Ziggy the Three-Legged, Paralyzed Kitty Keeps Inspiring


0-Catster-Monday-Miracle-badge_37_0 (2)When she was just 6 weeks old, Ziggy Pawdust Dragon Tamer (yes, that is her real and spectacular name) was cruelly thrown from a moving car by her reprobate of a former owner. The incident, which took place in New Mexico, left Ziggy paralyzed from the waist down.

Thankfully, a good-spirited passerby was on the scene to scoop her up and rush her to hospital. A foster situation was then secured, with Ziggy staying with a woman who had previous experience dealing with special needs kitties.

With Ziggy’s foster mom being an elementary school teacher, she’d often attend class with her, and the kitty became a hit with the local kids.

Sometimes they’d even make her gifts, like a bedazzled tiara.


Image via Milo’s Sanctuary.

Unfortunately, Ziggy’s accident also means that she has no control over her bladder, and the time and money needed to care for her was taking a toll on her foster mom. A local vet suggested euthanizing her — but Ziggy’s foster mom wasn’t standing for that.

Image via Milo’s Sanctuary.

In the end, she found a way to secure a place for Ziggy at the nonprofit Milo’s Sanctuary in California, where she was accepted into the organization’s Lifetime Care Program. (The initiative is all about giving homes to cats who have experienced medical or behavioral issues.)

Image via Milo’s Sanctuary.

Just as Ziggy was preparing to make her way to her new home on the West Coast, another setback ensued as one of her legs became infected. A local vet decided that an amputation was the best solution, leaving this kitty with only three legs.

Still, Ziggy came through the operation like a champ, said goodbye to her classmates, and wobbled on her way to her forever home in California.

Image via Milo’s Sanctuary.

Once she arrived at Milo’s Sanctuary, Ziggy began charming the staff.

“Ziggy is so amazing,” says Michele Hoffman, the president of the rescue group. “She’s filled with love and she’s always playful.”

“Considering all that she has been through, it is inspiring and heartwarming to watch her not just overcome her disability but to be a happy, spirited kitty,” she continues. “People are attracted to her not because she is paralyzed but because she is such an inspiration with her sweet and fun-loving nature.”

Image via Milo’s Sanctuary.

It’s said that despite her early tumultuous experience with motor vehicles, Ziggy loves to travel around and always enjoys meeting new people. (She’s also on medication to help with her bladder issues and presumably avoid any on-road litter box accidents.)

As a resident of Milo’s Sanctuary’s Lifetime Care Program, Ziggy is always on the lookout for sponsors to help with her ongoing medical issues. (You can donate via the organization’s website.) Ziggy was also recently honored with a spot on Jackson Galaxy’s My Cat From Hell TV show, in a special segment called My Cat From Heaven.

Image via Milo’s Sanctuary.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the backstory to Ziggy Pawdust Dragon Tamer’s full and glorious name, it turns out she loves to play with toy dragons.

Head over to Milo’s Sanctuary to check out more about Ziggy and the Lifetime Care Program.

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