It’s an Epic Battle of Cat vs. Christmas Tree


On Friday, we established that a certain bunch of feral cats in Brooklyn had joined the War Against Christmas by annually kicking the baby Jesus out of his own nativity scene. Thanks to Laughing Squid, we’ve found another example of a cat engaging in anti-Christmas activity, but this time taking the battle inside.

In this YouTube video posted by Jeri Anderson, the family cat, Sesshomaru, manages to climb up to the very top of the Christmas tree, pausing to dislodge a big, glittery star on the way up. The whole thing finally comes crashing down in the middle of the living room, with cat, ornaments, lights and all.

Where the Brooklyn cats invade the nativity scene for warmth and shelter, Sesshomaru seems to want to climb the family tree out of curiosity more than anything else. Like Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbing Everest, the driving purpose behind his ascent is simply “because it’s there.” Hillary and Norgay, however, managed to get off the mountain without having it tumble down in the middle of someone’s living room.

If I had to guess, I’d say that this isn’t the first time that Sesshomaru has done something like this. Aside from the tendency of cats to spread mischief and mayhem as simply part of a days’ work, Sesshomaru’s namesake is a 500-year-old dog demon in the anime series InuYasha. One doesn’t give the family pet a name with that kind of legacy without some kind of premonition that they have a talent for trouble.

How about you? Have your cats been behaving for the holidays, or just inventing new ways to make trouble?

Via Laughing Squid

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