10 Great Gifts for Cat Lovers We Found on Etsy


If you’ve spent any time in a mall over the past 12 months, you know that 2014 was the year of the cat when it comes to mass-produced consumer goods. You couldn’t swing a cat (not that anyone should) in a shopping center in 2014 without hitting a rack of cat-themed merchandise.

You would think the proliferation of cat goods would make it easier to shop for our fellow cat lovers, but I think it actually makes it harder. How do you find a great gift for someone who was all about cats before kitty-chic was cool? Where do you shop for someone who scoffs at the bandwagon-jumping cat merch offered at the local shopping center — someone who knew cats were cool before the malls caught on?

Etsy, that’s where.

The online marketplace offers plenty of choices for the cat lover in your life who deserves a gift as unique as she is. Here are 10 awesome cat-themed Etsy gifts.

1. Catalope leggings

I actually have a pair of these leggings in a different color (mustard yellow). I bought them from this seller a couple years ago and wear them all the time. Because the mustard yellow shade is close to my skin tone, people often think the catalope designs are tattoos until they get close enough to realize I’m wearing pants. I’m recommending the black leggings with a white print in part because the mustard yellow color doesn’t seem to be available any longer, and also because I think most people will get more wear out of black (even if cat hair does show more on the darker color).

I may end up gifting a pair of these to myself soon because my original mustard hued pair now have a dime-sized hole in them thanks to a wayward nail in a restaurant booth. Give a cat-loving friend the gift of whimsical leg covers this Christmas — and maybe warn them to watch out for wayward nails.

$34 at SimkaSol

2. Leather cat head bag

I seriously cannot decide if this purse is spectacular, scary, or both. There’s something about this (very expensive, but very unique) purse that is just kind of creepy. Maybe the "c" on the front of the purse actually stands for "creepy," not "cat." While the photos sure are intriguing, I don’t think this listing is for this exact bag. It’s a custom order, so you could get a 3-D leather head purse of any pet you want. Maybe check how the intended gift recipient feels about having their beloved pet’s likeness remade in leather before shelling out the big bucks for this one.

$299.99 at ramonpiper

3. Cat pillows

This yellow-eyed pillow really catches my eye, and not just because it bears a bit of a resemblance to my beautiful Specter. My cats treat me like a pillow all the time — I might as well reverse the roles. The artist behind this shop has several different cat face pillows for sale, and if you don’t find the right one for the friend on your shopping list, this store has a listing for a custom pillow (for about ten times the price).

$30 at SarahClarkArt

4. Glamour shot cat plate

This decorative kitten plate is super ’90s and super awesome. If you know a cat person who is also a Harry Potter person, you could pass this gift off one of the decorative plates collected by Professor Dolores Umbridge during the 1995-96 Hogwarts school year. The only thing that sets this plate apart from the ones she hung at Hogwarts is the lack of movement in the portrait. Maybe someone cast a Muggle spell on this plate. It doesn’t matter — a plate this great doesn’t need magic movement to induce awe.

$20 at Daysgonebytreasures

5. Ceramic cat treat jar

This adorable cookie jar would be perfect for storing bulk cat treats, or even human treats. A unique vintage piece, you won’t find this kitty’s twin at the local kitchenwares store. This black cat would look great in any cat lover’s kitchen, adding a dash of ceramic charm and old school cuteness.

$22 at TheOldCatHouse

6. Cat playplace

If you’re searching for a gift that both a cat lover and their cats will love, look no further than the Etsy seller CatastrophiCreations. This special cat climbing unit will provide a kitty with hours of vertical adventures, and the humans in the house will no doubt enjoy watching all the feline fun. Cat lovers know kitties like nothing more than being high off the floor, and this playplace will allow the cats to climb, jump and nap while high in the sky. If this particular unit isn’t your cat’s cup of tea, there’s plenty more to choose from in this Etsy seller’s kitty-centric store.

$98 at CatastrophiCreations

7. Colorful cat wall decal

This colorful kitty will brighten up any space without breaking out the paintbrushes. If a cat lover on your shopping list is currently trapped in a lease and rental white walls, this pretty kitty could be just the thing to bring some brightness to a boring space. It’s removable, so you can rest assured your gift if not going to cost them their damage deposit.

$11.99+ at MyWallStickers

8. Many cats phone case

There are cat-themed phone cases at every case kiosk in every mall, but do you really want to gift your loved one with a case that’s covering phones all over town? By purchasing an Etsy case the chances of your giftee running into phones dressed the same as theirs significantly decreases. This case is provides the maximum amount of cuteness the back of an iPhone can handle. If only I could stand to use an iPhone, I would have this phone case for myself — but since I am Android for life I can’t have all these tiny cat faces protecting my pocket computer. If someone on your shopping list is an Apple fan, then maybe these cute kittens can find a home on her phone.

$15.99+ at afterimages

9. Cat guitar strap

I cannot guarantee that these three technicolor kitties will make your guitar playing friend a better musician … but they will definitely make them a cooler musician. With this gift your friend or family member will be the raddest person at any jam session. As any cat lover knows, kitties know a thing or two about shredding, and with this trio adding extra awesomeness to a guitar player’s performance they will be doing the other kind of shredding in no time.

$49 at couchguitarstraps

10. A vest of many cats

I just seriously love the title of this listing. "Multiple Domestic Realistic Cats Vest" is how the seller describes this reversible item, which will add a dash of kitty style to an otherwise bland outfit. That’s a poetic listing title, and it’s a pretty great vest too. Who wouldn’t want to walk around with multiple domestic realistic cats on their chest? I would — and I bet at least one of the people you’re shopping for this Christmas would too.

$20 at nancymctear

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About the author: Heather Marcoux is a freelance writer in Alberta, Canada. Her beloved Ghost Cat was once her only animal, but Specter the kitten and GhostBuster the dog make her fur family complete. Heather is also a wife, a bad cook and a former TV journalist. Some of her friends have hidden her feed because of an excess of cat pictures. If you don’t mind cat pictures, you can follow her on Twitter; she also posts pet GIFs on Google +

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