Swindon Cat is in the Pink after Dye Job


Imagine stumbling home after an evening at the local pub, only to watch in horror and confusion as a pink cat is catapulted over your wooden fence into your backyard, landing at your feet. Then imagine trying to explain that to your wife.

Such was the case in Swindon (in the UK) this week. The man was initially dismissed as crazy and told to “sleep it off” when he relayed to his wife what he had seen.

But instead of climbing into bed, he called the RSPCA, who picked up the cat and transported her to a local vet for a wash. The wash was only marginally successful; the cat still resembles the Pink Panther. Otherwise, the 2-year old is in good health.

The RSPCA suspects that the cat wandered away from home or was abandoned, then fell victim to a sick prank. The matted fur pattern on her neck suggests that until recently, she was wearing a collar.

However, vets have not been able to wash the dye out of her fur and she will have to wait for it to grow out. They’ve determined that the dye was not toxic.

Veterinarian Penny Gillespie, who is caring for Pink at Cheldene Veterinary Centre and Boarding Cattery, said: “We have no idea what the dye is or how long it will last.

“It is clearly not toxic but still unpleasant.

“The person responsible has covered her thoroughly all over but avoided putting any around the animal’s eyes and nose.

“Further washing would stress Pink and probably would not help to remove the colour so it will be case of waiting for it to grow out.”

RSPCA officer Carl Hone said: “When I got the call I thought perhaps it would be a cat with something natural on their coat or which had rubbed against wet paint but this poor creature has been dyed completely pink, except around her eyes and nose, so she looks like she has a white mask on.”

He added: “We are very keen to trace the person responsible for doing this to the cat and I would urge anyone with information, or who knows who she belongs to, to please call the RSPCA.”

No word on whether this was just a ruse by the cat to gain the attention of pink-lovin’ Internet celebrity Skeezix the Cat.

Here’s video footage of the cat:

In a reader? Click here to watch video.

[SOURCE: Telegraph.co.uk; PHOTO: RSPCA]

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