Hardest Decision EVER: Which of These Pics Should Pusheen Use for Her Book?


Claire Belton’s Pusheen the cat comic has long been a favorite of ours, so we were delighted to find out that Belton is nudging her kitty creation into the print world, with the upcoming book I Am Pusheen the Cat, due in October.

We like it when Internet cats get book deals — and movie deals. We also like it when people let us have a say in the final product. Belton is allowing her fans to vote on the image for the back cover, and what follows are six options. Because this sort of thing can suck up hours of your day, we’ve provided a handy discussion guide to narrow down your thinking about the correct one to vote for.

Hint: The correct one to vote for is D.

A. Baker Pusheen with a tray of muffins

Why you should vote for it: That little baker’s hat? Can you handle that? We can’t even handle that.

Why you should not: There probably won’t be enough muffins for you to get one.

B. Waving Pusheen with stars

Why you should vote for it: Is Pusheen waving at you? I think Pusheen is waving at you. You should wave back.

Why you should not: Whoops, sorry. Pusheen is really waving at the person behind you. Don’t you hate when that happens?

C. Sparkling Pusheen

Why you should vote for it: Pusheen has entered a Zen-like state and has achieved full sparkle.

Why you should not: We don’t know exactly why Pusheen is sparkling. Could be illegal. You might be arrested.

D. Pusheen eating a cookie (this is the correct one to vote for)

Why you should vote for it: You’ve never seen a cat eating a cookie, have you? Pusheen should be a senator or something.

Why you should not: Hey, did Pusheen just steal your cookie? Check your refrigerator. (I hope you know enough about cookies to keep them in your refrigerator.)

Also: This is D, and consequently it is the correct one to vote for.

E. Pusheen in sunglasses

Why you should vote for it: Those are new sunglasses. You don’t want to make Pusheen self-conscious about new sunglasses, do you? Don’t be a monster.

Why you should not: Pusheen could be sleeping under there. Deceptive. Who knows what else Pusheen is hiding from you?

F. Sleeping Pusheen

Why you should vote for it: You shouldn’t, because you voted for the correct one (D).

Why you should not: Because you voted for D.

Pre-order I Am Pusheen the Cat here, and remember to vote for D, because that is the correct one.

Editor’s note: The correct one might also be B? Waving Pusheen with stars? Vote B?

Which do you like? D? Let us know why you like D in the comments!

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