Someone Is Seizing Cats in England and Shaving Them


Someone is doing insane things to cats around the Cotswolds in England. It’s not your ordinary case of cruelty to animals — and it’s not even clear whether the police will level that charge, if and when they catch the perpetrator. For this person is not injuring cats, per se. This idiot is just shaving their fur.

It started months ago, and now the number of cats who were apparently grabbed in the night, subjected to the swipe of an electric razor, and then let go has grown to 10. Some cats were shaved twice. One cat was shaved four times.

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The accounts from the owners of the victimized cats are shocking:

“A few months ago they shaved him all down his back so he was left with no fur,” says Wendy Hambridge, whose 6-month-old kitten Baby was targeted twice, according to the Daily Mail.

“My cat had been shaved all down her legs and down her stomach,” says Mandy Felton, whose cat Treacle was also hit twice. “She is not really a people cat so someone must have pinned her down.”

“She’s not bald but she’s not looking very pretty,” John Kerry says of his cat Beau, who was shaved four times. “I would say it is being done with an electric razor – they would have to be very quick. They must be restraining her to do it – she had a bit of a limp.”

The latest victim is Tippi, who was hit last Thursday. Like the others, it wasn’t her first run-in with the offender.

“She came home with a patch shaved from her belly to her leg,” owner Lysetta Bray told “Then it happened again a week later. On Thursday she was missing in the morning, and when she came in she acted as though she was sore.”

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So far Gloucestershire Police have no leads and are asking the public for help.

“An element of animal cruelty could be considered if the cat was injured or distressed,” said a spokesman for the police. “But if the cat keeps coming back home with shaved patches, this would suggest it keeps going back to whoever is doing it by choice.”

While it’s a stretch to think the cats are going to the perpetrator “by choice,” there is little doubt that the occurrences are very harmful to the cats.

As Beau’s owner John Kerry told Stroud News, “I’m sure it’s taking a real toll on the cat now, the poor thing must be traumatized. I’m surprised she still wants to go outside.”

Treacle’s owner Mandy Felton says her already timid cat has also changed due to the attacks, saying she too is traumatized and is scared to leave the house.

“I’m just mystified as to why someone would do this,” she said. “It’s sick.”

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