Moo’s Musings: I’m on a Diet!


O hai! It’s me again … Moo!

Know what? Mom said I have to go on a diet. She said that I am getting round, and something about not wanting me to catch the ‘beetus later from being too heavy. Fat cats look like pillows and are comfy to lie on, but they are not healthy, she says.

Mom knows all about fat cats. (I am NOT fat yet, by the way!). My brother, Pimp, used to be 22 pounds a long time ago. He is a big cat — really, he is; I’m not just saying that. He is one long kitty! — but 22 pounds was still way too much for him. He weighs like 13 pounds now. He did not lose his pudge overnight; he lost it slow with a prescription diet, because mom says it’s important that kitties don’t lose weight too fast.

I weigh 12 and a half pounds. Mom knows, because she bought a new scale just for me! It measures right down to tenths of a pound, so what she does is weigh herself and then pick me up and weigh us together. The difference is all Moo!

I am not a long kitty like my brother. I am not tiny, but I am not big either. Mom thinks I could probably lose 2 pounds. I have been eating really well for the past few years since I she rescued me from the outside. She thinks it’s kind of funny because when she first let me in, I was skinny and she was trying to stuff me … and now that I’m stuffed, she wants to UNstuff me. Go figure!

Since I only have to lose a little weight, mom isn’t making me change foods or anything. I already eat “light” food, and not even really that much. Instead we are going to make sure I exercise a lot.

Mom says we need a solid 10 minutes of playtime twice a day. She bought me Da Bird (OMC, do you guys know that toy?! I love it!) and she flings it all around and I jump and run and do a really good job burning calories.

We have no idea how long it will take me to lose 2 pounds, but I will keep you updated. Tomorrow will be one week since she first weighed me, so we’ll see if I lost any weight!

Cheer me on, okay? I really don’t want her to switch my food, so I am being a good boy and playing a lot.

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