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I'm still in shock here:

September 28th 2012 10:27 am
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After yesterday's Catster's Story about Declawing;

Do you think Ernest Hemingway turning over in his grave????

I was reading responses to a subject on declawing. Girl Humans jaw dropped. She read it to Male Human and he did the same. I want to know your thoughts!!!!
A lady replied that she has always had the extra toes removed off Poly-dactyl (Hemingway cats) so it did not create problems. We have had at least 5 in the last 10 years with the oldest being over 12 + yrs. Am I missing something???? Not removing the extras???? The only thing I could see is maybe Mr. Z our 7 toed kitty, may never have disappeared without a trace. She considered it a normal thing to remove them. I have never in all my years heard of this practice. These cats a super hunters and they were placed on ships coming from Europe for that very reason. Please respond.


Thank you everyone

August 29th 2012 6:57 pm
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I know I have talked on this before. For those of you who have lost a pet, I know you understand. For those who never have, I hope you never have to go through this Journey.

Last Nov. we discovered our Mr. Z was missing. We put out alerts on every possible place.
One place did a free e-mail notification to all animal organizations for 100's of miles. I received calls from across the country in places like Oregon, Maine, ID cats they had found.
Now over 9 months later we have still not found our beloved Mr.Z. I still receive pictures of cats to ID. .We have had calls from near and as far away. We still as much as 60 miles to look at Black and White cats.

Mr Z has his own Facebook pg for people to go to and look at photo's and learn more about him. It's called - Lost Cat in Virginia Mr.Z.

I Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful kind words and support you have given us over these long long months. It is so wonderful to know there are a lot of very very wonderful people out there. I look forward to the many more friends waiting to be discovered.


Please, Please everyone read this lesson.

August 27th 2012 9:14 am
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Male Human say's listen to the signs:

Male Human is home and feeling better today. He had a very rough road. He had an injury to his arm and it became infected. His temperature was 101. Girl Human took him to the hosp. Wed night. They gave him a strong IV antibiotic and they told him he could stay. They said the drug would remain in his system for 24 hours and he could go home if he wanted to. We got home at 3:30 in the morning.

The next day he got up at 12:30. His arm looked awful. Red and swollen from his wrist to his mid upper arm reddening quickly twords his armpit. He had a fever with awful chills.

Girl Human took him back to the emergency room and he was admitted to the hospital. He was given IV drip antibiotic after one kind after the another. 4 kinds in all. It was not going away. They told him if he had waited any longer he would have lost his arm.

On Friday a piece of something was removed from it. It looked like a piece of wood/multch imbedded in the wound .

How did it happen??

He was playing with Decker. He pushed the envelope. Decker's tail was telling him he had, had enough. Male Human kept playing with him. Decker grabbed Male Human's arm and clawed and gave him a fairly deep bite. He must have had the mulch in his teeth.

So when your cat says leave me alone--- Listen please. It could cost you a lot more then you realize.


The Junction Update by Annie Spokescat

August 21st 2012 8:49 pm
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Well here it is a beautiful beautiful day, Completed by a wonderful night. Sitting here with the windows open. Lots of fresh air flowing through all the houses tonight.

Blue is sleeping on his window perch happy as can be. He was allowed to have his window open all day. Since he still can't go out in his run or porch he felt like a special guy. He got to catch up on the neighborhood cat gossip all day with all the ferals. Bella sat on his roof most of the day enjoying the conversations..

Sophia has been doing well. She has even wanted to play with the laser light until it touched her foot then she ran hissing a growling trying to get away from it. Crazy girl she is.

After bragging about our Pooh Bear, he made a mistake last week. He marked Girl Humans Chinese chest, just a little. He was upset because he was not in his room when Male Human came home. Girl Human was not home and his stress levels went up. So he had a little whizzz party before she got back.

We had a few fleas trying to get in out of the cold nights. The Capstar/Revolution treatment was enforced this week. No one has had any extra hitch hikers since Tuesday. Now we get a daily inspection and flea combing. That's the only good part of the whole deal.

The skunk family is digging up the front yard. Free aeration lawn service. A lot of people pay big bucks for that. They are doing it for free. Girl Human is not to happy with the job they are doing. I feel more moth balls are going to be purchased real soon. Don't worry folks we never go near those stinking mothballs.

Our newest member Meshia is settling very well. She has been opening the cabinet doors in the kitchen and slamming them after Male Human goes to bed.

I'm upset. Meshia has been playing with my flat fox toy. She slept on it for several hours. She acted like it was her's. WELL!!! I have been staying very close to Girl Human. That little @#EW&* is moving in on my space.

She spent all day Sunday in Girl Human's lap.
Mad, me mad!!!
After I gave her kisses.
Then she does that??
Well I have been trying my best to be kind but it's not easy. No not easy at all.


What is with Girl Human???

August 15th 2012 4:56 pm
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This is tale about Peaches's morning.

Peaches had eaten his breakfast and climbed up on the cat tree to watch the birds play in the rain. Girl Human was on the computer putting menus on a sight for all to see. When she had finished she mixed a cake and put it in the oven.
Peaches decided it was time to go and read his Catnip news. He took a long break in the front bathroom. He had just settled in and started to read when all the sudden the walls and roof flew up in the air. He just froze. He didn't know what to do!!! He didn't move.
Oh, I'm so sorry said Girl Human. She placed the walls and roof back the way they were suppose to be.
Peaches gathered his heart back into his chest and covered his business and walked to the big bathroom to finish what he had started. He walked past Girl Human embarrassed and without a sound as if he was a mouse.
What was Girl Human thinking???? Why didn't she knock or at least look before she decided to clean the litterbox??? Well, Humans, go figure.


Meshia has arrived

August 13th 2012 6:47 pm
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This is from Meshia's diary entry for today:

as written by Meshia:

Girl Human could not believe her eyes.
She was sitting at her computer on Catster.

Annie was sitting on the arm of the chair beside her.
I was just laying on the floor at her feet looking around.
Annie jumped down in front of me.

GET THIS, she licked my forehead.

No hissing, no biting, just lickie lickie.
She then stood and looked at me for a few seconds.

Girl Human and I were in total shock and AWWWWWWWW.

Annie then jumped back up on the arm of the chair and went to sleep.

Blew us away. Well maybe I'm welcomed home now.


New kitties to meet

August 9th 2012 8:47 pm
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I will have to introduce you to our newest kitty here at the Junction. She just happen to be picked DDP. Meshia our Snowshoe.

.Also we have another new kitty who has joined Catster named AZ

A Siamese with only 39 friends. Today was his gotcha day too.

Girl Human was wondering why Meshia was having issues today. She kept jumping up in her lap and looking around. Girl Human knew she wasn't asking to play but wanted to know why she was not on Catster. So now Meshia is happy and has gone to rest on the kitchen counter.

I think she was just trying to make all of us jealous. Well it's working real well. She and I have not gotten to good terms yet. And she's going about as if she is a Queen or something.

Sophia has already hissed at her tonight because she kept bugging her while she was trying to sleep. Meshia ran right into her and rolled on the floor acting like she wanted to play with Sophia. Sophia will have nothing to do with her or playing.

So all in all she is real thrilled to have the special honor of being chosen DDP.

So since it is my job to tell the news at the junction, I have.

I'm not jealous no I'm not jealous. The Fuzz Bucket!!!!


Today was the day for the House of Blues

August 7th 2012 9:09 pm
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Girl Human invaded the sanctuary of Blue's today.
With Clorox,Mr. Clean, paper towels, wash clothes, pillow cases, mop,bucket, vacuum cleaner and towels. I think she means business.
Blue was not happy. He was about to be placed into his carrier. He cried and clawed.

"I don't want to go" he cried.
"Your not going anywhere" replied Girl Human.
"No, I don't want to go" he yelled even louder.
"Your not going to the Vet, don't worry," repeated Girl Human.
Then the door slammed shut. Blue was trapped.
"Meow," he cried weakly.
That was all that was said.

Girl Human moved everything.
Blue watched every move with displeasure.
She's making everything smell strange.
She didn't put my scratch post back were it belongs.
What's with that?
She moved my sleeping shelf. AWWWW She put that back. Great move.
What's the deal????
You cleaned my litter box?????
It smells, Smell like flowers or some stupid stuff like that. You didn't put it were it belongs!!!
What's the deal????
Windows, she just cleaned them last week.
I just got those nose prints right.
Now she's messing them up!!!
Holy whiskers she's gone bonkers.
What's happening????
All the lights went out!!!!
Hey don't forget me!!!!
Where is she???
Oh at that gray box thing.
Lights, we got light.
Now we are cook'in.
What's that???
Oh well we got light and she's still here.
Hey, let me ouuuuutttt!!!!
She's not looking!!!
What's that???
I don't like water, not that much.
A whole bucket full and it's got bubbles,
"Your Ok" Girl Human said as she reappeared with a big mop in her hand.
OH yes, silly me!!!
The floor, of course.
"Go on, get it over with.
"I want out", Blue thought to himself.
Girl Human picked up the carrier and placed it on the floor and opened the door.
"Everything is different," yelled Blue while walking like a reptile.
Girl Human left.
Later Girl Human returns and finds me stretched out on my nice clean floor looking at all the nice space she gave him.
"BLUE HAPPY!!!! Where's Dinner"???? he expressed.


Make a New friend plus the food Question answered

August 6th 2012 11:19 am
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We have a lot of new kitties and I'm asking for you to put out a welcome paw two when when you have time. went to Rainbow Bridge today after a very short life here on earth. We here at the Junction hope you will stop in and give a few words of comfort. a beautiful fur named Romeo has 51 friends.

They have been busy readying their pages for you all to visit. So please give them a big Catster welcome.

I have also been asked about the great cat food I have been feeding my guys. I will say Grandma Human put her cat on it a few weeks back and she said she has already seen a big difference. It's Blue Buffalo. They have many types of food for many tastes.

Wilderness chicken is Grandma Human's kitties choice. Ours is, Healthy Mature and Freedom the grain free formula. They are not cheap. You will find they eat a lot less of it because the nutritional needs are satisfied and hungry becomes a thing of the past.

They are so much more active and their fur sheds less and their new bodies look super. We have been giving it to our main house guys for almost a year. The Freedom is new. Our guys are loving it.

It seems all vets are programed to Science Diet and that's because Science Diet supports the vet schools. My guys have never done well on it. My carpets are a testament to that.

I had better luck with Purina prescription. The food just got to pricey. The results were not that apparent and my diabetic just kept gaining weight. . Most vets will shun anything sold in a store.

Many brands, I agree they are junk. But I believe the new generation of premium diets are going to make them do some changes to their thinking and foods. A good blessing for us cats and dogs too. My Human has a nutrition background for Humans and applies a lot of the knowledge she has accumulated over the years to all types of animals. Blue seems to fit the bill, she says.

Grandma Human became interested as when she stayed with us. She noticed the big difference in their lack of hairball problems and leaving gifts about. She was sold. She was so surprised that her finicky cat loved it at first site. I told her to be careful and mix it with her regular food. She told me the other day that miss finicky, is just eating the new stuff and picking through and leaving the rest.

So give it a try if you can. I would still keep another of your cat's favorite brand on hand. Offer it least once or twice a week. I always believe in a back up in another brand. Just in case your supplier can't get what you want, you have a backup they like. Also give some canned foods. Blue has some good choices our guys like Wilderness salmon the best. For those who make their own foods you just might ck this out. Worth the effort.

OK, enough of the advertizing. But, I was being asked. "Just some good food for thought". TEE HEE and Winkie Winkie!!!!!


Some say give it a name???

August 5th 2012 7:48 pm
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Thanks for the DDP honor. Thank you everyone for the yummy cakes. We got so many we had to give some of them to the kitties at other Sanctuaries and Shelters.

We know they were lonesome and homesick and a nice slice of cake would brighten their day. If any of you have anything you don't use ask, your Humans to donate it to your favorite kitty sanctuary or adoption center. It just takes a small part of a day and gives a lot of pleasure to those poor guys.

Now to the subject at hand.

Skunk, Cute Skunk.

Some of you said, give it a name. I decided it has to be


Your not STAYING
and you need to GO.

I'm sorry but Girl Human does have a soft spot for cute unscented kind. She acquired a young descent-ed fellow when she was in her 20's. He was unable to return to the wild so she became a foster Mom.

She also had an orange male cat named, Nickolas. He did not like the new cat and sprayed everything he could spray. The skunk would have smelled better. That relationship lasted for 2 years.Thank goodness for a product called Odor-mute. She still uses the product today, around the Sanctuary.

She later gave the skunk to a zoo. Nickolas never improved. He went and lived with a farmer. Not really a good time had by all. The skunk was real cute and funny. Gave lots of smiles to all ages.

She had to bath him every day as that muskie odor was there every day she didn't. He loved baths. Every day it was the ritual. Jump, hiss, shake the tail. Then Girl Human grabbed him up and take him to the bath tub.

He would swim and play and flip and swim. He did not like the shampoo part and then in the winter we tried the hair dryer but found the skunk smell would start as soon as the hair dryer hit the fur. His fur repelled water quickly and we would towel dry him.

Having a 3 room apartment the two would not last a day together. Nickolas would knock everything over in site. The skunk went to work with Girl Human every day. He sported a x-small dog sweater on cold days and sometimes a little hat for laughs. He was the hit of the workplace and everyone wanted to hold him, play with him and walk him.. He loved anything he could climb into and he walked on a figure 8 dog harness and lead.

A walk always lasted for ever as everyone had to stop and ask questions. Plus anywhere there was grass was a digging ground. Snow was a play park. Skunk Angels must have been a real puzzle to anyone who followed us later.

We went to visit him at the zoo and he was the hit of the place. Everyone who worked there had to either be playing with him (he loved cat toys with bells and squeakers) hold or walk him. He was spoiled for sure. We knew he was happy and left if very capable hands.

I'm sure he was the talk of the town and the zoo for many years to come. We moved far away and never got to visit them again. I'm glad to have had the chance to be in charge of such and odd couple.

Back to the subject at hand:

Our state, it is against the law to have wildlife in your possession. Not even suppose to feed them. know people do. There is a Wildlife Center to do the job. They have state certified people who specialize in different wildlife. Even if we wanted to keep the cute little guy, we can't.

So "Yougo" is his name. Sure hope it's a he. We now have the food dish on a high metal table with out any chairs or things around it for him to try to get to it.

My skunk never seemed to climb. So hope we are safe now. Sure don't want to make him mad.

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