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The 12 Cats of Christmas: Little Bear

Each day we revisit the story of one of 2013's most notable felines. Today we profile a heart-warming little black cat.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Dec 19th 2013

For “the 12 Cats of Christmas,” each day we pluck one notable furball who has made a huge and lasting impression on our hearts over the last 12 months and revisit his or her story. Consider it your daily festive feline gift.

Today we check out a cat with backwards legs …

4. Little Bear

Little Bear is a special-needs star. He was adopted from the NHSPCA with a condition affecting his legs, which meant he couldn’t walk properly. His owner, Allie O’Sullivan, explained how, “When I adopted him, it would make me cringe when I had to watch him walk on his bent legs. The sound of his bones smashing against the floor would tear me apart.”

We recapped Little Bear’s story back in February, and his owner told us that he can hop up on to tables and beds but needs help with getting down! Since then, it turns out that after calling vets around the world to little avail, a procedure to help straighten Little Bear’s legs was finally found at Tufts University. (It cost a whopping $10,000.) Now Allie boasts how Little Bear has journeyed from deformed to reformed legs!

Photographic evidence also suggests that Little Bear very much enjoys lounging on his back and enticing people into a tummy rub. Smart cat.

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