Grace Coddington of Vogue Magazine Also Draws Cats


In the fashion world, Grace Coddington is renowned for the nearly three decades she served as creative director at Vogue magazine. She’s also pretty besotted with cats and whittles out a sideline showcasing her love of the feline form through cat illustrations. Here’s your introduction to this kitty crazed fashionista.

Introducing Grace and Pumpkin

Image via Instagram

Here is a self-portrait of Grace and her cat, Pumpkin. As you can see, her kitty is not shy about slipping into a skimpy bikini, leaving Grace to keep it dignified.

The height of fashion

Image via Instagram

Next up we have Pumpkin snagging the spotlight for herself. She’s a lovably rotund feline with a sharp eye for fashion. According to the original Instagram caption, here Pumps is sporting “Dior couture, look number 37.” It pairs well with a long, fluffy tail.

Lounge cats

Image via Instagram

You can detect a strong dose of proud crazy cat lady in Grace’s illustrations. Check out the array of kitty photos adorning the nightstand, as Grace and Pumpkin deal with a “state of emergency” by lounging around and “re-watching all the episodes of Nashville.”

Here’s Blanket!

Image via Instagram

Let’s meet Blanket, once of Grace’s real-life cats. Taking a cue from his human, he’s all about accessorizing. Here he’s napping inside a hat like a true champion of leisure.

Poolside antics

Image via Instagram

Sometimes all you need to know about a picture is in the hashtags. Here we’ve got #Bart, #Wet, and #FellInPool. Let’s just say our uncoordinated friend is not exactly enamored by his quick dip.

Don’t panic

Image via Instagram

Don’t worry, Bart was fully restored to his fluffy state of being shortly after his pool mishap.

Smell the roses

Image via Instagram

Grace recently launched her own perfume, in cahoots with Comme de Garcons Parfum. Disappointingly, its smell is meant to be redolent of roses rather than, say, wet cat or two-day-old kibble. At least the top of the bottle is feline-shaped.

Naked Neil

Image via Instagram

Inspired by the Oscars, this illustration shows Pumpkin in a poofy dress posing next to Neil Patrick Harris in nothing but his underwear. “Neil, do you think I’m a little overdressed?” asks Pumps.

Pumpkin’s pic

Image via Instagram

Finally, if you were wondering, here’s what Pumpkin looks like in her (somewhat blurry) real-life splendor.

Check out more of Grace’s cat-themed illustrations and antics over at her Instagram account.

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