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March 27th 2015 12:18 pm
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Meow to all my old furiends, :))

I have missed you all so much. We still don't have internet at the house, but we have a mobile hotspot and Mom says we can come back to Catster as long as we don't eat up to many bytes of her contract. (I know what I'd like to bite.) Mol
I hope Everyone has been OK. Joey and I are fine, we have a new member in our family. A stray that took up with Mom at the Motel 6. Mom wanted to name him 6 but got shot down. So 1 day I'll have to introduce you to Loki,
my new younger brofur.
Nobody is thrilled with Waco, TX. but what the hay, it's home for the moment. And the size as the bugs here. wooohooo, a meal in itself.
Take care all, and I'll be baaack. love, Kallie



December 25th 2013 6:06 am
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Sending purrs to all my wonderful Catster furiends for a Merry Catsmas!!



August 9th 2013 3:03 pm
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Hello Furs&Family,
This is Mom here, I have a question and am seeking your opinions. Kallie has always been uber athlete. Making astounding jumps and running till there's no end. This Sept she'll be 9yrs old, and she does have a heart condition,
(she's on pills). Well she's in love with Da Bird and begs to play every day with it. It's obvious she still wants to play. (She's always been a Huge player).
Now here's my quandary> she wants to lay down and have me swing it over and around her rather than the normal chasing and jumping for it. And this is with no other cats in the room.
Is this age? Heart condition? A combination of both? I'm worried about her change here and would appreciate your feed back. She really is my baby.
Thank ya'll for your help. Kallies' Mom, Jeanie

PS> My cat before her lived to be 17 and played up till a month before she died. 8 and a half seems young to be doing what she's doing here.


no meat

August 4th 2013 12:02 pm
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Mom got a "Da Bird" wand toy when we moved (end of June) hoping to lesson the stress of a move. Let me tell u.... I've never cared for wand toys. I love the shoestring and that's it.
But I love, love, love Da Bird!!! Everyday I make Mom play Da Bird with me! My only question is...when I catch it....Why is it so little? There's no meat on this bird. How's a huntress suppose to live on so little meat?
Where's the meat man??



July 28th 2013 6:51 am
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Hiya furiends,
As u know Mom fed the strays at the old place. Well, long story coming here.
The landlord said he was gonna poison any cats left behind so we've been trapping and sending cats to rescues since this move started.
Of course it was kitten season, there was 3 queens with 11 kittens calling the breezeway/garage home. We did our best to socialize them, and some were already fixed. The kittens and 4 adults went all at once to 1 rescue. But the rest wouldn't let us touch them so out came the trap.
Everyone else went to another rescue. It took up until yesterday to finish trapping cause there were 2 adults that were to smart to go in the trap. 1 of those 2 was a cat named White Toes that was already fixed and 5 yrs old. She'ld been born in our garage and never left the house. Mom wanted her so bad but in all those 5yrs she wouldn't let Mom touch her. At least she's gonna be a barn cat now. At $40 a cat (that's what the rescues wanted) this was quite an expensive endeaver but we weren't gonna let that turd of a landlord kill'em. Thank goodness this is finally finished
So in total we saved 27 cats, 15 were kittens, 1 of them will be coming to live with us in another week. She's SO cute!!:)

Live long and prosper my little kitties! Take that u jerk of a landlord, you'll get urs someday.

purrs to all....



July 20th 2013 3:08 pm
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Well, crappers in a box! ;( Every time Mom doesn't let me online lately I miss out on the free rosettes. Giving them, not receiving them. Once again a Big Thank Ya'll to all my furiends who sent me&Joey 4th of July fireworks.
With the move Mom hasn't bought us zealies in guite some time. And to top it off, I'm getting no where near the attention I'm use to. ;(( errrr
I hope all ya'll had a really great Holiday,lots of love&treats, and have managed to stay cool this blistering summer. I thank the cat in the sky I'm an indoor kittie this summer. It's a scorcher that's for sure.
At least the old place is outta our hands the end of the month, so I see lots more Mom time coming soon. And her Finally getting started on my Korner. Not to mention, a cruise at Tigger's Travel coming in August or September.
"Good times are a'coming,,,oh la, oh la" :))

Headbunks&purrs to all............


Happy 4th

July 7th 2013 4:22 pm
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Hiya furiends,
Thanx so much to all my&Joey's furiends who sent us 4th fireworks rosettes. Mom was gone dusk till dawn cleaning at the old place and we didn't get online till now. But, I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend! Love ya all!!
She's spent so much time over there that our new place looks like an unscooped litter box. And my Korner hasn't even been touched. If she'ld just listen to me it'ld all be taken care of. A bar of C4 for the old place, and start Now on Kallie's Korner. Then, of course she could do her spaces, but only after she finished with my space. hehe
On a happy note, lots of u guys have tunnels but I just got my 1st 1. I Love IT! I'm always zipping thru it. And guess what? It makes a crinkly noise. I Love It! I have always loved crinkly noises. Grocery bags, love'em! Mom says she'll get more when the house is situated. Cant wait.
Well as Mom is working lots this week, it'll be next weekend fore I'm back so I hope u all have a safe&happy time.
purrs&headbunks to all........:))))


Jetten In

June 29th 2013 6:21 pm
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Hiya Furiends,
Just jetten in to say "we're here". hehe Big stuff moved, lots of little stuff still to come. Not to mention, "CLEANING".....OMC!!!!! So much, New place, old place, this corner, that corner....OMC!!!! Will it ever end?

ah hmmm...let me catch my breath...

A big "Hats off" to my brofur Joey who has lost 7 lbs. *crowds clapping*..
21.5 lbs down to 14.4lbs. Which is great for his heart condition. I personally think he could be on the cover of "Mancat GQ". I like to pick on him but, he really looks good now. (Is there a cat/mancat GQ)? If not, there should be, cause frankly, my brofur is gorgeous at this moment. :))
*I Will Be BAAACK* Ok, that was my best *Arnold* impersonation.
Take care my furiends....big purrrrrs to all....


DDP &moving...

June 21st 2013 3:18 pm
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Oh My!! I got DDP!!!! yeehaww!!! :0
Thank you Catster kitty for picking me. And a big Thank You to all my furiends who sent Trophies, rosettes and pawmails.
I came on to say we're moving and won't be online after tonite till the end of next week. BooHoo!!!
We hope all of u have a safe, happy, hunger free, and get Lots of love and treats week. And we'll cya then. Take care all
purrs&headbunks to all....:))



June 16th 2013 12:38 pm
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Hiya gang,

It's karma I tell ya. Yesterday Joey's all grouchy and fussing cause I got a rm named for me, with a name plaque. :))

And today he stops tinkling again and had to go to the vet in an emergency. 2 Sundays in a row. His UTI is realy bad. He had run outta pain pills and they gave more of that, and upped his antibiotic dosage. While he was there they squeezed another glob of yucky stuff out. The vet said that was probably what had blocked him up again. He'll go back in 2 weeks for a checkup. Let's hope this is it for him.

I always say what goes around, comes around. He was a major poo head about me and my rm yesterday and paid for it today. I only hope that he's learned his lesson now and is more at 1 with the universe.

psst. (I do want him well too) just don't tell him. And besides,
Mom might finish my rm quicker if she wasn't having to stop all the time to take him to the vet.

purrs to all...........

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