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I will happily confess that I am a cat lady. Let me correct that: I am a PROUD and LOUD cat lady. Hear me meow! As I’ve had as many as 13 house cats at once, this is not really a secret to those who know me. I have loved cats and had them in my life since birth, and I imagine I will have cats until I die. They will be in my will, I am sure. That said, I am also a Leo, and Leos are known for being collectors of things. So how does this all fit together? Well, I collect cat lady things, of course!

Here are five of my favorite must-haves for any cat lady in your life. Some of them are on my wish list (hint hint!) and may soon be on yours!

1. Hand-Knitted Kitty Hat from Crafty Beavers Etsy Shop

I discovered Crafty Beavers on a visit to a local handmade crafts fair in Columbus, Ohio. I immediately bought my first Kitty Hat and have since had her make me two more: one for me and one for my husband.

These hats are super soft and keep your head nice and toasty on cool days. They can be made to order in pretty much any color combo you want — and, HELLO, you can pretend you are a cat. Win-win!

2. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure from Archie McPhee

The first time I saw this item, I belly laughed. It was ME in plastic! The wild-haired Crazy Cat Lady comes with six cat figurines and one cat lounging on her shoulder, for a total of seven cats — just like me! She is comfortable with herself and not ashamed to live in her pajamas — also like me! I cannot stress enough how much I relate to her, and I’m sure you will, too.

I feel a true cat lady would be remiss not to have this action figure in her cat house collection. Archie McPhee has a lot of awesome items for cat lovers, but this is by far my favorite item. I keep it on a shelf in my kitchen so I can see it every day, and it always brings a big grin to my face.

3. Cat Butt Magnet Set from Blue Q

A true Cat Lady loves everything about her cats, butts and all. We find cat butts adorable, and even hairballs have a certain je ne sais quoi to them. I mean, cat butts are a part of life for any cat lady — all of my fur babies show me their butts multiple times a day, and I can ID them easily from behind.

I knew I needed the Cat Butt Magnet Set, which contains five cat butts plus a bonus hairball magnet. Who doesn’t need this for the fridge door? It’s always a conversation starter when someone goes into our kitchen. Heck, why not buy two and make someone else’s refrigerator happy?

If you really want to get into cat butts, you can also get Cat Butt Liquid Hand Soap, Cat Butt Pencil Cases, Cat Butt Coin Purses, and Cat Butt Gum at this site, all with the same wonderful motif.

4. Japanese Kigurumi Cosplay Pajamas (cat styles) from Think Geek

What cat lady wardrobe could possibly be complete without a pair of cat pajamas? Enter these awesome fleecy onesies. The name Kigurumi combines the Japanese words: kiru (“to wear”) and nuigurumi (“stuffed toy”). They are available in gray tabby or black cat styles and look amazingly comfy and warm.

I’m not into cosplay, but I still want the black cat style for myself. I can just imagine lounging around in bed or lying in the sunlight wearing these PJs and having my belly rubbed. Wait … maybe that is cosplay?! They also come in other animal styles, but who cares? Not this cat lady!

5. Cat-Themed Stuff

No self-respecting cat lady can have a cat house or cat wardrobe without assorted cat-themed artworks and accessories on every surface possible, including your own body. My home is full of paintings, prints, statues, stuffed animals, desk accessories, and jewelry, so I encourage you to let your mind go wild. I personally lean more toward animated artwork and knickknacks.

I love walking thru my home and seeing my collection of cat stuff and, of course, adding to it. I don’t have a favorite brand or place to get them, but rather I grab them as I go along living my life!

Do you have any of these items in your cat house? Share your wants and desires of all things cat in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I was not paid nor was I asked to promote any brands or companies listed in this article.

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