9 Ways I Am Spoiling My Cats Rotten


I’ve never been shy about admitting that my cats have helped me get through some of my darkest hours. But what you may not know is that I can’t thank them enough for doing so. No, I mean it: I really can’t thank them enough — and if you saw how much of my budget is dedicated to cat-related items, you’d know it’s true. Here are some of the things I love to do to spoil my feline overlords.

1. I buy them only the finest bud

Catnip bud, that is. Organic, locally grown nip is always on the shopping list at Paws and Effect HQ.

2. They eat as well as I do

Maybe better, actually, since I go out of my way to make sure they eat a species-appropriate diet that provides them all the nutrition they need. Meanwhile, I might remember to take my vitamins every day.

3. Toys? Yeah, we’ve got toys!

Between the indie handcrafted toys I buy for Siouxsie, Thomas, and Bella and the crate-loads of kitty swag I bring home from conferences, I’ve got enough cat toys to last approximately the next 100 years.

4. They ride in style

Thomas has a three-in-one backpack/rolling luggage/carry-on suitcase carrier. Another cat product company gave me one of their high-end, soft-sided cat carriers with a washable sheepskin-lined pillow on the bottom. Dahlia was the first kitty who got to use it, and now it’s Bella’s limousine of choice. Siouxsie still has her regular plastic carrier, but she’s been agitating for a similarly luxurious model.

5. They get to try the latest and greatest cat goodies

A benefit of being a feline blogger and a connoisseur of all things kitty is that cat-goody companies occasionally ask me and my kitties to review their products. This has led us to enjoy reviewing handmade catnip toys, monthly food delivery packages, and even cat books.

6. I base my housing choices on my cats’ desires

One of my must-haves when I was looking for my most recent rental was plenty of sun puddles for the cats. After four years of living in a dank basement apartment, they deserved it!

7. They have designer beds

A heated circle to ease the throb of creaky bones? Check. A foot-deep foam bed lined with fleece, big enough for two cats to snuggle inside? Check. A rock ‘n’ roll-themed bed designed by a former hair-band member and sold through a major pet store chain? Check. And, of course, if they get bored with those beds, there’s always my bed.

8. I let them snuggle under the blankets

Speaking of my bed, I can always count on Siouxsie and Thomas to nudge their way under my quilt and curl themselves up next to me, one on each side. And yes, their comfort takes precedence over mine. I’ve been known to go to bed with my arms bent around the kitties and wake up with sore shoulders and elbows. Heaven forbid I ever get a smaller bed; I’m going to have to sleep on the floor so the cats have enough room.

9. They don’t accommodate my schedule; I accommodate theirs

What? It’s Sunday? That doesn’t matter to Siouxsie, Thomas, and Bella. When it’s breakfast time, it’s breakfast time. Well, I’m an early riser anyway. Sigh.

How do you spoil your cats? Share the ways you acknowledge your feline companions’ rulership in the comments!

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