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Walk Your Pet Month 2024: How & When Is It Celebrated?

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on June 3, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Walk Your Pet Month 2024: How & When Is It Celebrated?

Many people do not walk their felines. However, they are missing out on a fun and easy way to exercise their cat and help them explore the world! Sure, cats are often not as easily trained as dogs. Plus, many seem to have an aversion to leashes. However, it is absolutely possible to train your cat to walk on a leash.

And that’s exactly what Walk Your Pet Month is all about.

January is all about walking your pet to help them (and you) stay happy and healthy. Regular walks provide you and your feline with tons of benefits that you should take advantage of this January.

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Why is Walk Your Pet Month Important?

Walking your cat can give you and your feline a range of benefits. Firstly, it helps both of you to exercise. Many cats are overweight and obese, largely due to a lack of exercise. Walking your feline is an easy way to combat this problem. Plus, it can help you get healthier too.

Walking also provides extra mental stimulation for your cat. Many cats are quite intelligent, but they are easily bored by their everyday life. Walking them gives them something new to look at and different places to explore.

One final benefit of walking is socialization. Cats that are introduced to many different animals, people, and places are less likely to be scared of new things. Therefore, they’re able to enjoy life more and are less likely to develop behavioral problems.

Sadly, many people do not walk their cats. It’s a common misconception that cats cannot be trained to walk on a leash. However, this month seeks to end that problem by promoting walking. It’s a simple thing you can do to make your cat’s life much better.

A woman with a cat on a leash walking along a path in the park
Image By: Nau Nau, Shutterstock

Where is Walk Your Pet Month Observed?

For the most part, this celebration is only observed in the USA. However, it is starting to gain some traction in other countries. You may find local pet-oriented stores joining in on this month of walking, or you may not.

Sadly, this celebration hasn’t gained as much traction as some others.

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Final Thoughts

Walk your pet month is a great time to get your cat leash-trained and start taking them out to explore the wide world. While adult cats may take several months to get used to walks, kittens often get used to the whole situation very quickly. The younger you can start the better.

However, the month of January reminds us that it is never too late to explore with our pets even if we don’t get much further than our front porch.

Featured Image Credit: Amerigo_images, Shutterstock

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