Since I Moved, My Cat Is Even More of a Velcro Kitty


I recently wrote about my move from a house to a small apartment and how Cosmo and I had taken some time to adjust to our new space. Overall, it has been a positive experience, but we definitely have discovered a new sort of normal in our relationship. He was always a clingy kitty, but now he’s almost exclusively made of Velcro. Not that that’s a bad thing — simply an adjustment for us.

One can never have too many neck scritches.
One can never have too many neck scritches.

We both went through periods of loneliness as we adjusted from a home that included the company of multiple humans and two other cats to our own little space. We looked to one another for company and comfort. Those initial few weeks were definitely a bonding time for us, and our relationship grew even deeper; I had no idea that was possible. Cosmo has always been a complete mama’s boy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes, however, his need to physically connect to me can become a little overwhelming …. and sweaty.

All night long.
All night long.

When he’s not sleeping, he’s staring at me, willing me to invite him onto my lap. When he receives no such invitation, he crashes the lap party. It doesn’t matter if I have a pile of books, notebook, laptop, plate of nachos, or whatever poised on top of my legs, he finds a way to create space for himself. Sometimes that means creating weird lines of text by walking across my keyboard, and other times it means nachos all over the floor. And yes, sometimes I eat them. Three-second rule is in effect when it comes to nachos. I’m quite certain you agree.

The business with my pillow has reached new heights. In the past, in the wee hours of the morning, Cosmo would make his way to the head of my bed and wedge his way onto my pillow. These days, he starts jacking my pillow from the moment I lie down until it’s time to rise and shine. Sometimes he takes over the entire space and I wake up with my head flat against the mattress. This can be the recipe for a neck ache of epic proportion. Sure, he’s an occasional pain-in-the-neck, but totally worth it.

Waiting for the invitation.
Waiting for the invitation.

Even though his clingy behavior can feel like a bit much at times, I understand his need for connection and do my best to embrace his cuddly advances. Heck, I need cuddles as much as he does! I feel so grateful that we have such a strong connection. He’s my best friend.

Just in case you need anything, here I am.
Just in case you need anything, here I am.

It’s an ongoing joke that cats are obsessed with our bathroom time. Cosmo has jacked it up a notch. He simply refuses to allow me to enter the powder room alone. He watches me while I’m doing my “business,” and usually insists on sitting in my lap the entire time. He sings to me while I shower, and he licks my legs when I emerge from behind the magic curtain.

I’ve grown accustomed to his need to lie flat up against me while I work. He’s a little heater, which is nice in the winter but can be a little toasty in the warmer months. In a way, I think his attachment helps my writing. My muse couldn’t get much museier, that’s for sure! When I have trouble developing a story idea or am looking for a Texts from Mittens plot, I simply look over at my tuxie boy and the old wheels start turning. I don’t know if he realizes how much he’s helping me, but perhaps he does. Cats are intuitive that way.

 Constantly a-muse-ing
Constantly a-muse-ing.

Velcro isn’t always a bad thing, especially regarding relationships with our beloved animal friends. I believe when we make a connection with another being, we know what they need and when they need it. They sense that, even though the closeness might be slightly sweaty, it’s what we both require in that moment. That’s true love, my friends.

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