7 Holiday Arts and Crafts … For, Um, Cats


Cats are natural artists. They are the Martha Stewarts and Picassos of the animal kingdom. Many people love to get all artsy and craftsy during the holiday season. I’m not super crafty, but I did make a kick-ass double-sided table runner a few Christmases ago. Martha would probably snub my effort, but I think it rocks pretty hard. You should see how I made the holly line up on the seams. It’s magical, I tell you.

Cats create with such seamless grace and skill. And they aren’t showy and full of themselves when displaying the final product — not like I am with my awesome table runner. Their aloof nature makes them appear quite humble and self-assured in their craft.

Here are seven holiday arts and crafts created by cats.

1. Maison de Papier (House of Paper)

Materials Needed: decorative wrapping paper, tissue paper (optional)

Instructions: Locate at least two patterns of wrapping paper. Layer paper pieces so all patterns are visible. Do not worry about rips — they create flair. Make sure any dangling tape pieces are within easy reach of mouths. Climb inside and wait for the admirers to take notice and snap photos to post on Facebook. This is free publicity for your art.

2. Centerpieces

Materials needed: Christmas tree clippings, ribbons, tree decorations, you

Instructions: Simply lie on top of any pile of festive holiday material and don’t move. Creating a centerpiece on top of a table is ideal, but do not let location stop you from your craft.

3. Festive boa

Material needed: holiday garland

Instructions: While human is decorating the tree, locate a strand of holiday garland. Grab it with your mouth and run into another room. Chew through the garland to create desired length. Drape boa around neck or shoulder area. Look fabulous.

Note: Garland already on the tree? No worries! Don’t be afraid to remove garland from tree. Don’t be alarmed by falling tree — embrace the natural order and create another project. (See No. 5.)

4. Avant-garde Christmas tree performance art

Materials needed: Christmas tree, you

Instructions: Climb inside Christmas tree and position yourself so passersby can behold your art. Experiment with various poses and find opportunities to look ironic.

5. Tree, deconstructed

Materials needed: Decorated Christmas tree and you

Instructions: Find a way to tip over tree and allow the decorations to organically tumble and roll to their final location. Roll around on and under tree skirt to create eye-catching folds and twists in the fabric. Lie beside your creation and wait for applause.

Note: Smaller trees are easier to deconstruct; however, experienced artists have been known to create unforgettable displays by taking down live, eight-foot Scotch pines.

6. Simple cat bed

Material needed: sheets of used tissue paper (any color)

Instructions: Straighten and layer wadded-up tissue paper, creating the desired size and texture. Lie on top of “bed” and reap the compliments from friends and family. Glance smugly at other jealous, less crafty cats. Take a nap.

7. Liquid art

Material needed: container of cold liquid (egg nog is the perfect holiday medium)

Instructions: Use paw to gently tip the container and release the liquid onto the surface. Watch as liquid spreads to create unique designs. Do not touch or lick the liquid. Allow the liquid art to naturally take shape. Stand proudly beside your creation.

What kinds of holiday arts and crafts would your cat create? Tell us in the comments!

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