akin to "Dry Pet packaged food" for cats.Never before have i seen my cats absolutely anxious for their feed, although they are greedy.Henceforth, wasted or stale fish unfit for human consumption should never be wasted but used as "cat food" and i won't be surprised if the World's most famous billion dollar "Pet Companies" are using my "FISH FORMULA" for their packaged products.If a person has visited a wholesale or a common fish market, the wasted putrefying fish lying as waste cannot be ignored, a vast amount sometimes partly scavenged my birds and stray cats.This same partly rotten fish when processed can be utilized as "Cat food" as i discovered unwittingly in the process of a "Fish con"!Purists and aristocratic cat owners might disagree with my "Cat food Formula" ,but remember, our pet cats are exact 'MINIATURE DUPLICATES" of their bigger cousins , the lions, tigers, leopards and other big cats.In times of "ECONOMIC DEPRESSION " all over the World, instances of cat owners abandoning their pets or handing them to pet shelters is increasing.Maintenance of a pet cat is expensive, especially if the pet owner is unemployed and hence a little economic savings can be made on "Cat Food" by providing the "Food Formula" i have mentioned.Cats are same all over the World in food habits. All big cats love eating "PUTREFIED FOOD" in the wild and same is the case with the domesticated house-hold cat.This is the best locally home-made cat food for cat owners who have the time and convenience to cook their pet food rather then buy the ready-made cat-food packets from the supermarket stores.SHOULD I APPLY FOR A "DOCTORATE" ON MY "CAT FOOD RESEARCH"? My cats are absolutely model cats of the "Traditional Persian Cat" breed and i have never ever fed them packaged "Canin Persian Food" nor other branded cat food in their entire life.Check their photos for proof.
NOTE:- "FOOD POISONING IN BIG CATS AND CATS" :-we humans consider our pets, dogs or cats to have the same eating habits as us.A cat should be treated like a natural animal as in its natural wild environment and not a humanized pet with "HUMAN FOOD HABITS". "Food Poisoning" common in humans is totally non-existent in the wild unless the food of the animal is intentionally poisoned by humans as is the case in some cases of big cat deaths in national parks bordering along human villages,where villagers kill the 'Big Cats" that kill their livestock.Poachers also poison animal carcasses to kill a leopard, lion or a tiger..All "Big Cats" eat carrion food at times, especially when food is scarce and the same applies to our pet household cats.YOUR CAT WOULD NEVER SUFFER "FOOD POISONING" BY CONSUMING PUTREFYING MEAT OR FISH.COMMON STRAY AND FERAL CATS ARE NATURES NATURAL SCAVENGERS WHICH HELP IN CLEANING OUR COMMON OPEN-AIR FISH AND MEAT MARKETS WHICH ARE COMMON IN ASIA AND AFRICA.


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