5 Things My Cats and I Both Go Nuts Over


I’ve always naturally clicked with cats. From as far back as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed spending time with kitties more often than hanging with most humans. I think part of the reason is that we share some of the same interests. In fact, we are quite passionate about more than a few. So am I more like a cat or are my cats more like me? I think we may have merged into the same being — some sort of human-cat hybrid. As long as I don’t have to poop in the litter box.

Whatever the case, I love chillin’ with them because we have so much in common. Here are five things my cats and I equally embrace.

1. The sun

I live in Minnesota, where the winters are long and gray. When sun beams stream through my windows, the cats and I are all over them. They’re like a little taste of summer in the middle of the polar vortex. We can just close our eyes and pretend like it’s June. Can I keep my eyes closed at least until spring hits?

2. Food

I love food. I enjoy cooking, eating and my favorite part of vacations is looking forward to the next meal. My cats wholly share my sentiments, except the vacation part. Heck, their entire lives are a giant vacation. They are, however, are always looking ahead to the next bowl of chow. When mealtime comes, they race around the kitchen like crazed beasts. I may or may not do the same thing.

3. Games

I’m a word-game junkie. I love all of them: board games, online games, phone app games — you name it, I love it. I especially enjoy the timed ones because I’m apparently a glutton for anxiety. My cats also love to play games, usually of the wand-toy variety. All three love the wands, especially the ones with feathers attached to the end of them. I guess you can say we’re all a bunch of playas.

4. Cozy blankets

I have this fantastic green blanket. If I’m sitting on the sofa, I usually have the blanket draped across my lap. I love this green blanket so much … seriously, I’m a total Linus. Guess who else loves my special blanky? All three cats. When I’m cozied under it, it’s an open invitation for kitties to join me. Not that I’m complaining or anything!

5. Naps

Oh, the glorious nap! I’m occasionally stricken with insomnia, so I treasure precious pockets of nap time. As I type this, I’m running three and a half hours of sleep. I’m already looking forward to a glorious nap, perhaps nestled underneath the fuzzy goodness of my green blanket. I don’t have to tell you how much cats enjoy naps. They sleep most of the day, and become ecstatic when I decide to settle in for a snooze. It’s like they’re saying, “She’s one of us!”

Is it nap time yet?

Do you and your cats go nuts for the same things? Tell us in the comments!

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About the Author: Angie Bailey is an eternal optimist with an adoration of all things silly. Loves pre-adolescent boy humor, puns, making up parody songs, thinking about cats doing people things and The Smiths. Writes Catladyland, a cat humor blog, Texts from Mittens (birthed right here on Catster) and authored whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds, a silly book about cats wheeling and dealing online. Partner in a production company and writes and acts in comedy web series that features sketches and mockumentaries. Mother to two humans and three cats, all of which want her to make them food.

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