We Chat With MacKenzie DeVito of No Bones About It, a Vegan Food Truck in Seattle


Catster_Heroes_award1_small_5.pngI am not vegan. However, I admire those who commit to a lifestyle that is good for animals and for the planet. Maybe one day I’ll get there, but for now, I will do my part by shining a light on those who live well by doing well.

I learned about the No Bones About It food truck from the Kitty Harbor Facebook page last spring. No Bones planned to donate a portion of its June 2015 profits to the nonprofit cat shelter, which Catster profiled in June 2014.

Kittens at Kitty Harbor in 2014.  Photo by Kezia Willingham.

I thought that was cool and wanted to learn more about this business that prioritizes giving back to the animal welfare community while creating a necessary outlet for vegan and vegan-friendly humans. Plus, I’m a sucker for people who dare to take the risk to make personal dreams come true.

No Bones Gives Back 2% Monthly Profits to Animal Welfare Non-Profits. Photo by Kezia Willingham.

I caught up with MacKenzie DeVito via email and then in person one day when No Bones served lunch at Trupanion’s office. I found the deep -fried, beer-battered, veggie-loaded, avocado tacos well worth the visit.

Deep-fried, beer battered avocado tacos! Yum! Photo by Kezia Wilingham

Here is what MacKenzie, a devoted cat-lover, had to say about her vegan food truck and commitment to animal welfare.

The No Bones Ladies August 2015.  MacKenzie on viewers left. Photo by Kezia Willingham.

Kezia Willingham for Catster: What gave you the idea to open a vegan food truck?

MacKenzie DeVito for No Bones About It food truck: I had been looking for a brick-and-mortar restaurant for more than three years, and because commercial real estate brokers are way overvaluing property, we had to come up with an alternate plan. We were sitting at a Ballard brewery one night when a food truck rolled up. I had never thought about opening a food truck but the very next day, I called about some used ones and that’s when it all started.

Where do the recipes come from?

I make them up. I find inspiration in travel and beautiful vegetables. I don’t usually look up vegan specific recipes. I look up regular (meaty/cheesy recipes) and try to vegan-ize them.

No Bones Menu 2015. Photo by Kezia Willingham.

You give a certain percentage of your profits to animal rescue groups every month — is that correct? Why do you do this?

It has always been my plan. I figure the best way to get the vegan point across is to pull on people’s heartstrings. I mean, everyone loves family pets, right? So, what is so different [from a pet] than killing a sweet pig or cow? There’s just too much violence against animals.

How much money did you raise for Kitty Harbor?

Blue eyed kitty at Kitty Harbor

We raised close to $400.

Are all your employees vegan?

MacKenzie and ladies by food truck 2015. Photo by Kezia Willingham.

Four of us are 100 percent crazy vegans, one of us is about 99 percent, and two are transitioning.

How many pets do you have?

Five cats: Walter, Corina-Corina, Chloe, Jose Reyes, and Rosalie Apriel.

A cat of MacKenzie's from No Bones Instragram

How long have you been interested in animal welfare?

MacKenzie's black cat from No Bones Instagram
MacKenzie’s black cat from No Bones Instagram

It started for me when I got my first cat, Chloe. It didn’t take long for me to become a big softy when it came to animals.

Do you foresee opening a brick-and-mortar establishment?

We are opening a brick-and-mortar establishment in early 2016. We just got the keys two weeks ago.

No Bones Food Truck full view. Photo by Kezia Willingham.

When you are in Seattle, stop by No Bones About It Food Truck to order a great meal and give back to animal welfare at the same time. You can find the truck’s schedule on the company’s website or its Facebook page. The company also offers catering in the Seattle area.

About Kezia Willingham: Also known as the Breadwinning Laundry Queen, Kezia lives in Seattle with her family, which includes two human children and a pack of rescued animals. She works as the Health Coordinator for an urban Head Start program and writes for Catster, Dogster, and xoJane.com. You can follow her on Twitter @KeziaWillingham.

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