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The life and the Times at Calico Junction

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone

November 25th 2015 11:56 am
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We Catster's always have something to be thankful for every day not just Thanksgiving. We are very lucky to have the most wonderful furs in the world to be thankful for.

Please do remember it is a busy time of year we are approaching. I just want to give a reminder to all about cat safety while entertaining.

T'is the season for visitors. Make sure to have a safe zone for your cats over the holidays. A place your guests will not need to go. A walk in closet, laundry room, spare room, master bedroom or their cage or carrier. A cat will be fine for 3 to 5 hours in a carrier without a litter box. If you planning on a long stay have a big enough cage/carrier to place a plastic shoe box with litter and a clip on water and food dish for the door. Plus a comfy bed. They will curl up and sleep if left undisturbed. Do not encourage visitors to visit with the cats. Tell them to come back when things are less hectic and they can have one on visit with the cats. It is better to have them in a calm place, play soft music so the laughter and noise does not scare them. Don't have the kids checking on them. Just give the cat, time out. If need be place a sign on the room or closet door. Do not open as we do not want to loose our cat. This is the time of year many cats run away. Using extra safety measures do pay off and save a lot of heartaches. Make sure your cats are micro-chipped just in case, as it may be their only ticket home. Do not depend of harness and leashes as a scared cat can slip them easily and run. Remember your guests may not be use to cats and think nothing about looking when they open a door to go in or out. Keep them safe, keep them secure.


Happy Spring Catster's

April 16th 2015 5:59 am
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Hello all and Happy Spring. The last few days here have not been to Spring like with temps. in the 50's but I'm sure to some that is a nice Spring day. We have had some beautiful Spring day here and it's been in the mid 70's already.

We have been hobbling about a little better. The broken leg is slow in healing and Girl Human is still out of work. She went to visit and the managers both gave her big hugs and was told she was greatly missed. The one even wanted her to work on a broken leg (joking) she had been missed so much. It's so nice to work in a place that everyone is so nice and truly shows great concern for your well being.

Grandma Human has been very active and busy in her new, (a year May) place. She dearly loves it and has found it was, meant to be. These last months since Girl Human has not been able to do things for her she has delighted in all the activities offered there. She delights in meeting so many new people. They come and go. She seems very happy she has met so many and befriended them in her time there. The place has people from all over the country who have come there to live so she has really enjoyed meeting them and learning all their interesting walks of life. She even had one man who was a NYC policeman and had worked with her Great Uncle in mounted police after the war. What a small world for sure all those years ago and now they meet.

My (Annie's) short illness was quickly taken care of with the Dr, visit. I was under the weather for a few days but is back to chasing Amber and playing with Meshia. Girl Human was so worried about me (her sweet Annie kins) and fussed over her like you would not believe. Have no clue what was wrong but knew she under the weather for several days. She sneeze fits but no sign of a cold just one runny eye. What ever it was it really knocked the feet from beneath her for several day.

We kitties now have a new room. The Human's shut down the Swim Spa. The Humans gave us the forbidden room, the greenhouse. The very cold winter killed the heater. 85% of the plants died. So now it's no longer forbidden. We have a nice new 20 x 10 room to play in. Sweeny found that his voice sound so wonderful in there. He goes in and sings at the top of his lungs just to hear himself. We have been receiving toys, climbing posts and the cutest cedar house from supporters. We still are working on our $1.00 in the envelope campaign in hopes of getting a doggie door for the sliding door. The we can go out there 24 hrs a day. Meshia is very frustrated because when it's to cool to open the door for Humans so she yells and carries on for Girl Human to open the door so she can go play with her new toys. We are getting so much more use of the space then the Humans ever did.

We did have a loss here at the Junction just the other week. Stasha passed to the bridge. We received an over whelming amount of support from Catsters on the Catster pages on Facebook and on our facebook pages. It has been wonderful to know that we all can still gather in one place and keep in touch.

Our Stasha had a sudden unexplained demise. She acted like she may have had a stroke but had no real evidence of paralysis. She did take an awful fall several weeks before and did not land on her feet. She seemed fine the next day and when on with her normal living. Then 4 days before she left for the Bridge she was not acting her normal self. She started doing what is called, Head pressing. She did not do it against a wall. She walked about looking like she was pressing against a wall. So a delayed head injury could have been the reason. The Dr. could not find anything but a bad tooth and gave her steroids & antibiotic shot to cover all bases. She was to follow up the next week with a tooth extraction. He did a full panel blood work and found nothing. She had no fever and seemed to improve the following day after treatment. Then the next Morning at 5:45 a.m. she gave a few heart breaking cries while Male Human and I sat on the floor holding her paws. . She then left just minutes later.

The Dr was very surprised at the end result as he never thought it would lead to this. He went over everything double checking to see if there may have been something missed. She had no evidence of poisons in her system as that was girl Humans very first thought. So she now has joined others from the Junction and Catster at the wonderful Bridge.

Spring is here and the trees are blooming and the leaves are starting to open. Everyone else is ready for a new summer to begin. Our summer project of expansion of M&M's add on porch will have to be placed on hold I'm afraid for this year and Girl Human was so hoping we could give them the much needed space. Since Girl Human has not worked since the last week of December it just does not seem likely.

Male Humans youngest brother has cancer and is doing Chemo now, Male Human has been busy going back and forth taking him to the Dr., Hospital and taking him medicine and supplies as needed. He lives about 30 miles from us so anything being done takes a good part of his day. He has also been taking a lot of hours off from work helping his brother.

Daughter human has been having a lot of back problems and with Girl Human on the mend Daughter Human is stating injections to the spine to try to rid of the pain. Today will be her first of 4.

So this is a Winter we are all glad to see get behind us. We do hope yours was much better then ours.

All the guys are doing well and our old gal Sophia is still hanging in there. She is surprisingly very active but does have her bad days. Since it is now a year ago since the Dr's had talked of us considering putting her to sleep. The simple remedy that was given to us by a women who had done a study on her problem on Facebook has worked wonders for her. She has been given a lot more time with us. We do expect she will be called to the bridge one day but hope it's long after her 19th birthday in July. We are thankful as we have been given a lot more time with her then we every expected. She too has been enjoying sitting in the nice sunshine in the greenhouse and she has claimed some of the new things as hers in the process.

Well this was a long book of catch-up for you guys and so glad we could write this today and now hope it will publish to the diary. So here goes. And happy Spring all.


Just dropping in to say Hi Catsters

March 1st 2015 2:37 pm
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Girl Human is improving more each week but still can't drive and master the few steps we have here. She did get to go visit Mickie, Mica, and Bennie last weekend and it was so nice to see them. They treated her as a stranger but to be expected after 2 months. She played laser tag and gave them some treats and did manage to grab a few hugs and forehead kisses before returning to the main house.No working for Girl Human so she will just have to stay home with us a spoil us some more.

Note from Girl Human:

Annie has been having a bad week. Had to go to the Dr. and get an antibiotic shot. Suspect an abscessed tooth was going on. The Dr. cked the teeth but saw nothing.Her face was swollen under the eye and she was just in poor misery just as I have been with a bad tooth. Within 48 hours she was recovering and still having some sneezing and a little tearing coming from her left eye.

Everyone else is doing well and the cold and snow have been keeping everyone in their houses the last month. Can't believe day light savings time will be here next week already. It seems just like 10 minutes ago we had turned the clocks back. Spring is around the corner and I'm sure so is more cold and snow.


Girl Human has wheels

February 4th 2015 4:31 pm
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Well she has wheels but not the kind she wanted. On the 28th of Dec. she was rushing Sophia to the kitchen from the good rug in the living room as she was about to leave a hairball mess on the forbidden zone. Girl Human can't yell to her to leave the zone as Sophia is deaf.

While walking fast Girl Human fell with poor Sophia still in her hands. All she was worried about was hurting her. Somewhere in fall Sophia was free and clear and Girl Human broke her leg.

So thus she has a new set of wheels. She is going to be doing a new adventure next week, a walker. She is looking forward to the advancement but we are not.

Now we will have to watch all our toes and tail for many more weeks to come.

It has been nice having her home with us 24/7 and we hope it will be a long time before she leaves us. She has not been able to see the guys in the outside places since it happened and Male Human is in total charge of them. She already knows a house cleaning will be in order everywhere. She also will have to de-Christmas as all the decos are still in place. Well there is always Christmas in July.

We hope everyone had a good holiday and that you all receive some cool cat things from your Valentine.


Why am I suprised??

December 30th 2014 8:34 am
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I have not been here for several months and was amazed that I could see the photos and read diaries. I tried to make a comment of a diary and I found the flaw. Can't comment. Was told that Catster needed a flea bath. Why are they telling me that?? I knew a year ago they needed a deep cleansing. Well any why, know no one can answer me but just wanted to wish everyone a fantastic holiday and a enriched 2015.
I know I'm asking a lot but, hope that the problems that has afflicted our nation be solved in a manner with dignity and prayers together. To many seem to have strayed from family values and living an honest life. It's such a shame that a few have to cause so much division and undo all that has been accomplished over the years I have been on this earth.
Lets all work together for a better year. From All of us at Calico Junction Happy New Year.


Hello Hello

August 13th 2014 10:57 pm
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Well we came here today to find we are no long given the Catster Plus privilege. We know several were given a free pass for a year but we were not given the same kindness. So sorry guys but our gifts will run out one day. I tried to give them away but it never would give them to whom I wanted them to go to. I tried 4 different times over the last few months and just gave up.

So now I'm just a common-er and no longer a Catster member. I can only have 20 photos and found I would have to chuck over 100 photos I have already placed in order to change one photo unless I have Catster Plus. Oh well I'm still my beautiful self and as always, busy with making biscuits on Girl Humans tummy. I do run an active page on Facebook with up to date photos of our Calico Junction happenings and of course have my kitty fun sharing with other cat lovers and Humans..

I miss all you guys and all the fun we use to have through the years. I have been on here for 7 years and 5, I was an active Catster member as The Calico Junction Spokescat. We have stuck thru thick and thin. I have seen a lot of kitties who have left for the Bridge and was able to have so many angel friends here that I have not been able to have in other places. Yes a few angels still stop in on Facebook and for that I am very thankful. I have met so many wonderful Humans here also from every corner of the earth and it has been so enjoyable.

I hope that Catster will build and be active once again. It will never be the same as you can't ever go back to the past and have it be in the future. A new beginning with new kitties to meet and get to know is all we can hope for.

Two years ago I was in Las Vegas at the Catster convention and what a wonderful time the flatcats had. I met some lifelong friends that day. I know they are some very special Humans. I only wish more could have shared in that experience.
I have shared things with some that has never been shared with another human and I'm sure we all had close fur friends who you did the same.

We cried together and laughed together, helped each other when hearts were heavy and when there were extreme times of joy. We have welcomed new kitties and give our advise to those who asked. We helped each other with personal issues and with health problems. We were true friends. When things went wrong many stepped forward and gave their all to help. That we are so very thankful. Some went to far and left the fold and those who remained carried on the Catster ways. No matter what there is something special once you have been a Catster you will always be a Catster in your heart. Love you guys. Nudges and Winkie Winkie!!
Oh bug in the light, got to go!!!


BIG Thank you Nudges to all

May 13th 2014 6:19 am
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I was able to get to my page with no problem today and found all the wonderful Birthday wishes we had received from all our fur friends. I do want you to know we were so happy to have all the wonderful messages. I feel bad as have not been able to celebrate with you guys for several reasons. First we either could not get on here because Girl Human is so very busy or Catster was out for a flea bath.

I do want everyone to know we miss you guys and will return once Girl Human gets all the moving project finished. Girl Human said she saw the light at the end of the first tunnel, a few days ago.

She had a very busy week getting ready for a huge yard sale. It was a wonderful success. Only had one shop lifter. She took a purse that was for sale for a $1. Then we had one get mad because she asked Girl Human to hold a folding table for her while she looked. Daughter Human did not knowthen sold it to someone else. The women's kid broke a little quartz turtle and she threw it on the table and left. She almost ran another person over with her madness and received a few very harsh words in her mad exit from that person.

We sold things I thought we would never get rid of. The welcome mat, small rugs, trash cans with trash in them, a card table that Girl Human had brought to use for the sale. The 4 folding chairs where there and she told the boy helping to bring them out and sell them too since she no longer had the table. MOL.

Yesterday a church store arrived with a big trailer and in two loads completely cleaned out every last item in the house. Every stick of furniture, storage shelf and tidbit are gone. The preacher and 3 girls did all the work and Girl Human only had to hold the door when needed. The first time since this started that Girl Human did not have to do the heavy work.

After that she cleaned the basement floor and vacuumed the upstairs and got it ready for people to see. The sale of the house has begun. The Real Estate agent stopped in to see the place and was amazed how much bigger it looked with all the stuff gone. He said it will show real well. She may still needs to paint and is considering hiring some help. We do not know how much we will have to do but updating is needed everywhere. The bathrooms are the nightmare.

Grandma Human got wallpaper happy in her earlier years and what a site it is now. We hope that a young fixer upper may come along and want to put their own stamp on the place, (praying for that very loudly right now) the Real Estate agent is young and eager so hope that will be a plus for us. So all we can do is hope. The painting of the hall will be finished soon and Girl Human was glad she did not have it painted before this weekend was over.

Work has given Girl Human a few unexpected extra days before returning. She was to go back Tues. but now is not scheduled until Friday. Sure that time will be spent fixing up Grandma Humans new place and hanging many many pictures.

Last night Girl Human took Meshia to Grandma Human's new Apartment. Meshia made herself right at home. Hopped up on the bed and took a nap after exploring the place. She wanted to get on the counters and climb the kitchen cabinets but Grandma Human has breakables there. Grandma Human does not like counter kitties. Girl Human told her that's why God helped us to invent Clorox Wipes.

Well must run need to take Grandma Human to the Dr. and grocery shopping today and sure she will have a few more places she will want to visit.

Thanks everyone so much once again for the wonderful gifts.


Thank you guys so much

May 6th 2014 8:55 pm
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For all the wonderful Birthday wishes, gift and pawmails. My Girl Human got up special early today so she could spend some time with us before she had to run off. She tried to get on Catster a couple of times and could not. What a surprise Catster is available for Pooh Bear, Amber and I's birthday. So here we are.

Girl Human did remember it was our special day several days ago. She could not believe how old we three today. Just does not seem possible. Girl Human told Daughter Human today and she could not believe that much time had passed for all of us.

Girl Human is still very busy with getting Grandma Human settled in her new home. Last weekend was the big move and it all went very well. Now about all the boxes are empty and there are a zillion pictures to hang. Grandma Human had a time getting her TV relocated,( sure not like the ads say). Took her 3 days and two visits from the cable company to get the TV's working but tonight she has been able to watch them.

Girl Human has spent all day taking wall paper off the hallway. She got all the nail holes patched. The real estate people are coming tomorrow to take pictures. She was hoping to have another week but they are having a big open house event coming up for the city and wanted the house to be listed for it. Girl Human had to stop the project of getting the hall painted to clean and stage the rooms for their photo OP tomorrow morning.

Daughter Human had to go to the hospital for and MRI today also. Girl Human had to take her so that broke up her day. She is also trying to get a yard sale together for this Sat. and hopes there will be nothing left to have to take to Goodwill. MOL.

All in all it has been a busy month so far. Girl Human will have to return to the work world for a few weeks before she will be off again in hopes of getting the house sold. We miss Girl Human very much and every time she's here we all have to be right there with her. Funny all this house and all of us jam up on one chair with her.

Thanks again everyone and we hope one day Girl Human will be done with the projects and be able to take some of us to see Grandma Human in her new digs. Must run getting very tired and have to rise early tomorrow and must do some ad making for the yard sale. Bye for now and thanks everyone for you wonderful Birthday greetings.


Yesterday was so odd here

April 24th 2014 5:21 pm
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I came on Catster and there were only two activities on my friends list yes 2. I have never seen so few announcements from my Pals. I felt I had stepped into a Ghost Town in the middle of Death Valley.

Today is great. I get to see some kitties here. I got a real Pawmail but still could not return a reply. Well that progress. Need to put a little nip in front of the Catster nose and get them moving in the right direction.

I did notice the Hugs gifts takes a few minutes to show up on the persons page you send them too. Mine have been going through but not with great speed.

Ask everyone to cross those paws and eyes and maybe we will have a real Catster home soon. It would be nice to have some answers to the rumors that keep going around. We kitties deserve to be put in the "know" not kept in the kennel cab all the time. After all we are not bad kitties.

Thanks to the congrats for my DDP. Thanks everyone. Remember cross those eyes and paws for Catser to get out of the Vet soon.


Were there is a will there is a way Catsters

April 23rd 2014 8:55 pm
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We can't talk to each other in pawmails but we can through our diary's and Big Hugs gifts. Someone said there was a Hack???? Some others say there will be no renewal for Catsters Memberships, rumors all around and no words from the head cheese, who ever that may be. We are all left in the dark and it's sad. But we can still touch paws and keep in contact. As many say, till the bitter end. Let's all cross our paws and hope we will be back to normal soon. Miss you guys.

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