5 Timesaving Services to Streamline Your Cat Care


Most of us wish we had more hours in the day. Between work, family, and leisure activities, fitting it all in and keeping it all organized can be a challenge. But because we’re a society that loves convenience, we have ways to streamline just about anything, including cat care. Here are five convenient cat services to make our lives easier.

1. Cat-litter delivery services

Can you imagine not having to schlep heavy litter from the store (or anywhere for that matter) or having to scrub out the box and change the litter? Well, that can be your reality now, as a few different cat-litter delivery services have popped up in the last couple of years.

Doody Calls sends a representative to your home on a regular schedule and empties, scrubs, sanitizes, and fills your litter box or boxes with fresh litter. All you have to do is leave the dirty litter box outside your front door and, when you return home, you’ll find a fresh, clean litter box waiting for you. How nice! Of course, you still have to scoop every day, but most of the litter-box tedium is taken care of by professionals.

Other companies like Boxie Cat simply deliver a shipment of cat litter to your door on a regular basis, which is still a great service because cat litter is heavy! You might also find a locally based company offering this service, so check around.

2. Auto-ship pet supply services

How often do you realize you’re down to the last can of cat food and have to run out to the store? One way to ensure you’re always fully stocked is to order your supplies online. Most retailers offer free or reduced shipping costs for orders over a certain amount. Beware, though: Cat litter is often excluded from the good shipping deals!

Some retailers have an auto-ship or frequent-ship program that allows you to designate when you want to receive a certain quantity of food or supplies. Signing up with these programs often comes with a discount. Check out Amazon.com’s Subscribe and Save program or Petco.com’s Repeat Delivery program. Finally, check with your favorite brands! Sometimes if you order directly from them on an autoship program you might score a discount.

3. House call vets

Vets who make house calls are a growing trend in veterinary care. It makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, taking a cat to the vet can be a traumatic experience for the cat and the owner. Also, if you’re someone who can’t or doesn’t like to drive, house-call vets are a helpful service. The vets travel with basic equipment (but sometimes treatment requires a trip into the office) and typically charge an extra fee. Ask your vet if she offers house calls — you might be surprised she does! If she doesn’t, a few calls or Google searches should yield vets in your area willing to pay your kitty a visit.

4. Pet chauffeur service

Believe it or not, there are pet chauffeurs available to take your cat to appointments at the vet or groomer. Some transport services will even drive your cat cross-country. Many animal hospitals and vet offices will now pick up your cat, take him back to the office for treatments or check ups, and then return him back to you.

5. In-home cat grooming

Much like going to the vet, going to the groomer can be extremely traumatic for some cats. Enter the mobile cat groomer! They can come to your home and beautify your baby on site. This can save your time and save your cat the anxiety of a car ride and visit to unfamiliar surroundings. Plus, you can learn a lot about your cat from a groomer who is there, in your home, allowing you to observe the process. When looking for one, make sure to check with grooming salons to see if they have someone on staff who makes house calls. They may offer but not advertise the service.

Like everything else in our society, almost any part of your life can be automated or made more convenient. And lest you feel guilty for finding ways to save time on cat care, just think of it this way ÔÇô- you’ll have more time to adore and cuddle with your cat! I’m sure that’s how he’d look at it.

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