Get to Know a Cat Guy: Singer Robin Radus of “The Cat Food Song”


During a very important research session (aka surfing the interwebs mindlessly looking at cat pictures and videos for longer than I care to share), I stumbled upon a phenomenal music video on YouTube called “The Cat Food Song.” As my cursor flew to the Play button, I had no idea what to expect. A song about cat food? My cats like to sing their praises about their food, but I’m not so sure I’ve ever heard a person do it.

What I heard, though, was pure cat-lover gold. On a mission to meet this song’s maker, I started digging deeper and found that it was sung by a super enthusiastic Cat Guy! We love cat guys!

His name is Robin Radus. He worships his two cats (as all cats should be worshipped) and also wrote a second song titled “The Crunchies Song.” Clearly, we need to know more about such a man! And so, for your cat-guy-loving pleasure, I interviewed Robin! I tried to also speak with his two cats, but they were napping. Figures.

First, let’s hear the song that started it all!

Catster: When did you first realize you were a cat guy?

Robin: I didn’t realize I was a cat guy until it was brought to my attention … by a cat, of course! Back in 1989, I started putting food and water out for a beautiful long-haired black-and-white stray I named Cat. Because she was an “outdoor” cat, I never considered bringing her in the house, even after her water dish froze over. It wasn’t until she leapt into my arms one cold winter morning at the end of the year that I realized that our bond was deeper than I imagined.

All of my cats were rescued: Harry was discovered at my doorstep in August of 1997 with a neck wound that needed medical attention (and which healed magnificently); and Bear popped up in my back yard in July of 2005, climbing the neighbor’s fence. (She climbed to a great height, then slipped and fell eight feet to the ground. She was winded, but unharmed.)

Sounds like cats know just whose house to show up at! Funny how they just know. I find I’m constantly on cats’ radar, too. So why did you name your kitties Harry and Bear?

My male cat, the tabby, is named Harry and my female black cat is named Bear. Harry the Cat was originally named Harcourt Brace, after the publishing company, because of his great love of books and for lying on top of them (he also likes pencils). The girl cat, Bear, looked exactly like a bear cub when she was a kitten; the name stuck, even after she grew out of her “ursine” phase. (Bear likes books also; her favorite author is Stephen King.)

Are you constantly covered in cat hair … and do you wear it proudly?

I am constantly removing cat hair from myself and the furniture and various other places. If I collect enough fur, perhaps some day I’ll knit a sweater.

Ooooh. Do you know of the book called Crafting with Cat Hair? You might want to check into that. Assuming you haven’t already done any cat-hair crafting, what’s the craziest cat guy thing you’ve ever done?

I’m not sure how crazy anything is when I do it for the cats. I’ve arranged my entire schedule around them, rushing home in the middle of the day to feed them, waking up in the middle of the night to pay attention to them — when the cats are concerned, nothing I do for them seems crazy to me.

On the other hand, when I recorded “The Crunchies Song,” I collected dozens and dozens of boxes of empty dry cat food boxes for the accompanying photos. And I do save lots of cardboard boxes for them to add to their collection of real estate. You could say that I allow my cats to indulge their interior design fantasies in my house. Again, I’m not sure if that’s crazy.

If collecting cardboard boxes is crazy, then I think we’re all probably a little insane around here! I like how you call it “real estate,” though. That adds such a classy touch. So are your cats always so classy, or have they ever gotten you in trouble before?

My cat pals have never gotten me in trouble. They are intelligent and loyal and devoted to comfort and security. And they run into the closet when the guy from UPS comes, just like I sing in “The Cat Food Song.”

Pet names. No doubt your cats haz them. What are some of the things you call Harry and Bear?

Harry the Cat is often called Mister Fuzzers or even Mister Sir, when I’m feeling formal. Bear is often referred to as Bearsie, or Bearletta, or Miss Bearletta Bearlet, for short.

I like the, um, shortened version. It just kind of rolls off the tongue. Again, just really-classy sounding. You do some great work writing songs and things. We’re impressed. Do you cats ever help or go with you to work?

My furry feline companions never leave the house, so they often help me with my work. If I’m typing and concentrating really hard, Harry likes to scratch the desk and offer suggestions for alternative activities, like petting. Bear likes to sing loud distracting arias from various cat operas — she’s a soprano, by the way.

She could be the next American Cat Idol! Or maybe you two should sing a duet (and share it with us when you do, of course).

Inquiring cat lovers want to know (actually we just want to justify our own closets): Do you have any kitty-themed items in your wardrobe?

I have one shirt that features five animated cats walking towards you on the front, and on the back of the shirt you see their hindquarters, walking away.

Excellent. We hope you wear it proudly out and about! One last question: Do you think cat guys can be as crazy as cat ladies?

Actually, I’ve never met any crazy cat ladies, so I don’t know.

Pssshhhha! You’ll know lots of cat ladies after this interview gets posted! Hehe. Thanks so much for talking to Catster, Robin! We love you, your kitties, and your music. Keep up the great work!

P.S. Robin said he asked his cats to comment and add anything they felt he left out, but they were both too busy napping. Maybe next time we’ll get to hear from themÔǪ

P.P.S. “The Cat Food Song” is available on iTunes if you want to download it!

P.P.S. What’s that? You want to hear “The Crunchies Song”? Ask and you shall receive!

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