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Texts from Mittens: The “Invisible” Spot Edition

Mittens is obsessed with a smell-good spot on the carpet, Drunk Patty has a new "boyfriend," and Earl's scaring away the UPS driver. Mitty texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Feb 1st 2017

Another day, another crisis in Mittens’ world. This time there’s a mysterious spot on the carpet. Mom swears it’s invisible, but she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. It’s full of interesting scents and Mittens can’t stay away from it. He even worries about going to the litter box because the dog might steal the smell-good spot. You know dogs — they love smells and such.

Oh, guess what? Mom left Mittens a cheesy puff! You’d think this would be excellent news in the world of treats, but no so much. It was a piece of dropped food, and it doesn’t look like any more cheesy puffs are on the way.

And we won’t even get into Drunk Patty’s new “boyfriend.”

Want more more about the current happenings in Mitty’s world? Of course you do. Read on, friends!



"I spot a smell."

“I spot a smell.”


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Ready to steal.

Ready to steal.