10 Funny Cat Pictures I Couldn’t Fit in My Whiskerslist Calendar


When my first book, whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds, came out last year, I was thrilled! People actually wanted to buy something I wrote — and my humor could be as ridiculous as I wanted it to be. In fact, a few times I was told to make something “weirder.” For a girl who was in constant trouble for acting silly in school, this was a dream come true.

Then, something else cool happened. Another publisher approached me to create a 2015 page-a-day whiskerslist calendar. Wow! That meant people would get to read those crazy feline-themed craigslist parody ads every day. By the way, the calendar is currently on pre-order, and will officially be available July 25.

I recently put out a call out to my friends, asking for funny or interesting cat photos I could include in the calendar. With a page-a-day (weekends are one page), I’d definitely need more funny cats pics. Photos flooded my inbox, and it took me an entire afternoon to sort and file them. You wouldn’t believe (or you probably would) how many fantastic choices there were. It was quite the task to decide which to use. That, of course, meant some really great ones wouldn’t make the cut. It felt like such a shame not to share a few of these pics, so Catster agreed to allow me to post some of them here.

I hope you enjoy these 10 photos I wish I could have used in my calendar.

1. Barbie orgy

Oh, there were several similar ones in a series of Scratchy and the Barbie dolls. Gretchen calls the photos the “Barbie orgy.” I love how Scratchy is smiling while he’s getting to second base with one of Barbie’s naked friends.

2. Tongue time

Little Peanut’s tongue totally kills me. I mean, come on!! I don’t care if he had cat food breath — I’d kiss his little “lips” right now.

3. Wigged out

Sunny is no stranger to wearing clothing. Best thing about this pic: the glossy wig attached to the hat. Ahhhhh!!!

4. Flapjack feline

Gorilla doesn’t take a bad photo, and frequently likes to slide up the the breakfast bar. By the way, he’d like his pancakes … now.

5. Hello, ladies!

I just love Cobain’s “come hither” position. This could have been a great personals ad. Look at the “arm” on his hip. I’m sure that swagger brings all the ladies to the yard.

6. The thinker

Hmmm … Alfie Kat is considering something very important, don’t you think? Cats have to make such difficult choices. Poor babies.

7. Spillage

Thomas belongs to our very own Senior Editor Keith Bowers (the Cat Dandy) and his fianc├®e, Daphne. There were a few pics of Thomas spilling out of his heated bed. Cat spillage is always funny!

8. Mine!

Abby wants to get her paws on Jackson Galaxy … except he’s not in that cup. Sorry, Abby. If it’s any consolation, you look adorable trying to do it.

9. Merry Christmas?

Pippa (the little one) and Poppy (the larger version) look oh-so-thrilled to wear their holiday sweaters. Poppy’s probably saying, “Sorry, kid.”

10. Cornucopia cat

Miles is always up to something and there are probably a hundred stories I could “produce” about why he’s holding these fruits and vegetables. Haha.

Which photo do you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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About the Author: Angie Bailey is an eternal optimist with an adoration of all things silly. Loves pre-adolescent boy humor, puns, making up parody songs, thinking about cats doing people things and The Smiths. Writes Catladyland, a cat humor blog, Texts from Mittens (birthed right here on Catster) and authored whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds, a silly book about cats wheeling and dealing online. Partner in a production company and writes and acts in comedy web series that features sketches and mockumentaries. Mother to two humans and three cats, all of which want her to make them food.

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