Our Obsessions Include Doctor Who, Convicts, and a Robot Cat


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It’s time for the cat-themed products and projects that obsess us. This round includes an effort to bring indoor cats back home, Doctor Who’s Cat, cat journals, a cross-eyed cat who found a new home, a robotic cat companion from Hasbro, and marshmallows from Japan.

1. The Kitty Convict Project

Created by the team behind the popular kitty-themed card game Exploding Kittens and Matt Inman of the online comic The Oatmeal, The Kitty Convict Project aims to turn more lost cats into found cats and solve the problem of the estimated 7 million pets who go missing each year.

When people see a dog running around outside, they assume he’s lost. But when people see a cat outside, they often just assume he’s a stray or community cat. So those missing pet cats never get reported.


The project encourages all indoor cats to wear orange collars. Why orange? It’s bright and reflective. The idea is to make the color of convict orange an easily recognizable universal symbol of indoor cats. A cat outside who is wearing an orange collar might be an escapee who needs help getting home. — Annie Shirreffs

2. Doctor Who’s Cat

I love Doctor Who, so I follow Doctor Who’s Cat on Twitter. (As far as I recall, the Doctor has never had a cat, although cats have made appearances throughout the years on the show.)

Dr. Who's Cat adds a TARDIS to "Starry Night."
Doctor Who’s Cat adds a TARDIS to “Starry Night.”

So what does Doctor Who’s Cat tweet? Wonderful illustrations based on Doctor Who with a cute gray-and-white cat popping in and out. Sometimes the cat even posts about his day — “Got up this morning, had some breakfast, hunted some butterflies, slept, had some lunch, slept, went to bed.” Fans of Doctor Who will enjoy seeing a cat hanging out with the Twelfth Doctor, Daleks, and Ood. — Melissa Kauffman

3. Animal Journals: Cats


I’ve been looking for a cute notebook to start keeping track of my foster kittens, but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Then by some feline magic, this set of four journals from Princeton Architectural Press appeared on my desk. Featuring colorful prints by artists Ben Giles, Leah Reena Goren, Geoffrey Martin, and Alice Pattullo, each of the paperback journals has lined paper, a sewn spine, and measures 5.5 by 7 inches. Check out the inside back covers for information about the artists, along with their websites so you can see more great cat art. The journal four-pack costs $16.95. – Annie

4. Muni the Cross-eyed Cat

#throwbackthursday ??+?=❤️

A photo posted by Muni The Cross Eyed Cat❤️ (@muni.the.cat) on

I find all cats adorable, and Muni the cross-eyed cat is no exception. In 2012, Ani Hovsepian rescued a confused and hungry Muni when she found the cat wandering the streets of Yerevan, Armenia.

“One look from those blue eyes was enough to warm me up,” she said.

The two quickly bonded, and Ani made an Instagram account for Muni, who now has more than 9,000 followers.

“It is very touching that so many people can be invited into our corner of the world to appreciate her,” she said. – Samar Khoury

5. Joy for All Companions Pet Cats

Okay, I had to pick this as an obsession. Hasbro has created an animatronic cat. Yep — this nifty kitty has touch-activated sensors on its body and light-activated sound sensors.


So what does that mean? Well, it responds to petting, hugging, and motion, just like cats. VibraPurr technology allows the cat to meow. Of course, these kitties are covered in soft fur (no shedding!), so they’re perfect for any of our friends or family members who want a cat but can’t have one. No litter box to clean. The human needs four 1.5V C alkaline batteries (which are included). These cool cats are good for young children (ages 5 and older) and would make a great companion for our most senior citizens.

They come in Creamy White Cat, Silver Cat with White Mitts, and Orange Tabby Cat; $99.99. — Melissa

6. Cat Marshmallows


I love marshmallows, kittens, and chocolate. So you can probably imagine my excitement when I saw that kitty-shaped and -printed marshmallows with chocolate cream filling exist. Yes, you read that right. Japanese company Felissimo sells these adorable marshmallows in a 12-piece set, and the kitties come in different colors. They are too cute and yummy to resist. $21 with international shipping fee of about $29. — Samar

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