5 Things My Cats Binge-Watch That Aren’t TV


I admit it: I’m a binge-watcher when it comes to TV. What used to take several months to watch, I can now zip through in a matter of days. Thanks Netflix! I’ve binge-watched Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and Breaking Bad. Currently, I’m addicted to Weeds. Ha — get it? I know I’m a little behind on that show, but that’s OK. It just means all the seasons are available for me to constantly obsess over whenever I have a free block of hours to become engrossed in the world of moms selling ganja.

I’m not the only one who becomes obsessed with watching something. My cats binge-watch all the time. Maybe they’re not so interested in what’s happening in a women’s prison, but they do have some favorite “shows.” Here are five of them.

1. Mom

I’m probably Cosmo’s favorite show, and he binge-watches me all day long. He just can’t get enough. He’s constantly interested in what I’m doing, where I’m going and if I’ll stop long enough for him to climb in my lap. Thank goodness there’s no break between seasons — he’d go nuts.

2. Bug

Bug is a favorite show around here. It’s not like we have a ton of bugs running around, but when my cats spot a moth or ladybug, they become hyper-focused. They can’t keep their eyes off the action. And just when they think the bug is dead, it will stand up and scoot up the wall. Then the cats switch the channel to the next show: Wall.

3. Wall

Sometimes my cats just want to binge-watch a wall for a few hours. It’s a really predictable program, and gets a little boring at times, but they don’t like to miss an episode. I mean, what if they miss Wall one day and something really interesting happens? Like maybe a special guest star like a fly or spider? They’d never forgive themselves.

4. Printer

Printer is a show full of action and mystery! Phoebe is addicted to this show. When I’m printing documents, she sits right in front of the printer and watches each piece of paper shoot into the tray. She’s utterly fascinated by the whole storyline. Where did the paper come from? What does it say? What is that noise? Should I be afraid? Maybe I should, but I can’t look away! Each season is the same, but she doesn’t mind. Sometime even I like to watch the same show over and over again because it’s just that good. Printer must fall into that category.

5. Other plates

Certainly, my cats find their plates of food intriguing, but do you know what they find even more entertaining? Other Plates. Saffy is the biggest fan of this show. She binge-watches and then binge-eats the leftovers when the other cat is finished eating. Maybe they’re constantly questioning whether the other food is somehow better or different than theirs. Who knows, but apparently it’s a show worth binge-watching, because they’re glued to every single episode.

What would your cats binge-watch? Let us know in the comments!

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