Texts From Mittens

Texts from Mittens: The St. Paddy’s Day Edition

Drunk Patty's brother is St. Patrick, the dog reeks, and Grandma is bringing treats. Mittens texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Mar 15th 2017

The luck of the Irish is upon us in the form of St. Patrick’s Day, and Mittens is convinced Drunk Patty’s brother is none other than St. Patrick himself. Mom doesn’t quite agree, but our pal won’t let it go. They nearly have the same name, for goodness sake. What more evidence does one need?

In the spirit of the holiday, Stumpy wants to bring over some festive green nip to share with Mittens. Great idea, but will this take Mittens back down the rabbit hole of addiction? Mom tries to warn him, but it’s St. Patrick’s Day after all. The Mittens deserves a good time like everyone else.

Speaking of green, Fiona has a pretty bow, and Mittens wants one as well … but not to wear.

There’s still more treasure in this edition’s pot of gold. Want more? Read on!



Bow girl hearts her beau.

Bow girl hearts her beau.



"The smell! The smell!"

“The smell! The smell!”




Drunk Patty pre-toxes before the big day.

Drunk Patty pre-toxes before the big day.