Videos We Love: Watch These Cats Battle Windshield Wipers

With April showers come windshield wipers that do their thing: scaring the bejesus out of cats.


Your car’s windshield wipers clear your view and keep you safe while driving in the rain, but did you ever think about the effect this seemingly harmless piece of technology has on your cat’s well-being? With the spring rainy season approaching and April showers working hard to bring us those May flowers, we’ll be seeing windshield wipers in action a lot more often.

This is a threat to the sanity of cats everywhere, for whom windshield wipers rank right below vacuum cleaners on the list of “things that will almost certainly kill me” — either that, or right alongside the laser pointer as a most formidable foe.

If these videos are any indicator, in addition to jorts, leaves on the trees, and red-alert allergy warnings, this spring we should also be on the lookout for freaked-out felines fleeing the scene after an ill-timed windshield investigation leads to ABSOLUTE CHAOS.

1. Dashboard cat vs. windshield wipers

Apparently Mei the cat “has a thing for windshield wipers.” Perched on the dashboard wearing an adorable red scarf, Mei is so dedicated to catching his elusive prey that I’m not sure whether to laugh at him or give him another treat.

2. Thanks but no thanks

This handsome orange tabby feels completely comfortable prowling the hood of this car — until the windshield wipers start doing their deadly dance. It only takes a few swipes for the cat to give up and abandon his endeavor entirely. Really, his eyes say it all — he has NO IDEA what’s going on.

3. A dramatic reaction

The whole time we’re watching this two-minute video, the tension builds. We know what’s coming — this poor, unsuspecting kitty is in for a serious surprise. Just wait for it — and remember that “no kitties were harmed in the making of this video.”

4. Scaredy cats can fly

This video, like the cat walking on two legs, never gets old no matter how many times I watch it. If this cat were a human, he would be some kind of Olympic record-setting track star.

5. Mind = blown

This kitten is so confused and overwhelmed by the windshield wipers that his little head starts twitching, almost as though he’s initiated some kind of adorable self-destruct sequence.

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