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A much better Day

October 11th 2009 9:18 pm
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Today was a rest day for all us inside kitties. Girl Human got the help of all the guys outside. She potted more plants for the greenhouse. They also helped Male Human install a electric plug for the dog house heater. He hopes Spa will sleep in it, on the cold nights. He placed it on the new porch he built this summer.

Scarlet had a fare day today. Only got sick once. Girl Human didn't give her her meds today. She is going to call the vet in the a.m. She thinks it is the Meds that cause all the problem. The Vet did not think so last time.

The Vet told Girl Human that he really likes Scarlet. She is so cute and quite a spit fire. He says that with a laugh. She sure > spits fire< when she visits him.

We are glad to say that the Humans are getting back to normal. We thank everyone who have sent their prayers, gifts and kind words.

During all the happenings we forgot Spa's Birthday. We did not remember until Catster sent a Happy Birthday Wish. He didn't seem to mind. We gave him a special dinner and some fresh catnip. He seemed very happy with that. Kitty Cye helped him with the catnip.

All the Fall Festivals are on now and there are a lot of visitors to the area.We have been seeing more traffic out our way so we have to keep the guys in more now. We saw three squirrels hit on our road yesterday. We are on a dead end road too. Cars are to go no faster then 25 mph, but some people don't care.

The guys may be happy about being in tonight as it is to be 37 degrees. That is our coldest night so far. It was in the 90's 3 days ago. Strange.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Your friends at CJ.


I Have been Halloween Tagged by Tully.

October 11th 2009 8:41 pm
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Name your 5 favorite things about Halloween.

1. Seeing our Catster friends Halloween pages
2. Watching the leaves fall
3. Seeing the people run around outside on Halloween night
4. Going to the pet store and receiving treats
5. Being safe, warm and comfy in our forever home on Halloween night.

My six kitty friends that I tagged.

1. Miss Sable Kitty ^Paws^
2. Spaz
3. Scaredy Cat Bush
4. Tigger
5. Sofie from CA.
6. Carmella the Cat

Have a safe Halloween with your Humans.



October 10th 2009 6:03 pm
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Girl Human has been surfing Catster and has seen several kitty friends who have been having a bad few weeks. Our prayers go out to one and all. We have been tagged and we need to get to that Sunday, Sorry.

Scarlet is still not doing very well. She is not able to keep much down and the weight is still coming off. The special canned food the Vet gave her has not worked. She has been eating some green beans. We have had to take up the food for everyone. Scarlet eats to much and then gets sick. We are now working on very small meals at a time. That does well one time and then not to well the next time. It is hard giving her meds as she gets sick so often.


Male Human had a flu shot and now he is sick. To top it off he was working in his mothers attic and cracked a rib. The Doctor forgot to call and tell him. He didn't know it until he was almost over it. He did have a few choice words for his doctor needless to say. He has not been sleeping very well and he is worn down. Poor Thing.

Girl Human is back to work and busy trying to get ready for winter. The greenhouse plants grew so much this year. They will not get to go outside next year. Potting them into very large pots that will not move. It is the only option now. Frost warnings for next week. Must get to it all now.

The trees are still full of green leaves so not many fall pictures for you now. Should be soon.

Pooh has been marking his Stove and freezer because he is upset. We have had to give him is drugs too.

All the other Kitties have been doing well and enjoying the last beautiful days of Summer. They enjoyed helping our neighbor with their yard sale. Sylvester had to show people how comfy the chairs were that they had for sale. He worked hard for two days and now all he has been doing is resting. I don't know if they ever sold the chairs.

Thank you to all who have sent well wishes for all of us. We got to get on the go again as Fall is to pretty to miss here. Our best to all.


Some week at the Junction.

October 4th 2009 9:42 pm
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I first must tell everyone how sorry we are that we have missed so much this week. A lot has happened to our friends on Catster. Girl Human has been trying to catch up on all the Updates. Gifts and Ribbons have arrived this week and We have not given one Thank You. Now I must explain.

Last week Girl Human woke at 6am and was very ill. I sat on her chest and she told me to go hide under the bed. I did not know what she had in mind, so I remained. She told me that strangers would be coming in the back door. It was best that we all go hide she told me. I heard a noise out front of the house and did as she said. A big square thing with red flashing lights took my Girl Human away. Male Human was not there to stop them and we were all alone.

A few days went by and Girl Human returned with her Daughter Human. Daughter Human was upset and ran around the house cleaning up all the messes that Scarlet had left. Scarlet was sick and was getting thin. Girl Human went to bed and Male Human came home later and woke up Girl Human to make sure she was OK. Girl Human went back to sleep, so we all joined her. She did not even move, she slept so hard. The Human Vet gave her stuff to make her sleep. The Human Vet put a tube in her arm. It had stuff in a bag connected to the tube to make her feel better.

The next day Girl Human got up. Her Daughter came to do all the work for her as she had while she was gone. She is so very nice, she cleaned our litter boxes, brushed us and even sang to us. She gave special food and loved each one of us, and told us that everything would be OK . She gave special care to Scarlet and Sweeny. She said Scarlet had lost weight and that she needed to go to the Vet.

The next morning Girl Human felt better and called the Vet because Scarlet was still sick. She put her in that nice Black leather Carrier with the new carrier smell(now not as new) and took Scarlet away and came home without her or the carrier.

Girl Human told us that Scarlet had to spend the weekend at the Hospital to get a tube in her arm like Girl Human.She had more CHOICE advice for the Vet Dr.. Girl Human reminded her that, there may be kittens within hearing distance. She had to have some shots and she didn't care who heard what she had to say. Girl Human is to hear from the Vet Monday, if he is still alive. Girl Human said since we have heard nothing over the weekend that all must be OK for both of them.

Kitty Cye is jumping with joy as she was picked for, Cat of the week by C&TD Group. She received some ribbons and many nice messages. She is so thrilled. She has never had such a great thing happen in her life. All the Junction gang were talking, party.

We read on Diary Entry done by Newman(883236) on Sept. 28, 09 that was so cute. Called, Jewish Responsibilities, a must read if you have not. Our own Sieben left his comment plus many other.

Paine (1011747) has had some ups and downs and we will all pray for her. She has had a little of that, play time feel. This is good.

Taffy(1006975) has been having some good mews. May she keep having a weight increase.

For anyone who may have missed Scarlet's photos of her grooming day, don't laugh to loud at the pictures, she is still mad at Me for posting them.(1002455).

On some somber notes there was a Loss of our friend Molly Dutchess Marie (1046915). She went happily to Rainbow Bridge to meet all her new friends.

I also read Goldie (1046839) Diary Entry a tribute to her 18 year old Orange Sweetheart. It is very good. Stop in and read the page. THIS KITTY WAS SOOOOO LOVED.

Fall is around the corner and we have been having some cold nights. Most of our kids want to sleep inside now. They are not happy with the shorter days. They are all confused. Eastern Standard Time is next Month. NOOOOOO WE Want SUMMER, COME BACK.

We are always happy for comments and are so very happy we have so many readers. Hope all is well with all our Catster's and please say a prayer for those who are in need. Good night from all your friends at Calico Junction.


Help a Friend.

September 27th 2009 10:53 am
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I just wanted to give a very important message. Our friend Paine (1011747) is in the kitty hospital and needs our prayers. Please stop in and wish Paine well. If anyone needs a nice new friend please give an invite. Paine has a very cute video for all kitties to watch. If you have a few min. stop in and visit Paine's page. Get well Soon.



September 23rd 2009 10:56 pm
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I can't believe it, I have been picked for my diary entries. Daily Diary Pick, this is so Purrrrfect. I got the news just now. This is such a honor. We are all really happy. Having friends on Catster that really like our CRAZY LIFE. Here are some purrrs and licks for everyone.

The main Star, Scarlet has her head held up so high. She fell off the couch and landed on all fours. She flashed that smile and ran off. That in fact, was what she wanted to do, after all.

We all laughed at her. She just held her head up higher and flashed that cute little smile, put her ears back and did a mad dash up the stairs. Crash, bang swish, swish, swish(the sound of her nails slipping across the wood floors) that was all you could hear. Patter,Pat,Swish,Swish,Swish, Slam and down the stairs she came. Stopping in the hall running into the room, pausing as she enters(look at me, I'm important).

Jumping up on the couch, over the back. Pausing once again, ears down and off she runs. Repeating it all over. After all someone may have missed her funny antics.

She will be sure that no one will miss it this time. Again stopping as she returns, as she knows, it is a sign of importance. One last time she jumps on the couch. Laying down, doing one of those big---- long stretches. Now on her back, flashing just one more smile. She is so very proud. She is the center of attention. Now she says it is time for a much deserved nap. THANK YOU EVERY ONE, SO VERY MUCH. GOOD NIGHT, SWEET SCARLET>Purrrrs and to all a good night.


Scarlet is Back:

September 20th 2009 6:25 pm
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"Well all you Kitties, I am back," yelled Scarlet. "Here comes Trouble," replays Sweeny.

Yes she is back. Feeling super great. Ready for trouble. Girl Human has her hands full now.

First thing when Girl Human got home yesterday. There she was, sweet little Scarlet, standing on her hind legs begging to be picked up and hugged. Girl Human soaked it up. We knew there was going to be trouble as Scarlet looked over Girl Human's shoulder smiling. Yes smiling.

While Male Human was out painting the cat house ( he would not let Girl Human do it) Scarlet was having fun. She first started chewing the blind cords. Snap, went the bathroom, snap went the bedroom next. They were not to much fun. Girl Human had them tied down. Off to the utility room to pull the rubber band off of Sweeny's special food.

Running to the breakfast room with a big long rubber band hanging from her mouth, she ran under the table. We knew she was so very happy. With a big Smile, she teased Girl Human with a Purrrut sound. Off she ran, with Girl Human in pursuit. Scarlet run under the couch in the guest room. Waiting, until Girl Human got down on her knees. Zoom off she went, running like a happy rabbit on an easter sunday. Purrrut , Purrut, in her squeaky high pitch voice Purrut. Up the stairs, around the corner and down hall she bounced. Bang, running into the huge (should be litter box) tub. Purrut, out the door down the stairs thru the kitchen jumping up on the counter. Crash, Bang, into the sink. With all four feet landing in a bowl filled with water. Foot prints and water everywhere, Purrrrut. How happy she was.

Now she is cornered by Male Human, "AHH Ha, got it, you Stinker, said Male Human. Scarlet just smiled and ran away, Purrrut. >>>>>>>>>>>> YES SHE IS BACK. THE FUN BEGINS


Scarlet Update

September 18th 2009 9:31 pm
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Well now all the bad hissing is over and my not so favorite Human Mr. Vet called Girl Human to tell her that her diagnosis was correct, Hyperthyroid problems. He also wanted her to take an a awful tasting clear liquid twice a day for her gums. Since she already has bowl problems, the medicine made her have problems and her bottom was messy.

Girl Human had to groom her and she was Soooo mad. What was worse girl human took pictures of her and thought it was funny. She looked much better after, her fur was pretty again. Scarlet did get a big suprise in the mail that afternoon. She seemed to forget her bad morning when Girl Human opened the box and there were 2 BIG bags of her favorite food(Royal Canin 32 . Girl Human took a picture of her then too.

Spa has been doing real well. He had 2 sticky things in his fur and he let Girl Human pull them both out. He put his ears down and let her pull. He is really doing a turn around and wait to be petted each day. We hope we will be able to get him to the Vet soon. That may cause him to regress. We hope not.

Sat. is a big day as Girl Human is going to paint the walls in the main kitty house. Male Human does not like the color but Girl Human said he was not living there.Blue is happy to have something new for this winter. She can't use the color in the house, Male Human requested. So here comes the color of the year


Scarlet and the Vet

September 11th 2009 9:09 pm
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This week has come and gone. I (Annie) missed Girl Human so much. She was gone most of the night, working. On the 4th night I had to do something. Every night, Girl Human left us all alone. I had no one to help me with my diary. I protested. Thursday and gave her a love bite and a bunch of lick, lick ,licks, before she went out the door. That would make her feel guilty. I know she would think all night, about us. I was so mad. I used my best guilt licks too. She needs to fall on her knees and ask us to forgive her.

She better do better tonight. We have all decided if she leaves, the land mines will be waiting when she returns home. We all have been saving up all day, just in case.

I didn't tell Scarlet that I heard Girl Human talking to the Vet Human. She said Scarlet has been loosing weight, and not grooming herself. She has been acting like here hips and stomach are hurting. Girl Human said she thought it was Senior Kitty Ritus in the hips. So she made an appointment for Friday morning. Girl Human slept 4 hours.

Girl Human got that new cat carrier and Scarlets got to take it for a spin.
She didn't fuss as it is so soft and has that new Carrier Smell. She was lucky. Well she would have been, if she was not going to the vet.

Scarlet came back at 11 a.m. and was very mad. We all wanted to hear about the new ride and all she did was cuss. We have not heard her say such words for a very, very long time.

Girl Human called her daughter and told her about the trip. Of course, I stuck around to listen. She said that Scarlet had blood taken from her back leg. Scarlet had to be covered with a towel. She yelled very loud. But when they took the blood she didn't say a thing. When Girl Human asked the Vet if he was going to give her her shots. Scarlet protested calling him thing, that a ladyVan's should not say. He wanted to see what the blood work indicated first.

Scarlet had some gum inflammation. Her teeth were white and tarter free. She has a few less plus a missing fang. She did not want him to look at her hide end and let him know that. "That is my Private Parts," she yelled. HISSSSSS, HISSSSS,, YOUUUUUA, HISSSSSSS.

So now we wait until Sat. or Mon. depending on the Lab. and Scarlet can rest and eat. Scarlet got a gift from her good friend Taffy today, she was so glad to hear from her. Paine, we would love to hear from you. Tell us how your Cat Show did. Hope you got a ribbon.

We did have some good things happen this week. Spa is eating everything he can. He loves Fancy Feast and even let Girl Human pet him. He even purred. Pooh is his Psyco self. Sweeny weighs the same, Great for a diabetic kitty. He gets to go for his check up Sept.25th.

On the down side. The Calico Junction car broke down. It is a 1997 so it has it's problems. A wrecker is needed this time. So it will sit a while. Girl Human's little car also has a Check engine light on, Wonderful, just what Girl Human needs.

But all in all we are Happy. Lots of Purrrrrrrs to all our friends.


The Weekend With Humans

September 6th 2009 9:41 pm
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For some reason Male Human is here laying on our couch and Girl Human is sitting in my sleeping chair. They are laughing at that funny window that has all that different stuff in it. Stupid things called Rosanne, South Park, and Movies and marathons. What ever that is all about. They think it is funny anyhow.

We are funny, why not watch us instead? Peaches and Pooh are playing bear hug fight, Lick, Lick, Meow, Meow, dancing around and around. Thunk, Meow Meow, Lick, Hug Hug. What a funny way to fight. Male Human gets off the couch and goes to the kitchen. Run everyone, jump up and cuddle in like you have been there all day. Male Human returns 4 of us on the couch. Male Human has to move to the rocking chair. Better view of that window from there.

Sweeny's hungry, better go feed him, Girl Human. I (Annie) jump up and lay in the chair. All mine. Girl Human returns, "Move Annie," she demands. This is not fair, the others got the couch. I want my chair. "Girl Human go sit on the floor", I say to myself. She will not let me stay. "Ok you asked for it," I thought to myself. /Pen, Oh yes. Girl Human hates when I play chew the pen. That is not working, Lick Lick, Lick , Meow, not working. What is wrong with them.

Male Human tells Girl Human he is home until Tuesday." No, I want my couch," said Scarlet. "He has got to go," she demands.

Good he is busy, Door Bell? No, more Humans. Not good, less space for us. "When are they leaving?" asked Sweeny." Soon, I hope," said Pooh while he peered from under the bed. "We will all come join you, no where to stretch out, out there," said I. So we all slept under the bed until late in the night.

"Now they will play," said Peaches. "Yea the Midnight Crazys" Let's Play," said Amber.
"Better yet let us wait until, 4 a.m," said Pooh. "No let play now and then nap. Then we can all play again at 4" Amber said, smiling. "That sounds great" I replies happily. So now we wait. WE ARE GOOD ZZZZZ.

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