Dante the Dapper Cat Knows That Less Is More


The bio of this week’s Instagram sensation gets right to the point: “My name is Dante and I am the Dapper Cat.”

Our feline friend used to be a show cat, but he retired (as a champion) at age two. Now you can find Dante making the social media scene sparkle as he dresses up in an eye-catching array of outfits. Here’s your formal introduction to Dante’s fashionable world.

Baby blue

Image via Instagram

According to his owner, Paria, Dante is “an Exotic Shorthair seal lynx colorpoint with gorgeous baby blues from the Bay Area.”

As he’s a retired show cat, these days he’s all about enjoying the leisurely life: “I wanted to adopt Dante and give him the retirement he deserved — sleeping, eating, playing, being petted on command, and hopefully turning into an Internet sensation.”

A dapper chap

Image via Instagram

Paria says that Dante showed an instant talent for dressing up and looking smart.

“I realized he was a dapper cat right when I put that first bow tie on him,” she says. “He loved it and didn’t try even once to take it off!”

Dante soon graduated to amassing quite the wardrobe. “It doesn’t stop at the bow ties,” she explains. “He loves wearing other dapper things like cozy winter hats on chilly days, hoodies like Bieber, and the list goes on!”

“For Dante, being dapper is a lifestyle — it’s in his walk and his meow!” she says.

Spring again

Image via Instagram

With spring about to announce itself in full bloom, what are Dante’s seasonal tips for any kitties looking to spruce up their image?

“Be bold! Choose fun prints and colors that bring out your personality the best! Try flowers, pastels, neon colors — whatever suits you most. But always remember: It is not the clothes that make the cat, but the cat that makes the clothes.”

Be comfortable in your own fur

Image via Instagram

While Dante might be recognized as a fashion forward feline around town, not all cats are quite as savvy with their sartorial decisions. So when it comes to avoiding kitty clothing faux pas, Paria says Dante’s advice is simple:

“Less is more! Be comfortable in your own fur — you’re perfect just the way you are. Try to stick to what your cat likes the best and develop a style that fits who he or she is.”

Everyone loves Dante

Image via Instagram

“I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t fall in love with him!” exclaims Paria when asked about Dante’s demeanor. “He’s obsessed with feathers, twigs, and plastic bags (he likes to pat them with his paws).”

“I always call him my keeper because he is constantly watching me from a distance,” she continues, “or insisting to let him into closed doors to take a quick look around, only to be back an hour later for another checkup.”

“In the mornings, he loves to pat me softly on my face to wake up and then sleep directly on top of my chest/neck/face, making the loudest purrs you’ve ever heard,” she says. “Dante’s just a total cuddler!”

Winding down

Image via Instagram

When he’s not buffing up on the latest cat trends, you can find Dante relaxing at home with a classy bottle of vino. At the moment, Paria says he’s very much into pairing “a nice cat-barnet with dry-aged ribeye.”

Sashay over to Dante’s Instagram account for more of his fashionable pics.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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