6 Cats Who Buck the Tradition of Cardboard Boxes


Cats and boxes go together like peanut butter and jelly. We have no less than four cardboard boxes sitting around our house at any given time. It’s like my cats have box radar — they know exactly when I’ve placed a fresh one on the floor. Then it’s a race to see who jumps in and claims first dibs.

Lately I’m starting to think it’s not just the box that’s so enticing. I’ve found a few defiant cats who seem to be zoned in on the cardboard part of the cardboard-box dealio. Here are five cats who prove my point.

1. System-buster

We have these cardboard Catty Stacks, which are stackable cubes with little hole “doors” for a cat’s entrance and exit. There’s a perforation around the holes so you can punch out a part of it and create a larger door for kitty. After I punched out one of the holes, I discovered the cardboard made a prefect frisbee and started gently tossing it around the house. Phoebe wasn’t at all interested in my exciting new “toy.” Instead, I later found her stationed on top of the disk, claiming its comfortable (?) cardboard-ness. Cats want cardboard … and they don’t want us to tell them how to enjoy it.

I’m not a part of your “system.”

2. Define this!

This cat’s not gonna buy into your definition of “box.” This giant lid is almost a traditional box, but just enough not-a-full box that she feels a little rebellious. And just for an extra flip of the tail to “the man,” she’s going to stretch out diagonally.

That’s right, diagonally.

3. Cardboard tube of mystery

A box? A tube? A boxy cardboard tube? This cat doesn’t feel like he needs to justify why he likes his boxy cardboard tube. He just wants to be enveloped in cardboard. And maybe he’s also into birth reenactments. Who’s to say? Apparently not us.

Who are you, the box police?

4. Refuses to explain anything

This piece of cardboard was perhaps at one time a legit box, but now it’s falling apart and kitty just wants a little corner of cardboard to loaf on for a little while. Maybe it was her childhood box that she had discovered had become completely dilapidated? Or this could have been the closest piece of cardboard she could find, and needed a fix. She doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone.

Now go away.

5. Performance artist

Some artsy cats, like this one, take the box-bucking a step further. They want the cardboard, but they also want to become a piece of performance art.

Be gone with that Costco box, and stop disturbing my “craft.”

6. He who shall decide the shape

This not-box gives the slight impression of sides, but doesn’t have a bottom at all. The cardboard sides are moveable, which allows Moo the cat to change the shape of the not-box at any given time.

Can an Amazon box do that? Can it? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Does your cat buck the traditional cardboard box? Tell us about it in the comments!

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