Junior the Cat and His Stuffed Friend Goof Off on Instagram


Junior is an honorable elder statesman orange tabby cat with a freckled nose living in Philadelphia. Floppit is his dinky crocheted doppelgänger. Together, they’ve become a social media sensation as they broadcast their adventures to the world through their Instagram account.

Let’s get to up to speed with Floppit and Junior’s story, with a little help from the guy they refer to as Pops.

In West Philadelphia born and raised

Image via Instagram.

“I adopted Junior as a kitten in November of 1998 in West Philadelphia,” says Pops. “Junior’s mother was a pregnant stray who had recently been taken in and cared for by a neighbor. Soon after the litter was born, she reached out to friends in the area who might be interested in adopting a kitten.”

“I visited her home and instantly felt a bond with the tiny ball of furry, electric orange energy that I’d adopt and name Junior that very same day,” he says.

More than 17 years on from their first meeting, Pops says that Junior might not be quite as spritely as he once was, but that “our bond is stronger than ever.”

Introducing Floppit

Image via Instagram.

Now let’s talk about Junior’s crocheted pal. According to Pops, back in 2013 he asked a friend to create a small wool cat that resembled Junior. He named it Floppit, on account of his floppy limbs and tail.

“When first introduced Floppit, Junior acted true to his soft and kind personality,” recalls Pops. “He didn’t claw, bite, or even so much as lay a paw on Floppit. Junior simply gave Floppit multiple thorough sniff inspections with his freckled little nose — maybe he was searching for catnip? — and then calmly curled up for a nap.”

Shenanigans in effect

Image via Instagram.

These days, Floppit and Junior have become inseparable pals, even if Pops says that “on occasion they drive each other to the brink of insanity.”

Here’s a list of the shenanigans they regularly get up to:

  • People watching from the safety of a third-floor window.
  • Playing classic video games from the ’90s. (Apparently Floppit has never been able to persuade Junior to update to 21st-century gaming.)
  • Impromptu dance-offs and making music videos to modern trending tunes.
  • Dipping into their grade-A stash of catnip to achieve a state that Pops calls “purrvana.”
  • Napping. More precisely, Floppit likes to take up a position just below Junior’s chin, while our feline friend himself settles into a cat-loaf position. In Floppit and Junior’s world, this move is called the Napping Chin-Rest Sphinx.

A brief word on napping

Image via Instagram.

When it comes to napping, Floppit and Junior are not playing around. They’re considered grand masters of the art and have even set up their own Nap So Hard University.

What’s that, you ask?

Why, it’s only the world’s foremost “College of Your Dreams” where the only entry requirement is daily naps. And if you even needed to ask, felines currently make up 90 percent of the student body.

Who’s blaming who?

Image via Instagram.

Even though Pops characterizes Floppit and Junior as best buds, they still sometimes have the occasional tiff. He says this usually happens when “Junior invites a few lady cats over to chill and Floppit basks in the glory of playing the role of the extremely embarrassing friend Junior instantly proclaims to not know.”

Also, when the catnip, meowgaritas, and tunatinis mysteriously disappear, Junior knows exactly who to blame.

Beware the pimp-paws

Image via Instagram.

Let’s move on to the big question about this feline and crocheted-cat dynamic: Has Junior ever attempted to destroy Floppit (whether through play or anger)?

“There’s been only one instance of Junior nearly taking Floppit’s oversized wool head off,” says Pops. “Sneaking up on a sleeping Junior, Floppit had a brilliant idea to film a prank, jumping onto Junior mid-sleep with hip-hop music blazing right on cue, only to discover Junior’s reflexes are still very much intact for a 17-year-old cat.”

“Two paws sent Floppit spiraling through the air in what closely resembled a reverse wrestling body slam,” he says.

The life lesson in all this?

“Don’t mess with the slumbering Napmaster, or the pimp-paws will come out in full force.”

It’s just a fluffy thing, baby

Image via Instagram.

If you skip through Floppit and Junior’s Instagram account, you’ll notice that when they’re not dedicating their energies to being top-of-the-class students at the esteemed Nap So Hard University, they’re partial to partying.

So, what would their fantasy soiree involve?

Well, according to Pops, the music would be a mix of hip-hop, electronica, and classic slow jams, while catnip, meowgaritas, tunatinis, and buffet-style tuna and salmon would be served to a guest list that would include “a plethora of fluffy lady cats and their crazy cat lady owners.”

As a climax of revelry, the festivities would finish with “hours upon hours of watching Animal Planet on the couch surrounded by fluffy lady cats and crazy cat ladies.”

Swing by Floppit and Junior’s Instagram page to check out more of their ongoing shenanigans.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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