A Spiritual Teacher Read My Cat’s Akashic Record


I recently put my cat, Furball, on a diet. All seemed to be going well until he started waking me up in the middle of the night. There was no rhyme or reason to his alarm clock behavior, he just woke me up at random times throughout the night. Given that I’m quite cranky if I don’t get enough sleep, when the opportunity to have my cat’s Akashic Record read came up, I pounced on it. Maybe the stars would tell me what was going on.

The Akashic Records, some people believe, are like a big library in the cosmos that contain a record of your soul’s journey. It’s like a metaphysical transcript of your entire life — both past lives and your current life — with hints of what’s to come in the future. Not only do people have Akashic Records, but pets do, too, and I was about to learn what was written in the records for one fuzzy black cat.

By a series of serendipitous events (or an elaborate orchestration of the universe), I happened to be talking to Lisa Barnett about my cat. Lisa is an internationally known teacher, consultant, and founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, and she runs the website Akashic Knowing. She suggested that I might gain some insights into my cat’s behavior if we were to read his Akashic Record.

I was game, but Lisa told me that it wasn’t up to me to decide. We actually had to ask Furball for his permission. Fortunately, Furball said, "Yes." And that’s how I found myself calling Lisa one day to have my cat’s Akashic Record read.

Lisa began the session with a small ceremony similar to a short prayer. Then she dove right in and opened the joint Akashic Record between Furball and I. Admittedly, I was more curious than a cat to learn what she had to say.

Well, it turned out that Furball and I had shared many lives, but only a handful in the form of a human and a cat. In ancient Greece, we had "powerful revered lives together." Apparently, in ancient Grecian temples, cats were very much revered like they were in ancient Egypt.

When I asked Lisa what was going on with the nighttime wake-up calls, Lisa replied that the feeling she was getting was that Furball was bored. The night was really long and boring for him. She suggested that I try flipping his schedule around as you would with a baby who was up at night and asleep during the day.

It made a lot of sense because Furball would eat dinner around 6 p.m. and then head off for a snooze. Oftentimes, he would sleep through the evening when my husband and I were awake. He then would be on his own until morning time.

I also asked Lisa why my cat was such a compulsive eater that he had to be on a diet. She told me that he was very much like people in this regard: He was eating because he was bored. She suggested that I do some energy healing to help perk up his metabolism.

Lisa also performed an energy clearing for Furball while we were on the phone. She told me that she noticed some darkness around Furball’s middle, near his heart and lungs. The energy vibe she picked up was that there was a lot of sadness there.

Furball felt like he’d been replaced and was really sad about it. When he was a kitten, it used to be just me and him. Then, he had to make room for my husband, and then my son. Lisa recommended that I encourage my husband to get more involved with playing with Furball so that it would help to shift the dynamics and energy Furball was experiencing.

Having a three-year old boy who loves dogs (and also loves cats), I had to ask Lisa what she thought about our family adopting a dog. Furball’s answer was loud and clear. He "wanted none of that" as he’d feel replaced again. Surprising, Lisa also said that Furball wants to wind down and be the grand old man in the house and not have to put up with “puppy charades." In Furball’s words, "They can wait."

Lisa closed the session with another small ceremony. Her insights made a lot of sense, and I resolved to make Furball’s nights feel less long and more interesting. This involved me prodding him awake at 11 p.m., which was ironic considering I was trying to get him to stop waking me up. Happily though, he seemed to enjoy the extra attention and soon the whole house was sleeping peacefully again. Furball also dropped the excess pounds.

On a side note, a strange thing occurred when I was listening to the recording of the session in order to write this article. As soon as I pressed "Play," Furball’s ears perked up and he walked right over to the computer and started meowing loudly. It was almost as if he could sense the energy of the session all over again.

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