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9 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Cats

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team


9 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Cats

Felines are amazing creatures that are a pleasure to spend time with. They are independent yet loving and active yet lazy, and most importantly, they can improve our quality of life as time goes on. So, what specific things can cats teach us? Just for starters, here are important life lessons that we humans can learn from cats.

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The 9 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Cats

1.  Self-Care Is Important

If you spend enough time observing your cat’s behavior, you will find that they spend a great deal of time grooming and taking care of themselves. Their impressive hygiene habits are something to make an example of. They want to stay in top form as much as possible. This helps ensure that they are always feeling their best so they can maintain their comfort and confidence.

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Image Credit: Vika hova, Shutterstock

2.  Be Independent But Learn to Trust

Cats are naturally independent creatures, but they learn how to trust their companions over time. We humans can make examples of these characteristics to help foster and encourage solid community support as a whole. Being independent in terms of caring for yourself and your family is a good thing, but it is also important to learn how to trust your friends, family, and neighbors whenever possible.

3.  Learn How to Release Your Frustrations

Cats are notorious for accumulating pent-up energy, which typically leads to being frustrated and then trying to get rid of that frustration through activities like shredding the curtains, attacking the furniture, and ruining the carpet. We can take a lesson from our felines and make sure we find a way to release our frustrations before they become so explosive that we end up destroying our own property. Heading to the gym, getting out for a hike, and playing a sport with friends are all great ways to get rid of that frustration that you might be feeling.

4.  Embrace Unconditional Love

Cats have a knack for offering unconditional love once they trust a person. They are also likely to forgive you when you don’t seem to hold up your end of the bargain. For example, while your cat lovingly and ceremoniously wakes you up each morning for work, they are not likely to hold it against you if you don’t make it home in time to feed them according to their regular dinner schedule. Instead, they will eat late and forget about the incident by the next morning. This helps keep stress levels down and ensures a happier life overall.

cat playing with woman owner
Image Credit: Oleg Ivanov,Unsplash

5.  Stay Present in the Moment

Cats teach us to stay present in the moments that we are experiencing. Felines do not get caught up in the past or the future for the most part. There are a few exceptions, of course, like when a feline has experienced trauma in some way, but for the most part, cats live in the moment.

While we cannot always live in the moment if we want to keep our lives together, we can certainly work on doing so in our downtime. Instead of worrying about bills or stressing over something that has happened in the past, we can be present and allow ourselves to experience the stillness and peace of the moment whenever we have the opportunity to do so.

6.  Don’t Overlook the Need for Rest

One of the most prominent things that people notice about cats is their knack for napping. Felines spend most of their time snoozing and maintaining their energy. Their hearty sleeping patterns help keep them lean, strong, and agile. As humans, we need just as much rest as anything else in our lives to stay happy and healthy. So, it’s a good idea to take your cat’s lead (at least occasionally) and join them in a nap when they sprawl out beside you.

7.  Grooming Is Essential

Cats do not like to be unkempt, so they spend a great deal of time grooming themselves. Those that don’t make grooming a priority tend to look more disheveled and less attractive, which gives us a clue of how we might be perceived if we put our own grooming on the back burner. Well-groomed cats tend to have smoother, more vibrant coats and a healthier look overall. We humans want glowing skin and a healthy persona, and we might have an easier time achieving these things if we make grooming an essential priority in our lives.

cat grooming itself with eyes closed
Image Credit: ErikGlez, Shutterstock

8.  Maintain Awareness of Your Surroundings

While cats can be clumsy from time to time, they are extremely aware of their surroundings and act accordingly for the most part. They know when it’s okay to relax and when it’s necessary to stay alert. They can anticipate what might happen and be prepared to respond. By maintaining an awareness of our surroundings, we can learn to do the same things and avoid problems while inviting new opportunities into our lives.

9.  Make a Point to Soak Up the Sun

Getting regular exposure to sunlight helps ensure that your body produces enough vitamin D to stay healthy as the years pass. Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and has anti-inflammatory properties that are vital for strong immune health. Just remember to wear plenty of sunscreen!

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There are many things that our cat companions can teach us. By taking a step back and observing our cat’s behaviors and habits, we can mimic their actions to improve our own lives!

Featured Image Credit: uzhursky, shutterstock

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