10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats — a Rebuttal


I was on Facebook when someone shared an article listing 10 reasons why dogs are better than cats. As a writer for Catster, it felt like my civic duty to write a rebuttal since IMHO, an animal that sniffs butts doesn’t deserve to be called "top dog.” I found a number of similar top 10 articles and compiled a list of the most common reasons given as well as some of the asinine ones too.

Please note that I love all animals and this is a tongue-in-cheek article — it’s not meant to be taken seriously, as there are wonderful dogs and cats. It really depends on the individual animal and how well that dog or cat is matched with an owner.

Truth be told, this article is really just an excuse to rave about my cat and give other cat lovers the opportunity to share what makes your cat so special. In no particular order, here are the top 10 reasons given why dogs are better than cats.

1. You can train a dog more easily than a cat

One of the most popular reasons why dogs are better than cats is because you can train them. This amounts to being able to have your own robo-slave. If I wanted to surround myself with sentient beings that followed my every command, I would certainly never have gotten married or given birth for that matter.

To me, it seems the only reasons why you would train a dog are:

  • To keep it from hurting itself or others
  • To prevent it from damaging your personal possessions or your home
  • To get it to perform tricks for amusement
  • Or, to get it to do things for you (aka free labor)

Cat lovers don’t need or want a pet that will do whatever we command them to. We love cats for their independence. We even love that they don’t do what they’re told.

2. Dogs help keep you active — you have to walk them

Hmm, this one falls into category of dogs being great because they do stuff for you. Ask not what your dog can do for you, but what you can do for you dog.

Cat lovers are fiercely independent, just like their pets. We’re self-starters and don’t need to rely on our pets to get us up off the couch. If we want to exercise, we simply go exercise.

Being forced to go out every day at an ungodly hour through torrential downpours and frigid snowstorms is not a benefit. It sounds more like a punishment.

3. A dog can protect your home, cats can’t

Sure, a large dog can protect your home, but I doubt that a teacup Chihuahua is going to intimidate anyone. As well, have you ever noticed that in households where there are both dogs and cats, the cat is usually the alpha animal?

My cat can eat a dog for lunch, and he makes a formidable guard cat too. He once had a six-foot maintenance man quaking in his boots.

While it’s true that some dogs can protect your home, a cat is never going to get you kicked out of your home or completely destroy your home. Have you ever heard of a landlord giving someone a warning notice because their cat was making too much noise?

4. A dog is a man’s best friend

Man, get some more friends. Enough said.

5. Dogs will play with you

Are we noticing a theme here? The pro-dog camp raves about how dogs are your constant companion. Cat lovers on the other hand, don’t need to be constantly surrounded by activity because we’re introspective and not afraid of being alone.

By the way, cats play with you too. You just have to find the right toy. Sorry, if the "one size fits all" games don’t apply to cats. If you ask me, playing fetch over and over again gets pretty tiresome after awhile.

6. You don’t have to clean the litter box

My jaw dropped when I read this one. How is the alternative to a litter box any better? Sure I have to scoop poop, but I get to use a long utensil that puts me at a comfortable distance away from the excrement.

With dogs, you have to use your hand. Stooping down to pick up warm feces fresh from the oven is infinitely more disgusting. The only thing between you and E. Coli is a thin layer of plastic. Pray it doesn’t have a hole in it.

7. Dogs know when you’re sad and try to make you feel better, while cats don’t care how you feel and care only about getting fed

I promised to include some of the asinine reasons, didn’t I? Here’s one of them. Every cat lover knows that cats sense when you’re upset and offer comfort by cozying up and purring. By the way, a cat’s purr has been proven to lower blood pressure, alleviate depression and it might also promote the healing of bones. No sound a dog emits can do that.

8. Dogs come when you call, while cats ignore you

My cat comes when I call and not just when he hears a can being opened. He’s also waiting by the door when I return home and he meows a greeting to me every day. Here’s an insider secret if you think cats ignore you: They’re ignoring you, not their loved ones.

9. A dog will bring your slippers

The rest of the sentence seems to have been left off by mistake. It should read, "A dog will bring your slippers, and then you won’t be able to wear them for a half-hour while you wait for the dog slobber to dry off."

Get off the couch and get your own slippers! Or, do you need your dog to get you off the couch too?

10. Dogs do better with change

Okay, you got me on this one. When we moved the couch to the other wall, the cat was freaked out for the entire day.

Dogs: 1 Cats: 9

Which one’s better? Booyah!

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