Your Cat Will Have It Made With the Latest in First Aid


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Nothing throws us into a panic faster than our cat having a medical emergency or needing medical care. Before you start preparing a bedroom to have your vet move
in full time, check out these new health products that take you from “Oh No!” to “Can Do!”

Prevent grooming of injured areas


Ever tell a cat not to lick himself? Good luck with that! If you need your cat to leave an ouchie alone, Buster Anti-Lick Strips will do the trick. With safe but repugnant ingredients like ground cayenne pepper, round oregano leaf, lemon powder, and peppermint, the adhesive bandage will deter the most determined licker.

$19.99 to $54.99 (depending on size) at Kruuse


Administer pills like a pro


It’s no secret that cats hate taking pills. And wouldn’t you, with no glass of water to wash it down? The Buster Tablet Introducer is a game-changer, allowing you to easily give your cat a pill.


Simply draw up water into the chamber, place a tablet in the holder, stick it in your cat’s mouth, and press the plunger. Done!

$19.99 at Kruuse


A bag to help with exams


For cats who like to run for the hills any time you try to trim nails or give medication, the Buster Vet Examination Bag can help. Originally designed for use in veterinary hospitals, the bag is also great for home use. Just zip your cat up into the bag and open the various Velcro closures to access your cat’s paws or other areas.

$39.99 to $69.99 (depending on size at Kruuse


Health-watch cat litter


Believe it or not, your cat’s pee can tell you a lot about his health. Health Monitor Everyday Litter helps you monitor possible issues with your cat’s kidney function as well as the potential for diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Following the instructions and chart on the box, weigh your cat’s urine balls every three months, comparing them to past results. If the urine balls in- crease in weight, it’s time to visit the vet. A free digital scale is included.

$12.99 to $16.99 (20-pound box) at Dr. Elsey’s


A kit that offers portable relief


You never know what misadventures your cat might get into, so it’s good to have some basic supplies on hand. This 46-piece Adventure First Aid Kit by Alcott includes all the essential first-aid items for treating minor injuries, cuts, bites, and stings in a compact and portable bag.

$29.99 at Alcott


Two ear-cleaning forumlas


For routine ear cleaning, Tomlyn offers two gentle options. Veterinary Formula Ear Cleaner dries, acidifies, deodorizes, and softens ear wax, helping to prevent external ear infections. If your cat doesn’t mind the unique self-cleaning bubbling action of the Non Probing Ear Cleaner — you won’t even have to swab out the ear canal.

$29.99 at Tomlyn


Sterile and gentle eye wash

If your cat gets dust or some other irritant in his eye, flush it out with this Sterile Eye Wash, which has the same pH as natural tears. You can feel confident knowing it’s manufactured at a human-grade facility.

$12 at Tomlyn

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