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Mom Got ME???!!!

September 4th 2009 8:18 am
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Well my kitty friends, I think you know what fun I've been having lately. This cool weather has made me SO energetic! Yesterday I seem to have caused a bit of trouble.
It all started after I ate my dinner last night. There was a nice breeze coming thru the windows and I felt all zippy and excited. My sisfur Pixie went slinking by me the way only she can. She's all black and just has this walk that makes me want to chase her. We normally have a lot of fun playing together.
So...I followed her and jumped on her when she wasn't looking. I took her down to the floor and bit her neck. She hissed at ME???!!! Then she cried and mom came running to see what the commotion was about. Mom pulled me off Pixie & told me to cut it out. Then she walked away. That was a mistake cause Pix got up to leave and I followed her again and did the same thing too her. Mom came and broke it up again.
Then mom noticed that I was stalking Pixie. She told me to stop it, but I wouldn't. The next thing I know I get hit with a cold stream of water. What the cat?????? Mom squirted me with the water bottle. Me, her favorite smoochy boy. She NEVER uses the water bottle on me!
But guess what, it still didn't stop me. I kept on harassing Pixie for awhile yet.
Don't know what got into me & I don't know why Pixie was being such a baby!!




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