Bow Ties Make Cats Look Sharp


As a cat owner, there aren’t many times when I feel even the slightest hint of jealousy towards dog people. After all, cats are the best animals, and I’d always prefer to scoop poop out of a litter box rather than use a plastic bag to pick a steaming nugget up off the sidewalk. Dignity, people!

However, when it comes to pet fashion, I’ll admit that dog owners have it good. They get to bedazzle their canines in all manner of ridiculous costumes, while most smart felines will show you their kindly claws if you so much as pop a reindeer hat on their head.

Enter the bow tie! As a piece of kitty fashion, they’re an easy way to spruce up your cat while not stressing her out, mainly because they’re basically fancy collars. That being so, here’s a snapshot of dapper cats showing off their neckwear.

A bow tie icon in the making

Image via Instagram.

The look on this cat’s face lets you know that he’s totally enthralled with his natty green bow tie. His name is Beans, and he’s a 2-year-old chap who resides in Melbourne, Australia. That’s fine bow tie country.

A seasonal dresser

Image via Instagram.

You can totally get into the seasonal swing of things with a bow tie. This ginger-and-white champ was all about showing off his neckwear during Thanksgiving.

Black cats attack!

Image via Instagram.

The much-maligned black cat is an excellent foil for some top-notch bow tie action. Consider this feline’s fur as but a blank canvas to be perked up by a vivid bow tie. The matching yellow in the cat’s eyes and the neck accoutrement is a savvy touch that will not go unnoticed.

A formal feline

Image via Instagram.

Out portly pal here is at the forefront of feline neckwear, combining a tartan bow tie with an excellently starched collar. It gets no more formal than this.

The standard bearer

Image via Instagram.

This cat is named Muta the Munchkin. His terrific posture and tasteful blue bow tie lets you know that he’s all about maintaining a sense of decorum and upholding formal social norms. Quite the crusader.

It’s a Scottish Fold thing

Image via Instagram.

Here we have Rollo. He’s a Scottish Fold who obviously has impeccable taste in bow ties. That’s obvious enough from the picture. As for his shocked gaze? I can only assume he’s suddenly realized he is not following Taylor Swift’s cats on Instagram. Sottish Folds unite!

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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