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The one and only Hazel Lucy, who also happened to be the first to leave a comment. The winner’s name was chosen at random using random.org. Concats, HL!

HL wins a set of Flying Saucer Catnip toys from the Moderncat Studio.

In case you were wondering, Skeezix’s favorite toy from Moderncat is the Jute Bomb. It’s a teeny natural jute toy that fits purrfectly in his tiny paws, and goes amazing distances when batted about.

Here he is in action:

Thanks for all of you who pawticipated in this giveaway, and thank you, Moderncat!

If you had your heart set on winning a Moderncat toy and you’re not Hazel Lucy, scoot on over to the Moderncat store and order one! They are handcrafted (this is not made-in-China crap) and very affordable!

With Easter and Passover around the corner, I suspect there will be more giveaways in your future, so stay tuned!